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How To Pay Attention In Class Better

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Pay Attention In Class Better

Adolescence is a time of change and confusion. Hormones are flying around and making youths rebellious and lacking concentration. Many young people also lose interest in classes and lessons; they daydream and the learning material becomes the most boring thing in the world. At OneHowTo we want to give you the necessary tricks to make you strong and focus your head so that you get good final marks. Learn how to pay attention in class better with a few mind tricks and you'll see the good results when you get your marks back.

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Steps to follow:


First, try changing your position in the classroom. The further you are from the teacher, the more distracted you will be. The teacher has less control at the back of the classroom, so the trouble and noise tends to occur in that area. If you sit in the front rows, your teacher will not only notice your effort, but you'll also listen to the lessons more, because the proximity promotes hearing and comprehension.

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 1

To pay attention in class better, you'll need to avoid any kinds of distraction. There are many things that can cause a lack of attention during the class, from a mobile phone to a computer, magazines or small objects that you can play with. Distraction can come from anything in the room: from a chatty or rebellious friend to the view out the window or poster on the wall. Try to avoid being distracted by these to give your all during class.

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 2

Find motivation. If you're happy going to school, you're guaranteed to pay attention to what you're learning. Try to be positive, prepare for classes and find something that gives you strength, will and energy to give your best in the classroom. Start by setting goals such as trying to get a certain mark or exceeding your previous marks and show your parents that you can do better. Whatever works for you!

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 3

Another trick to paying better attention and not losing the thread of the lesson is to participate in class. Awaken your interest by asking or answering questions. If you get involved in the lesson, it will be difficult to lose focus because you will be interested. Give your opinion and participate.


Constant questions in any subject can cause this lack of interest and therefore a lack of attention in class. So it is important that when in doubt you ask your teacher to understand the material more easily and be more excited to go to class.

You can also prepare for the class beforehand so you feel more confident with the subject.

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 5

Focus your thoughts and energy in the classroom. It is very easy to let your mind wander, so sometimes we tend to dive into our own thoughts and leave the reality that surrounds us. Try to stay in the present and avoid daydreaming. If you notice that your mind starts to wander, focus your interest and attention on the teacher. It is a somewhat difficult exercise but with perseverance, you'll get into a habit that will help in the future.

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 6

Take notes. This is a good method that will help you follow the lesson, you'll want to gather as much information as possible about what is being discussed. Also, this is a perfect exercise to help you learn and remember more easily, so when you study, it will make it easier.

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 7

To do well you must sleep well. Although it may seem that sleep does not affect your school performance, it is essential for concentration and being active and energetic during the day. If you are tired this will decrease your mental energy, causing disinterest, boredom and inattention. Sleeping 8 solid hours a day will help you be physically and mentally active during the long school days.

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 8

Additionally, make sure you have a healthy, balanced diet that is varied. Remember that you need a good breakfast in order to perform and have energy throughout the day. Opt for vegetables, fruits and protein and avoid drinking too much caffeine as it contributes to you staying active but not focused.

How To Pay Attention In Class Better - Step 9

Finally, remember that in addition to resting and eating well, practicing some sports or doing extracurricular activities will help you unwind and relieve daily stress. With exercise, resting will be easier and you'll do well in school. Try it!

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