How to Make a Mind Map to Clear Your Head

How to Make a Mind Map to Clear Your Head

If you have trouble getting organized, are a repeated procrastinator or simply a creative person with a head full of cool ideas constantly pulling at you, you'll be wondering how to order your thoughts in order to increase your productivity.

Here at oneHOWTO we'll show you how to make a mind map to clear your head so that you can manage and develop your best ideas.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Take a blank piece of paper, pencil and an eraser. Make sure you have some quiet time to yourself and avoid distractions.


Make a mind map step by step. Write your main idea or goal at the center of the paper and underline it. Use your creativity in order to make it eye-catching.

If lately you've been feeling like you can't hold on to any ideas at all, take a look at our article on mindfulness meditation to increase your mind's strength.


Do some brainstorming. Pull new ideas from your main one. What can bring you closer to your goal? How can you polish your main focus? Clear your head empty of white noise.

Link your main idea to those spinning off of it with lines. You can color-code them if you're a visual learner.


Take up as much space as you need for your mind map. Write your ideas separately so that it looks polished and readable.

Another good tip is to order the new ideas clock-wise according to priority or importance.


Most important of all: Enjoy the process of creating your mind map! Turn it into a game. How many ideas can you pull from each secondary idea? How can you link them all? What gaps are there left to fill? If you fill up your paper sheet, go get another one! If your creativity is flowing, don't bottle it up.

Once you're done, leave your mind map for a while and do some other activity - go for a walk, take a shower, work on something else entirely. Come back to it with fresh eyes. Surely your ideas will be much clearer!


Here we've given you a simple guide on how to make a mind map to clear your head. It's a very easy way to start a new project, find a side hustle or even arrange a life plan. If you'd rather do it digitally, here are the best apps to create mind maps.

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