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How to Attract Good Luck

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 12, 2020
How to Attract Good Luck

Depending on your definition, there's no way to attract luck. This is because, to some, luck is a force outside of our control. You either have it or you don't. Others, like the famed psychologist Carl Jung, saw luck as something he called synchronicity. It sounds like corporate jargon for some sort of marketing strategy, but in his terms it meant luck comes by a meaningful coincidence. Essentially, something has happened without understanding its cause, so whatever has happened is luck. Luck can be good or bad. Unless you are feeling masochistic, oneHOWTO is here to show you what you might do if you want to know how to attract good luck. That is, if you can attract any kind of luck in the first place.

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Steps to follow:


The problems with luck

The problem with luck is that it is a word used to describe the unknowable. If there is a force which attracts luck, then there is no empirical evidence to prove how to get it. If there was, surely everybody would be harnessing its power and everyone would have good luck. Many people see luck the same as they do superstition. That there is some action you can do which will either cause good luck to come to you or force bad luck away.

Another issue with the concept of luck is that, although there is no real way to qualify it, there is anecdotal evidence of its existence. If you say that eating pancakes on a Tuesday means you will never get run over by a car, you can say that eating pancakes on a Tuesday is lucky. It doesn't mean it is actually lucky, it just means you have yet to be run over.

A lot of the things we do to attract good luck come from superstitions or folklore. If we talk about the future, we might say the phrase 'knock on wood' and proceed to tap the nearest wooden object. In doing so, we hope it will bring good luck in the future. One possible theory about why we do this is that Celtic traditions believed that spirits resided in trees and so knocking on the wood of the tree would spur them into action[1].

The most generally agreed definition of good luck is also quite vague; that you have fortunate situations happen in your life without understanding why. To make your life fortunate, i.e. to make good things happen to you, you should try to foster as much good luck as possible. This means creating both circumstance and the mindset which will allow for the most amount of good in your life.

Some of the folkloric techniques to provide good luck also fit into this practical way of finding fortune. Feng shui is a good example. This is the practice of trying to create harmony between a person and their environment, leading to good luck. If you practice feng shui at home, you will remove clutter and try to create a flow through your house. This can seem to bring good luck as you will be able to find your keys easier, you are less likely to stub your toe on the furniture and the organized space will make you feel more productive.


Lucky charms

If you want to use lucky charms to provide good luck, there is some rationale behind it. There is little evidence to suggest that a rabbit's foot will actually bring you luck. However, if you walk around with one attached to your keys, it might stop you from worrying about getting bad luck. In this way it acts as a placebo, i.e. it's not the rabbit foot itself which brings you luck, but your belief in the rabbit's foot which makes you feel more lucky.

Another possible benefit is that every time you see the rabbit's foot it makes you feel protected. This feeling can give you confidence, which in turn can make you better able to progress through life. There are lots of different good luck charms, such as:

Many people also create their own good luck charms in the form of tokens or talismans. These can be religious in nature (e.g. many people wear a cross or have the Star of David around their necks), but many are also something they simply ascribe luck to. Examples might include a footballer who has a pair of lucky socks they always wear on match days.

How to Attract Good Luck - Step 2

Thinking positive

The reason why many of these good luck charms seem to work is because the people who possess them believe they work. This is something called 'positive thinking' or having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). While thinking positively during a hurricane doesn't mean your roof won't get blown off, there are some ways this way of thinking can increase your good fortune.

This is because, according to at least one scientific report, "optimists do better than pessimists"[2]. If you believe that you are going to do well in a situation, then you are more likely to proceed to do well. This is because you don't have negativity, poor self-esteem or second guessing getting in the way of your progress. One of the best ways to attract good luck is to simply believe that you have it already.

This won't grant you any magical ability to overcome issues which you don't have the facilities to overcome. It can, however, put you in a conducive state to resolving these issues.


Acting positive

An adage which has been doing the rounds since Ancient Greece states "god helps those who helps themselves". Some people believe that they get their good fortune from an omnipotent being they refer to as 'god'. Others see luck as a synonym for 'god' themselves. Either, way, the purpose behind the saying is to encourage your own agency. To help you help yourself by creating your own form of good luck.


Look for good luck and stay away from bad luck

Another method of how to attract good luck is by keeping yourself in situations where you attract good luck and repel bad luck. Experience helps us to determine the situations which are good for us and those which are not. If we keep repeating the same actions and end up with negative consequences, then it won't be much surprise if we end up feeling unlucky. However, if we look for opportunities to make improvements with ourselves, then we just might find ourselves in situations where we feel lucky.

A good example of this is in relationships. If you have felt like you have been unlucky in love, perhaps it is because you keep allowing yourself to be in unsuitable situations with unsuitable people. Maybe you don't know yourself well enough, so you keep getting in situations which aren't positive for you. Looking for situations which will be healthy for you and staying away from those which won't can be a great way to improve your feeling of luck. Setting positive relationship goals is a good example of this. The same goes for work situations and anything where you have control over your own actions.

How to Attract Good Luck - Step 5

Look after yourself

Finally, if you feel like you have been particularly unlucky, you might want to simply treat yourself better. This is because a lot of the situations we find ourselves in which feel unlucky have other factors which contribute to these feelings.

For example, if you feel like you haven't had a lot of luck when it comes to your job, maybe you have been putting your focus in the wrong place. If you feel unlucky at work, but instead of working on ways to improve your skills, you play video games (just an example, video games are great!), you may feel like you have bad luck. Re-aiming your focus can help put you in a better circumstance and make you feel more lucky.

Physically feeling better can help us feel like we are luckier. Even if you only have a couple of drinks on a work night, the next day you might feel like you are more sluggish than usual. If you keep this up, you may end up being not as productive. If this happens, you may not have as many opportunities as you otherwise might have had.


It is important to note that even with following all of these steps you may still have things happen to you which are either lucky or unlucky. Your socio-economic background, family upbringing, health issues or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time can affect whether or not you feel like you attract good luck. It doesn't mean it is your fault. It just means you have had some misfortune. Staying positive and working on ways to improve your situation are just some ways to help improve circumstance, but it's not always easy.

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How to Attract Good Luck