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What are Sagittarius Like?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2018
What are Sagittarius Like?

If you are to go by celebrities, people who fall under the star sign Sagittarius are absolute divas. Taylor Swift, Sia, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears and Boris Becker are all famous Sagittarius (sometimes Sagittarians) and they all have certain diva-ish qualities, for better or worse. But do they fit into the the traditional horoscope characteristics? Whether yes or no, we at oneHOWTO will find out what are Sagittarius like? In doing so, you can see if you or someone you know fits into the stereotype or bucks the trend. While Sagittarius are said to be prima donnas, celebs like this don't get anywhere without a strong work ethic and stronger beliefs, more traits said to be common among Sagittarius.

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  1. General characteristics of Sagittarius
  2. What are Sagittarius like at work
  3. What are Sagittarius like with love and passionate relationships

General characteristics of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is believed to be the most positive of all the fire signs. There are four groups of signs for the entire Zodiac and fire signs are believed to have certain characteristics. Those who fall under the fire sign are said to be fierce and idealistic, meaning they follow their passion and will give all their energy to ensure they succeed. They are thought to be generally quite positive, but anyone who lives such a passionate and idealistic life can often get frustrated if these passions are not let out.

This idealism might also stretch to ethics and justice. If they see anything which they perceive to be wrong, they might get upset and try to enforce their will on others. This is something which is similar to those with fervent political or religious ideologies. They may also get impatient and vitriolic if they don't get their way in these terms.

However, if a Sagittarius is idealistic, then it might work its way out in other ways, sometimes seen as more positive. They can help foster new ideas and are often thought to be very creative. They may seem to succeed for themselves, but if a Sagittarius uses their idealism correctly, then this can be applied to a whole host of things. As with any star sign, working for the better good depends on the individual.

What are Sagittarius like at work

If you apply this idealism to work and career, Sagittarians are likely to be quite ambitious. This belief in themselves might make them leaders of industry. They may see their way as the way forward and want to progress without necessarily considering all aspects. This means they will push boundaries, make new discoveries and gain lots of success. It can also mean, however, they prioritize success over all else and not make many friends in the process.

If a Sagittarius is ambitious, it can mean great things. If this ambition turns to avarice, it can lead to terrible things. people who place success above human relationships might be successful, but they might not be happy. They can also get themselves in trouble by placing their drive to succeed above morality. If this is Sagittarius, it means they may be conflicted between their idealistic need to succeed and their ethical stance.

However, it is also said that Sagittarius has a great sense of fairness and justice. They may be just as likely to uphold these ideals as they are to flout them. It can mean having colleagues who are Sagittarius being the best people you can work for. If you want to know what a Sagittarius is like at work, then you should get to know them and see if their work ethic fits with yours.

What are Sagittarius like with love and passionate relationships

Sagittarius people are said to also be very idealistic when it comes to friendships also. This can reveal itself in an intensity which is great for their relationships. If you are friends with a Sagittarius, many people see them as fun loving and one for adventure. They won't like to sit around and do very little. If they have leadership in the boardroom, they might just as easily have leadership in your friendship group. They might be the ones sending the WhatsApp group texts to get everyone on board for whatever they have planned. Their home may be the hub where everyone goes to hang out.

However, such intensity can also cause problems in friendships. Just as with the typical Scorpio, this intensity of will can mean when things don't go their way, they might not be happy about it. They are said to extroverted and may be the biggest traveller out of your group of friends. This means they can rock up to a hostel in the middle of nowhere, make friends with everyone and get the party started. However, if you are someone who doesn't like this type of brashness, it can cause friction.

In terms of romantic relationships, many Sagittarius are great partners. They may be the kind of people who want to share their enthusiasm with whoever they're with and this means going on exciting dates, losing inhibitions and make passion important. They can often be endearing and very sincere. If they are idealistic as much as they are in other areas of life, they might be the marrying type. They might want all the aspects of a relationship which they see as being ideal. When it comes to family and future, this might also be the case. As loyalty is important, Sagittarius in relationships can be trustworthy.

Unfortunately, there is also another side to these personality traits. This means, sometimes a person's strength can be their weakness. Their need for adventure and positivity can be great when the focus is on you, but if you don't meet and idealistic person's standards, they might focus their attention somewhere else. If this is the case with a Sagittarius, then you should be cautious.

However, whether Sagittarius or whatever star sign you are, having certain personality traits doesn't mean you can behave terribly to the person you are in a relationship with. These are general characteristics which astrologers claim are common to all Saggittarians. They are not a carte blanche to behave like a sociopath.

If you want to know how a Sagittarius is like as a friend or romantic partner, getting to know them is the best way to do it. They may fit into the classic Sagittarius or they might just surprise you.

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What are Sagittarius Like?