How to get in touch with the Pope

How to get in touch with the Pope

Pope Francis was chosen on the 13th of March 2013. From the start he's shown he's a close person and that's why many people around the world have wanted to know him and/or get into contact him. This article will explain how to get in touch with the Pope.

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Steps to follow:

The first option to get into contact with Pope Francis is to write a letter. You'll have to write it to Sua Santità Francesco and the direction you need to add is the following: Secretaria de Estado, Palazzo Apostólico Vaticano, 00120 Città del Vaticano, Italy.


You can also send a fax to: (003906) 69885255


Another direct option is to send him a message via twitter. To do so you'll need to have a twitter account. His account is @Pontifex.Here you have a link to see his twitter profile. But it's very difficult to get an answer as he's got millions of followers and no one really knows for sure if it's actually him who writes all tweets.


If you want to know what his schedules is, you can visit his web page where you'll find the Pope's schedule.


The best you can do if you want to see him in person is to attend an Angelus. These are totally free. You'll have to check when they are on the Prefecture of the Papal Household site. Angleus are always held in Saint Peter's square.


You can also go to a Hearing or a Lithurgical Celebration. You can also see when they're on via the Prefecture of the Papal Household site. But to attend these events, you'll need tickets. You can ask for one with time to:

Prefectura de la Casa Pontificia.

00120 Ciudad del Vaticano

Or sending a fax to: +39 06 6988 5863

In this letter or fax you'll need to indicate:

  • Date of General Hearing or Lithurgical Celebration
  • Number of tickets
  • Name/Group
  • Phone and Fax

Here you have a direct link to the form.


You can also do so through this web page. You'll have to pay but it will include a guide that will give you a presentation and explain the events of the Papal hearing. If you choose this option remember you'll have to call the phone that they'll provide right after sending your reservation in order to confirm your assistance. You won't be able to attend if you don't do so.

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  • Remember the Pope is a popular person and therefore has many security measures. If you send him a letter it's not guaranteed he'll read it as he recieves millions and one of his secretaries will probably read it and select the ones they've liked the most.

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How to get in touch with the Pope
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How to get in touch with the Pope

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