List of countries and capitals of Europe

By Mary Smith. Updated: February 27, 2017
List of countries and capitals of Europe

Europe is one of the five continents that make up our planet. Of these it is the second smallest with 11,000,000 sq km, approximately 2% of its total surface. Europe is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Asia in the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. It's composed of a total of 50 countries, 43 of which are European,while the remaining 7 are Eurasian (split between the continents of Europe and Asia). So that you know each one everyone, whether or not they are part of the European Union, in this oneHOWTO article we show you a list of countries and capitals of Europe.

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Countries and capitals of Europe

1 Albania: Tirana

2 Germany: Berlin

3 Andorra: Andorra la Vella

4 Austria: Vienna

5 Belgium: Brussels

6 Belarus: Minsk

7 Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo

8 Bulgaria: Sofia

9 Vatican City: Vatican City:

10 Croatia: Zagreb

11 Denmark: Copenhagen

12 Slovakia: Bratislava

13 Slovenia: Ljubljana

14 Spain: Madrid

15 Estonia: Tallinn

16 Finland: Helsinki

17 France: Paris

18 Greece: Athens

19 Hungary: Budapest

20 Ireland: Dublin

21 Iceland: Reykjavik

22 Italy: Rome

23 Latvia: Riga

24 Liechtenstein: Vaduz

25 Lithuania: Vilnius

26 Luxembourg: Luxembourg

27 Malta: Valletta

28 Moldova: Chisinau

29 Monaco: Monaco:

30 Montenegro: Podgorica

31 Norway: Oslo

32 Netherlands: Amsterdam

33 Poland: Warsaw

34 Portugal: Lisbon

35 United Kingdom: London

36 Czech Republic: Prague

37 Republic of Macedonia: Skopje

38 Romania: Bucharest

39 San Marino: San Marino

40 Serbia: Belgrade

41 Sweden: Stockholm

42 Switzerland: Bern

43 Ukraine: Kiev

Eurasian countries

1 Armenia: Yerevan

2 Azerbaijan: Baku

3 Cyprus: Nicosia

4 Georgia: Tbilisi

5 Kazakhstan: Astana

6 Russia: Moscow

7 Turkey: Ankara

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List of countries and capitals of Europe
List of countries and capitals of Europe

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