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How to Attract a Virgo Man

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. October 2, 2017
How to Attract a Virgo Man

Sincere, virtuous and considerate are some words that are considered best by astrologers to describe a Virgo man. This means if you find a virgo man as your match, he might be more likely to value you,no matter the stage of your life. Simply put, a Virgo man could be the perfect man every girl would long for. Like attracting anyone, attracting a Virgo man is not easy. While these positive traits might apply, there are other aspects of their personality which can make it more difficult. He may be wary of attachment until he is sure and determined. Virgos are also believed to have the skills to keep their emotions hidden. This oneHOWTO article, is here to give you some tips on how to attract a Virgo man.

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  1. Pay attention to your appearance
  2. Understand his sense of humor
  3. Keep your emotions under control
  4. Do not insist on physical intimacy
  5. Be respectful to others
  6. Have nice work ethics
  7. Show him that you are intellectual
  8. Give him his own time
  9. Acknowledge his intensity
  10. Don’t change yourself
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Pay attention to your appearance

In the USA, there has been a rise in Millennial interest in astrology in the last few years USA[1]. Whether this is due to a need for affirmation or some other cultural shift, the views here are generalizations or interpretations. Even the most ardent astrologer wouldn't claim that every virgo man will behave exactly alike. These characteristics might fit in with the object of your attraction or they might not.

Virgo men might like originality and will seldom be attracted towards elaborate hairdos and flashy dresses and accessories. But you could present yourself as tidy, neat and clean. Most Virgo guys like neatness and will be immediately turned off if you look disorganized, disheveled and/or grimy. You should look healthy, smart and well-groomed. Pay attention to your hair, shoes, teeth and nails as well. Virgo men can be very attentive to notice each and every detail in your look, picking up quickly even on a single flaw. To attract a Virgo man, also make sure that your dress is not so provocative and revealing. For a Virgo man, such a dress would be cheap and vulgar. Avoid using too much makeup and spraying strong fragrances. When you are going to meet a Virgo man, make yourself sweet, coy and modest.

How to Attract a Virgo Man - Pay attention to your appearance

Understand his sense of humor

Virgo men are repulsive towards excesses and false comments. Do not try to impress him by giving him lots of voluble compliments. Doing that will not please him, but will only make you look insincere. Instead, say a few words of appreciation that will show him that you are interested. He may sometimes dismiss the compliment with some self-deprecating words, but he will feel thrilled inside. Don’t expect many compliments either, as Virgo men are not designed to do that. They will respond well to your sense of humor, but will dispirit him if you tend to crack lots of dirty jokes and belly laughs. Virgo men are experts at passing ironical and sarcastic comments without appearing rude. So, you need to understand his sense of humor and appeal to him by entertaining him accordingly. You will know a virgo man likes you if he laughs at your jokes and comments.

Keep your emotions under control

Even if you are feeling nervous and disturbed, try to look cool, self-composed and in control. If you are feeling excited and overjoyed, try to control your emotions and stay calm. Virgo men are rational beings, and usually feel put off with people who strongly display their emotions. For them, there is no space for drama queens in their life. When you are with a Virgo man, try to show him that you are in control of your emotions. Talk to him in a logical manner. Instead of good looks, he will give more attention to how intelligent and sensible you are.

How to Attract a Virgo Man - Keep your emotions under control

Do not insist on physical intimacy

Virgo men are known to have a conservative kind of approach towards love. They have perfect manners due to which they delay any kind of physical intimacy until they are completely comfortable with the other person. Considering this, having any kind of sexual gesture on the first date is a distant thought with a Virgo man. They are sincere and trustful, and will never get intimate with you unless they are ready to give their ‘everything’ to you. Getting close to him during the first few meetings will make a bad impression for you, and he will never be able to trust you for life.

Be respectful to others

To attract a Virgo man, you need to pay close attention to your manners. If you are respectful towards others, it will mean a lot to a Virgo man. Remember the basic etiquette that you learned from your parents and teachers, like saying please, excuse me and thank you. When you are at a restaurant, be courteous towards the waiters. Even if you are not happy with the food or the bill, do not snap or yell, and try to solve the problem while being in manners.

Have nice work ethics

You can impress a Virgo man by discussing your work ethics with him. Virgo people are hard working and are serious towards their job. He may be turned off if he finds you lazy and inconsiderate towards your profession. Like himself, he also wants his partner to be hard working and painstaking. Grabbing the title of ‘employee of the month’ will be a major turn on for a Virgo man. Be punctual, be meticulous, pay attention to little details, and make efforts to be a perfectionist in your company.

How to Attract a Virgo Man - Have nice work ethics

Show him that you are intellectual

Virgo men like intellectual people, especially when it comes to choosing a girl. Your dates can be perfect times to show your intellectuality to him. Watching a play and going to a museum will be an ideal date that a Virgo man will love to have. Since Virgo men prefer intellectual talks, provoke an interesting discussion to make an ideal date for him. You can do this by doing a little research on your Virgo man, and finding out what he is interested in. For instance, if he is interested in art, look for local art museums and art shows in your locality, and plan a date together. If he is fascinated by astronomy, a visit to a planetarium would be a nice turn on for your man.

Give him his own time

Virgo men are passionate about their work and hobbies, and it is important to let them pursue their work. Since Virgo men will do their work with all dedication and attention, allow them to do it without any interference. If he has any hobbies, he will pursue them seriously and passionately. Be supportive to his passions. For instance, if he is in a sports team, try to cheer him and attend his matches. Even if you are not so interested in sports, go there to support him so that he will feel nice.

Acknowledge his intensity

A Virgo man can be intense in his relationship. Being intense is natural for him, and it is not going to change. He is completely dedicated to everything in his life, including his relationships. Once he is ready to commit to you, he will do so with all his intensity. After that, you will have a loyal and loving partner, but he will be equally intense towards his hobbies and profession as well. If you want to be with a Virgo man, you will have to accept this reality of life.

Don’t change yourself

If you are a loud person with boisterous personality, then running after a Virgo man is not an appropriate match for you. Probably, this is not the relationship both of you would really want. You don’t need to change yourself to be with a guy who is completely opposite of you. A Virgo man is the one who would love to be with a person who is quiet and demure, and you may not be a good match for both of you.

How to Attract a Virgo Man - Don’t change yourself

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How to Attract a Virgo Man