How to Write a Short Biography

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Write a Short Biography

Are you a writer who needs a biography to describe yourself and your work? How can you sum it all up in a few short sentences or a paragraph? Your professional biography is what everyone will see and it will differ you from all the other writers out there in the world. It is best to mix it up with things about your career, your literary interests and your style - which in the end differentiates you from other writers. In this OneHowTo article we will give you some guidelines for you to learn how to write a short biography.

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Steps to follow:

Before you start to write a short biography, it is recommended that you prepare, mentally or on paper, an outline so you know what you want to say and which qualities of yourself you want to highlight. For example, think of a phrase or quote from a famous author, you can refresh your memory as to why you wanted to become a writer, anecdotes that have happened to you during your illustrious literary career or any kind of event you think is particularly noteworthy. Write it all down on paper, as a draft, and then make a selection regarding the most important or remarkable items.


It is also important that, in a short biography, reference should be made to your studies as long as they are connected and related to the world of writing. For example, if you've never studied anything related to the sector, it is best not to broach the subject of education but rather focus on the things or motivations that make you begin to write: maybe you are a passionate reader, you cannot resist imagining the lives of other people, you love a good murder plot and so on and so forth. Highlight everything that is linked to your literary creation and ignore the aspects that have nothing to do with it all.

How to Write a Short Biography - Step 2

Make a short biography and be sure there's no missing data that highlights your achievements in the field of writing. For example, if you won a writing contest, you must mention it in the summary. You must also indicate whether you have already published a story, a script or a poetry book to demonstrate your experience and to show your contribution to the world of literature. You should always mention the feats you've gotten in this field. This will give you recognition and it differentiates you from other authors.


With all this data, now you have to polish the information and highlight what it is that you create. Note that a biography should be short and it should not exceed more than 300 words or so. Be concise, brief and, above all, interesting. Learning to sell yourself is vital for a potential reader to buy your book or to pick it up in the library.

Therefore, in addition to the practical information on OneHowTo, we also recommend that the style in which you write your short biography is exactly the way you write: use irony if you normally do, be more poetic if that's your style, etcetera.

How to Write a Short Biography - Step 4

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  • Update your biography occasionally to remove any outdated information.
  • Publications have different styles and requirements, but a standard bio will give you a starting point.

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How to Write a Short Biography
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How to Write a Short Biography

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