What are the Properties of Salt Lamps

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What are the Properties of Salt Lamps

Do you have a salt lamp at home? Well done! Besides being a perfect decorative element for any room or corner of your home, this object will help to improve air quality in your surroundings because it is made of Himalayan salts. Also, due to its intimate and pleasant colors, it is great for helping you relax and relieve the stress that can build up on a daily basis.

This OneHowTo article will explain the properties of salt lamps so you understand the benefits of having one at home.

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What are salt lamps?

These lamps come from the Himalayas, a mountain range area which is believed to have been covered by the sea many years ago and which, after the collision of tectonic plates, was lifted to the extreme heights for which it's known today - after all, that's where the Everest is. This is the main reason why that area has such a high concentration of salt. The other minerals found within the stones are what give Himalayan salt crystals such a peculiar orange color.

The inside of these salt lamps are fitted with a light bulb and are usually plugged into the mains, but others are designed so that you can put a candle inside. You can thus trigger their air purification qualities and chromatic benefits which will help you relax and get relief from any excess stress in the atmosphere.

As you can see, salt lamps work in a very similar way to ordinary lamps; the difference is that the outside is made of Himalayan salt crystals.

What are the Properties of Salt Lamps - What are salt lamps?

Salt lamps to purify the air

To understand one of the main benefits of salt lamps (in fact, the most important one), we should first talk about the presence of positive and negative ions in our environment. The air around us is filled with both types of ions, that is, atoms that have lost or gained an electron and are thus charged with electricity.

Modern society is full of electronic devices, and some studies say that we are surrounded by levels twenty times higher static electricity levels than what our brain would consider as conducive for optimal performance. This would affect our health, so we can suffer from more allergies, insomnia, asthma or stress, among many other conditions.

Electronic devices release positive ions - that is, cations - in our atmosphere; this is known as "electronic pollution". The televisions, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices that we have at home destabilize the ions in our environment, increasing the number of positive ions. Some environments with heavy static electricity levels use air ionizers or negative ion generators as air purifiers.

According to some sources, salt lamps release negative ions into the environment and can therefore neutralize the positive ions which exist in a particular space, purifying the air and optimizing it for human life. Salt crystals absorb moisture from the air and once it is evaporated by the heat of the bulb or candle, the negative ions are released. This is the main benefit of salt lamps, and manufacturers refer to them as "air vitamins" due to this property.

What are the Properties of Salt Lamps - Salt lamps to purify the air

Relaxing effects of salt lamps

Another associated benefit of salt lamps relates to chromotherapy, thanks to the relaxing warmth of their color. The warm light emitted by this type of lamp is perfect for relaxation treatments, producing ideal environments for meditation or rest.

Chromotherapy, as its name suggests, uses color as therapy. In other words, different color schemes are used to improve certain mental or physical states. This concept is based on the belief that light emissions bring different energies to our cells depending on the tone that we use. Thus, the therapeutic effects of salt lamp colors are the following:

  • Orange: Promotes feelings of safety, relaxes the nervous system and activates the mind, awakening creativity.
  • Yellow: Increases intellectual understanding.
  • Red: Awakens the heart, passion and life force.
  • Pink: Stimulates feelings of love by stirring our emotions.
  • White: The ideal color for healing. It brings new ideas to the table and stimulates a fresh approach to cleaning.

These are the main colors that salt lamps come in; as you see, they are associated to certain moods and states drawing specially from Western symbolism. Thus, they can help to improve your mood if you believe in those readings.

What are the Properties of Salt Lamps - Relaxing effects of salt lamps

How to use salt lamps

Now that you know what are the benefits of salt lamps, you'll surely want to feel them. Good news - all you need to do is put one in your home. By doing this, you will rid the environment of positive ions by releasing negative ones every time you turn it on. The release is proportionate to the size of the lamp, and it is therefore suggested that you use large lamps in bigger spaces and smaller lamps in smaller spaces.

Any lamps in your bedroom will need to be lit in the afternoon or evening before going to sleep, allowing the air in which you sleep to be purified, so that you to get more rest, greater relaxation and a cleaner environment.

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What are the Properties of Salt Lamps
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What are the Properties of Salt Lamps

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