What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of The Evil Eye Curse

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of The Evil Eye Curse
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The evil eye is the product of strong negative energy that is transmitted to the victim by another person who wants to cause them harm. This type of energy is often the result of envy, jealousy and hatred, and causes great discomfort for the person on the receiving end. The Jewish and Catholic traditions have a custom of tying a red thread around the wrist of young children to protect them from the evil eye. But how do you know whether someone is the victim of this curse? At OneHowTo.com, we will explain all about what are the signs symptoms of the evil eye curse.

Steps to follow:

The evil eye curse is based mainly on the idea that we are all energy, and that positive energy can cause a lot of good, but negative energy can also cause a lot of bad. When a person concentrates hard enough on causing someone harm, and when their energy is focused on the misfortune of that person, it is very possible that the other person will receive the Evil Eye and, if they do not have the enough strength to repel these vibrations, they will be affected by it.


Babies and young children tend to be the most vulnerable to the evil eye. Those who work with this type of energy indicate that the most common symptoms of a possible evil eye curse in the young are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Continuous and frequent vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Uncontrollable sobbing for no apparent reason
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Allergies and outbreaks on the skin

In adults, the evil eye tends to have a more powerful psychological, rather than physical, effect. Nervousness, intense fear and sudden paranoia for no apparent reason, are three examples of the condition, which may also be accompanied by dizziness, nausea and vomiting.


It is important to point out that the signs and symptoms of the evil eye are fairly generic; therefore, first of all you should rule out any type of illness or physical condition before thinking that you are dealing with negative energy.


Another important aspect is to work continuously to strengthen your spirit and increase your positive energy, in order to protect yourself against negative energies sent from other people.

In this respect it is very important to get to know yourself, your spirituality and feel comfortable with your actions and life. Relieving yourself from stress and increasing your happiness can combat all forms of the evil eye.


In addition, you can carry out activities to increase your positive energy and make sure that you're on top form for your day-to-day life. Reiki, yoga or mediation are excellent alternatives that you can consider. Similarly, you should work on positive thinking for the benefit of your health and to make your day to-day more manageable.

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