8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future

The mere mention of the word love refers to great things: romance, affection, passion... but the reality is that between a couple, love is an important component but it's not everything. Many things are necessary for a relationship to flourish and become stable over time, but what exactly are they? At we'll indicate 8 ways to know if your relationship has a future

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1. Good communication

Empathy, opinions and judgement, all thrive on verbal and nonverbal communication, and without them it would be very difficult to know what's going on with the other person. Communication is important not only in terms of conveying feelings, but also to strengthen the bond in a couple. When you have a problem, or when something good happens to you, you want to have someone by your side to share it with, who can give you feedback, someone to share your thoughts and ideas with.

8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future - 1. Good communication

2. You're included in their long-term plans

The fact that your partner openly envisions you in their future is no guarantee that the relationship will be successful. But if he or she is definitely open to the possibility of you both spending your lives together, it's essential to know if both people are willing to move forward with the relationship

3. Learn how to handle conflict

There are relationships that work very well when everything is peaceful, but at the first sign of conflict, fighting and harsh words take over. If you can't find a way to handle and solve problems intelligently and calmly, it will be difficult to determine the relationship in the future, when at some point both partners will get worn out by too many arguments

8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future - 3. Learn how to handle conflict

4. There's compromise

Not only in terms of exclusivity, that your partner doesn't see other people, but that there's a general commitment by both is important for the relationship to work

5. Sharing common interests

Opposites attract is true... but is it possible to stay together for a long time? If there's nothing that you share together, such as a hobby, way of seeing life, interests, it will hardly be a relationship that can be maintained stably in the future. Of course, it is possible that such common interests grow with time, but it is always a positive sign when they are present at the start of a relationship

8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future - 5. Sharing common interests

6. Accept and make friends with their friends

This issue can create potential problems, but it's important to be very honest if your partner hates your friends, constantly criticises them and doesn't want to go out or spend time with them.

Friendships are part of life and define who we are as people, so accepting and getting along with each other's friends increases the chances that the relationship will have a future

7. There's respect

Your partner not only respects you as a person, but also your decisions, the way you dress, your friendships and your opinions. They accept you as you are and can also accept criticisms , provided that you're not trying to hurt the other person. If these values are present, your relationship will most likely have a future

8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future - 7. There's respect

8. Similar vision of the future

You don't talk about wanting exactly the same things, but imagine this scenario: you want to live in your country and your partner wants to build a life in another country. Or you want to have children and he or she has decided not to. These differences can be the cause for separation if either of the two don't see eye to eye. Therefore, having a future vision that's similar is very important to envisioning this plan together.

However, this doesn't mean that you or your partner can't live for a while away from each other if you need to, for instance because one of you wants to study abroad. This shouldn't always be the reason of a breakup, specially now that technology makes it easier to stay in touch with your beloved ones.

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  • These tips don't guarantee that the relationship will work unequivocally, as many other things come into play, but they're important when thinking about a future together

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8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future
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8 Ways to Know if Your Relationship Has a Future

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