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What Are Pisces Like

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 8, 2018
What Are Pisces Like

Pisces are characterized by their empathy and ease of putting themselves in other people's shoes and understanding them, a fact that sometimes leads them to worry about problems other than their own. They are very sensitive and prone to dream even when awake. If you want to discover more about this zodiac sign, on oneHOWTO we explain what Pisces are like.

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  1. General characteristics of Pisces
  2. What are Pisces like at work
  3. What are Pisces like with love and passionate relationships

General characteristics of Pisces

Those born under the Pisces sign always put the emotional ahead of the rational, are extremely sensitive and that is characterized by empathizing well with others. That is why they are usually great friends and tend to be very affectionate.

It is normal for creativity to flow out from them and that they be guided by instinct; they are sensitive and love to dream and let their imaginations run wild. It's also useful to point out that they do not usually take the initiative and that can cost them imposed authority.

On the other hand, Pisces don't deal well with problems and tend to avoid them frequently. They can also seldom be lazy, so it takes a lot of effort and concentration for a Pisces to reach their goals. Check out Pisces' top 10 qualities:

  1. They are dreamers: Pisces are highly connected to their spiritual side, which is why they love living in the clouds. They seem to have a deep connection to the universe but will always get the big picture of the world, helping them think big.
  2. They are caring:Those born under this sign are thoughtful and will not want to harm anybody. They are willing to give their affection when they can and have a great capacity to empathize with other people, no matter what their situation is.
  3. They are forgiving:Even though they are easily hurt, if they get a sincere apology they will accept it in the same way. They know how to look into the inside of people, so they can tell the difference between someone whose intentions were good and those who were ill-intended.
  4. They are romantic:Pisces' vision of love is the classical one. They are hopeless romantics who are searching for their soul-mate, so when they find the right person they will give everything they have.
  5. They are wise:It is commonly said that Pisces have their 'third eye' wide open most of the time. This is why they tend to learn and retain all the stimuli that is happening around them and store this knowledge for the future.
  6. They are generous: This zodiac sign is always willing to give, which is one of their best positive traits. They will hardly ever have a 'no' for an answer. They will always try to make everyone happy, even though it may go against their best interest.
  7. They are positive: Not only do they always look on the brighter side of life, but this quality will help boost the best from the people they are surrounded by. Their energy will greatly affect others.
  8. They are intuitive:Their instincts are pretty food, which is why they seem to always have the right answer. Their subconscious will pick up on things that may be dangerous or harmful for them, which is why they will always seem to avoid situations that may turn into conflict.
  9. They are good friends: Pisces are very loyal and, although they don't tend to have lots of friends, they will care for those they have and will establish meaningful relationships with them.
  10. They are adaptable:Due to Pisces' will to comprise, they will go with the flow most of the time, and will adapt to any situation to make others happy. They won't find it hard to embrace new situations or environments.
What Are Pisces Like - General characteristics of Pisces

What are Pisces like at work

With regard to employment, Pisces are ideal for positions that require sensitivity and creativity. They are also very good at working with the public, in positions which are in direct contact with others. They can be good bosses because they know how to put themselves in the shoes of their subordinates.

They tend to be people you can trust, who can be given responsible tasks without problem. Still, it is worth noting that they need motivating to give everything to the fullest and feel useful. Their pessimism can however may be a trait that doesn't make them great leaders, they are usually the ones that need motivation. Here's a list of the best careers for Pisces:

  • Social work: This job is all about caring and giving to others. This is why Pisces will fit the job description down to the ground. They will be highly empathetic with the people they work with and will have a high sensitivity towards those that are in delicate situations.
  • Musicians: Yes, Pisces are highly musical! One of their best skills is precisely related to this art, and performing their thoughtful and emotional songs will suit them and boost all of their greatest qualities.
  • Physicians: Helping patients get through physical trauma will be highly satisfactory for Pisces. The progress of their patients and seeing them get through the therapy will motivate this zodiac sign highly, so they will be highly devoted in their job.
  • Nurse:Again, another job that involves care giving, this zodiac sign will make a great nurse. Thanks to their great empathy and willingness to pelase they will give patients all the attention they need to get. Pisces will find this job very enriching and fulfilling.
  • Teachers: Pisces' knowledgeable side comes into play in this career, they will have the patience to do the job and will thoroughly enjoy passing on what they know. They are born educators.
  • Human resources:Pisces will greatly benefit from working close to people, and helping them find their place and make the work environment a more comfortable place for all will result in a highly satisfied professional.

What are Pisces like with love and passionate relationships

They give all they can for those close to them, friends, family and partners. Their ease of empathy makes Pisces the perfect confessors and people to turn when something is bothering us.

Pisces often appreciate kindness, honesty and calm, so you'll have to resort to it if you want seduce a Pisces. Pisces love to daydream and love idealistic relationships. They need as much love and affection as they give.

Compatible signs with Pisces include Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer. Let's take a closer look at the compatibility between Pisces and other zodiac signs:

  • Capricorn:Capricorn and Pisces will be an inspiring couple, they will have a stable relationship but it will be full of roller coasters of emotions. They may not comprise with their beliefs, but if they learn how to work around them they will learn to accept. Capricorn will be of great use to Pisces when they are feeling down, which is why they will find the perfect emotional partner.
  • Scorpio: These two may not have the most compatible relationships in the long term, but the attraction will be unstoppable at the beginning, Scorpio probably being the perfect platonic love for Pisces. If they can handle the changes they suffer during time, they can last and love each other happily for longer.
  • Cancer:The stability Cancer can offer Pisces is something that will be greatly cherished. Both pretty homey signs, they will enjoy a calm relationship, even though their conception of love may not always be the same. Family will be a priority to both these signs.

For more details on compatibility, take a look at Leo and Pisces compatibility and Sagittarius and Pisces.

What Are Pisces Like - What are Pisces like with love and passionate relationships

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