Games to Practice Spelling Words at Home

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
Games to Practice Spelling Words at Home

Spelling words is an important part of education, but most kids hate reciting words loud and writing them again and again on paper or board. Interestingly, this is not the right way to practice spellings either. Basically, students should be told how to write, define and recognize spellings, and this can be done in a very fun way too. There are several games that can actually help learn spelling while enjoying. In this article, we are going to enlist some games to practice spelling words at home.

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Spellings with flashcards

The first of the games to practice spelling words at home is pretty simple. Write one spelling on one side of an index card. Then, trace the word and know the correct spelling and shape of the word. Then, read the word, then turn over the card and write again to check accuracy.

Scrabble tiles or alphabet magnets

Scrabble tiles can be an extremely fun way of spelling out words correctly. These are individual tiles for different letters, that you can place together to write correct spellings of words. Once you place the letters, use a source to check if you have done it right. If not, practice again and learn the correct spelling. You will learn the correct spelling quickly with this kind of fun practice. Alphabet magnets are similar tiles of letters that you can stick to a metal surface and keep practicing.

Games to Practice Spelling Words at Home - Scrabble tiles or alphabet magnets

Construction paper

Write the list of your words on a construction paper, and cut them apart into thin strips. Cut these words into individual letters and practice by reconstructing the list. This can be an enjoyable way of practicing spelling and at the same time play a game.

Write a story

Create a story that contains all the words you want to practice. No matter how meaningful your story is or not, it should give you some practice of the words each time you read it out.

Fill the letter

Sit down with someone and take a piece of paper and two pencils with you. Decide on a word and write the word’s first letter on the paper. Pass on the paper to your partner and ask him or her to add the subsequent letter. Then you take the paper yourself and add on the next letter. Repeat the process until the word is complete and you have spelled it right. Instead of one letter, you can decide to write two or three subsequent letters in each turn.


Make a crossword with the words you want to spell, and practice by filling it out. This can be a fun way of not only learning the spellings, but knowing their meanings and related links too.

Games to Practice Spelling Words at Home - Crossword


This word game can be a cool way of learning spellings and knowing words. When you play this game, you receive an added advantage of having the correct letters in front of you. You have to figure out the words that fit the correct blanks. If you are stuck, you can even refer to the definition as a clue.

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Games to Practice Spelling Words at Home
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Games to Practice Spelling Words at Home

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