How to Give a Good Oral Presentation in Class

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Give a Good Oral Presentation in Class

An oral presentation consists in making a public speech on a given topic. The oral presentation can also be referred to as a conference. Do not forget that to give a good oral presentation in class one key point is practice. It is an important way to communicate and transmit information. The following tips will help you prepare a good public speech.

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Steps to follow:

Prepare your presentation. You can not talk about an issue if you do not know anything about it. The first thing to consider is what you are going to talk about and whether you know enough about it or not. In your case this is not a problem as you have a prepared subject and we are sure you have many things to share on the matter.


Prepare a script. You can use the script of your own work, with some notes on details that should not be forgotten. For example, you can delete difficult to understand data and expand other explanations that engage the public.


Do not go on excessively. Talk like you normally do. Do not use rare or complicated expressions, your public will not understand. Look for the easiest way of saying things. This is usually the best way of saying things.


Use support material. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can help with pictures, diagrams, maps, drawings, etc. but keep in mind that these materials should serve to support your presentation, but never replace it.

How to Give a Good Oral Presentation in Class - Step 4

Move your hands to support your oral presentation: point, signal, compare. The gestures reinforce what you explain. It is very important to look at the audience, and not always at the same place. You must talk to everyone in the room. Looking them in the eyes will give a sense of security.


Rehearse out loud. Speak in front of a mirror or ask a friend or family member to represent the public. If your helper knows nothing on the subject and has learned things at the end of your presentation , this is a very good sign. You can also record your rehearsals on a tape recorder or computer.


Enjoy your oral presentation. You have spent time and effort in researching and preparing the presentation. It is time for others to see the result; all that you have learned, and how well you can explain it. At the end of your conference answer questions from your peers and tell them where they can find more information about it.


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  • The technique where the speaker imagines their audience naked works to get rid of anxiety. It can be used to be more relaxed before your oral presentation in class.

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How to Give a Good Oral Presentation in Class
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How to Give a Good Oral Presentation in Class

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