How to Get Over a Divorce

By Mary Smith. Updated: December 4, 2017
How to Get Over a Divorce

Many people go through a divorce in their lives. Of course, it is sad to recognise and admit that the love you thought would last forever has come to an end. A divorce causes many negative feelings such as pain, frustration and sadness. Whatever the reason behind it, you are separating from a person who was very important to you, that you loved deeply and with whom you may have children. Therefore, it is usual to feel depressed and sad when you're going through the process of divorce. OneHowTo will help you address this situation by providing you with the best advice on how to get over a divorce.

Steps to follow:

To get over a divorce, follow our advice as it will help you cope and overcome this traumatic experience. First of all, you should not compare yourself with others: every relationship is different and every situation is unique. Circumstances play a major part, so avoid falling into the trap of comparing yourselves to others. Doing this will only make you sink deeper into a hole.

Another good tip is to think positively. Think about what you can take from this situation that's beneficial and helpful. Every day upon waking and when you go to sleep, think of something good and positive about your life that day and say it aloud. Positive thinking is a great solution to overcome difficult situations, so you should start seeing the bright side of things.

How to Get Over a Divorce - Step 1

To face a divorce and move forward, you should throw yourself into activities and interact with people to help you build a new identity. Everyone can start from scratch, and it is this ability to reinvent that allows you to overcome this separation. Happiness is possible and depends on you alone, and the decisions you make that help you progress. It is also highly recommended that you do not isolate yourself during difficult times. Seek support from your family, your friends, and even your children, from people who respect you, listen to you and understand you.


If you've had children in this marriage, you also need to be strong for them. Look for the necessary information to help them because they may not understand the reasons for the situation. Take the time it takes to explain everything so they understand. Make sure they know that, despite everything that's happened, they still have a mum and dad that love them dearly.

Another strategy that will be of help is to take care of yourself: eat well, exercise, sleep, etc., do whatever it takes to keep your body healthy. Not only your body will feel better but also your soul will reap the benefits too.

How to Get Over a Divorce - Step 3

Do not start a relationship immediately after the divorce. You might feel alone and need someone by your side, but it's important to know to wait.W ait until you've fully recovered, let your wounds heal and regain your balance. Even if it's tempting to start dating someone who makes you feel good, what you should do is increase your self-love. Love yourself instead of pinning your self-esteem on someone else. To overcome a divorce, dedicate time to activities that make you feel happy, to make the process easier.


Take time to grieve and become aware of all your emotions, whatever they are. You may feel guilty, angry, lonely, sad... let everything flow and feel it all, there's nothing wrong with that. The way to break free is to openly acknowledge all that you feel and let it all go. And finally, find your peace, your wellbeing, and forgive your partner and yourself. You cannot live with bitterness, it is not the way to move forward.

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How to Get Over a Divorce
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How to Get Over a Divorce

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