What are the bones in the arms called

What are the bones in the arms called

Have you ever been asked the names of the bones in the arms and have been unable to respond? It is normal to forget some of the bones. The arm skeleton consists of three parts: the arm, the forearm and the hand. And the arm consists of the ulna, radius, and humerus. At OneHowTo we provide a list of the bones in the arms so you know their names and where they are located.

Pictures: commons.wikimedia.org

The bones of the arm: Humerus

The humerus is in the arm. It is quite a long bone. Different muscles are attached to it to develop strength. The arm and forearm are joined by the elbow joint. In this picture you will see the name of each component part of the humerus.

The bones of the arm: Radius

The forearm bones begin with the elbow joint and flow into the bones of the hand through the wrist. The radius is located on the outside of the forearm. It is located outside the ulna with the flat edge of the bone inwards. The bulkiest side is facing downwards and sliding towards the thinnest part at the tip.

The bones of the arm: Ulna

It's a long gap, parallel to the radius. The ulna is found in the inner arm; the upper part articulates with the humerus and radius and the lower part with the radius and carpal bones. The Ulna forms, together with the radius, the elements that support the forearm bone.

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