How to Teach Children to Care for the Environment

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 5, 2018
How to Teach Children to Care for the Environment

Environmental awareness is not just for adults; it is increasingly important - given the deteriorating state of the planet - to teach children to respect nature. You can do so by showing your children the little things and actions within their reach they can start doing in their daily lives to help the environment, and, of course, you must teach by example.

Hopefully, these small actions will become habits, and once your children grow old the future generations will be kinder to our planet than we've ever been. Stay with us at oneHOWTO and we'll provide some tips on how to teach children to care for the environment day to day.

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Steps to follow:

Children learn from actions and by example more than from repeating words or orders, so inviting them to take part in environmentally friendly activities - such as recycling or making crafts with waste materials - will help to learn better.


Start teaching your children to care for the environment by setting an example; after all, you are your children's main role model. For instance, always turn the tap off when you are washing your face in the moments where you don't actually need water.

This will reinforce the importance of protecting this vital resource and saving water. Do the same when brushing your teeth or washing your hands, getting your child actively involved so that they continue to do it when you are not next to them.


Do the same with the light - if you're not using energy-saving light bulbs, change them into more environmentally-friendly ones and encourage your child to watch to reinforce the message.

Explain the importance of not leaving lights and appliances turned on; this is important to let them know that you are not simply saving money, but also valuing natural resources.


Transport is another important factor. Inform your child of the importance of reducing carbon dioxide by living a greener life: use your car less and use public transport more.

Many cities are perfect to go by bike; if you live in a small town, simply walk. This will teach your children to care for the environment but also help them stay active and healthy.


In addition, recycle in your home and get your child involved in separating waste into the proper containers. If this is the norm at home, great! Simply carry on as usual.


At home, reuse things as much as possible, including paper. Teach your children to print less and use both sides, unless its's an important school paper. When they ask for something to draw on, give them scrap paper and remind them to use both sides of the page in their notebooks.


When they go outside to play, teach your children to respect the environment and nature with some simple outdoors habits: no littering in the street, not mistreating animals, not damaging plants or trees.

In other words, encourage your children to treat wildlife and nature gently and respectfully. Teach them the value of the landscape and the diversity of habitats in the planet. If you can, take your children camping and encourage them to connect with the environment.


Recyclable items can feature in your home decor; there's no better way to teach a child to breathe new life into something that would otherwise be considered waste. For instance, see our article on how to decorate a kitchen with recycled material. Encourage your children to be creative and resourceful. Another fun idea is to make toys with your children using recycled material.


These are our tips on how to teach children to care for the environment. How do you do it? Share your advice in the comments section!

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How to Teach Children to Care for the Environment
How to Teach Children to Care for the Environment

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