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What Did The Mayans Wear

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By Alice T Breeze. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Did The Mayans Wear

Mayan civilisation has inhabited the American continent, specially Mexico, during hundreds of years. Nowadays there are still tribes that have inherited their features and characteristics. It was an agricultural-based civilisation, so their clothing was adequate for this kind of activity. If you don't know and you'd like to find out a bit more about this civilisation, we'll explain what Mayans wore.

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Mayan women generally wore long skirts and wide cotton skirts which were covered with colourful scarves to cover their shoulders. Many shirts were embroidered with flowers and cheerful colors.

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Mayan men dresses with special trousers they called "patí" and their chest bare. They used to decorate their trousers with several colors and embroidery, giving it a touch of color and joy.


Nobility, who were much richer, used many garments embroidered with stones or feathers on their clothes. They also wore big trousers, headdresses, sandals and all kinds of luxurious accessories which distinguished them from inferior classes.

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They used to wear lots of head garments, to give their hair some color: scarves, tiaras, hats, conic hats, etc.


Upper classes also added jewelry and gold to their accessories, which they always wore, at any time of the day. They had a reputation for such an activity.

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On special occasions, when they celebrated something, they used to wear jewelry even more, even on their garments, as a sign of bow. This way, they increased the use of gold, jewelry and anything they had in hand.

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  • In any book on American History you'll find more information on this subject.
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What Did The Mayans Wear