How to dress for confirmation

How to dress for confirmation

Confirmation is a religious ceremony, where you renew and affirm (confirm) the vows that your godparents made in your name at the baptismal font. This ceremony is officiated by the bishop of the diocese to the parish which you belong and, like a christening, you have a confirmation godparent which may be the same or different from the baptismal ceremony. Unlike christenings, communions and weddings, this is usually a close celebration to which only the closest relatives attend. When getting dressed there is no typical tradition no suit, although some things must be taken into account by the fact that it is a religious rite. If you are going to be confirmed, do not miss this OneHowTo article on how to dress for confirmation.

Steps to follow:

Before choosing your clothes for confirmation, you should bear in mind that this is a religious ceremony, so you must adapt your dress to the event. In the case of girls, you should avoid plunging necklines, short skirts or dresses, and bare shoulders are also not recommended.

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Regarding the degree of formality of your clothes, you do not need to go with a dress or over-dressed suit. Yes it's okay that you fix and choose clothing, but neither is a celebration for you to show off your best clothes, as may be the case of weddings.


Another factor that you have to take into considering when choosing what you're going to wear to your confirmation is the colours of the clothing. Some recommend white and yellow to wear at the ceremony, but it is not mandatory. What we should avoid are too garish colours, such as fluorescent tones that are fashionable lately but are not suitable for confirmation.


In the case of boys it is not necessary that you dress them in a suit and tie, but for example it's also not recommended that they wear their every day trainers. You can choose any combination of trousers and shirt with informal shoes or more formal trainers that you can leverage for other occasions.


Just as with clothing, you must also ensure that the hair and makeup are right for this religious celebration. You should never overdo it. Keep your face simple, bright and apply light blush. Regarding hair, you can leave it down or make a low bun too.


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