What Does Dreaming About Spiders Mean?

What Does Dreaming About Spiders Mean?

While interpreting dreams is highly subjective, it is believed by many that doing so can be helpful in trying to better understand our subconscious selves. In this way, the thoughts and concerns we have while unconscious might be able to help solve problems in our conscious lives. There are many recurring motifs of these dreams and dreaming about spiders is one very common one. While it's always best to be cautious of over-analyzing our dreams in case we are mistaken in our interpretation, this oneHOWTO article on what does dreaming about spiders mean? can help us to start thinking about the possible problems we may be having and what we can do to remedy them.

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In general terms, it is said that dreaming about spiders may indicate success. It may mean that the effort you put in everyday will soon be rewarded, whether in terms of money or happiness. Whatever the case may be, in general, it is believed dreaming about spiders indicate that an area of your life is about to improve. How this might be the case and the possible other side of the coin are discussed below.


Favorable result in a legal matter

For anyone currently undergoing some sort of lawsuit or legal matter, dreaming about spiders may also be a positive sign. It may may indicate that these issues will end up favoring you. This may indicate something else if you dream of the spiders dying. If you are embroiled in a legal matter, then it is likely that your anxiety might be piqued, so dreaming of spiders might be a way of your subconscious trying to subdue these feelings. If you are undergoing a difficult legal process (on either side of the law), then you may need to think of ways to reduce anxiety or stress.



If you dream about spiders building a large cobweb to cover you, it will most likely seem an unpleasant image. However, many believe that the meaning of this dream is totally contrary to being unpleasant and it may suggest that your happiness will increase. This is because spiders webs are durable and safe places, so you may actually be going into a state of greater security. Whether this is financial, physical, romantic or otherwise, dreaming of spiders can mean that you will be wrapped up in security or, at least, that you feel more secure in yourself. If you can remember the spiders imagery in your dream, perhaps you can remember how you felt about it, specifically whether you were resolute or anxious about it. Whatever dream you have, being mindful of your feelings will always help you to gauge how you might feel in your waking life.


Wealth and happiness

On occasions, you might dream about many spiders. Seeing a group of spiders hanging from a web in your dream is actually quite a positive, favorable omen. It suggests the imminent arrival of wealth, friends and happiness in general. That is, that your life will be much fuller than it currently is.

Dreaming of small spiders might have some significance as well. In some countries, money spiders are little spiders which are signs of good fortune if they are seen to be crawling on your body. It is thought that the spider is there to spin you some new clothes, i.e. bring you good fortune. If this happens in a dream, then you may be on your way to some prosperous times or, at least dreaming of spiders might mean you are concerned about your financial situation.


Toxic relations

If you dream of a huge spider or spiders, you could be close to being on the receiving end of great wealth. However, if the same big spider or spiders bite you, it means that the road to this wealth will not be pleasant and that you may face certain pressures and dangers or companions which turn out to be toxic for you. However, while dreaming of spiders might mean one thing to our mental state, our physical state doesn't stop existing while we are unconscious. If you have been bitten by a mosquito or bed bug, perhaps this is why you are dreaming of spiders biting you.


Crisis in your romantic life

In addition, dreaming of spiders where the spider actually bites you may indicate a problem of a romantic nature. It is unlikely that you will be able to predict a break up or infidelity between you and your partner (or partners if that is your circumstance), however your subconscious might start dreaming about spiders because your intuition has been peaked by the behavior of other people. Killing a spider or spiders in a dream is believed to be even more significant and may indicate you will go through a major crisis with your partner. If are dreaming about spiders regularly or even if you have a particularly vivid dream about a spider, then perhaps you should consider your relationship. You should also speak to (not confront) your partner about your dreams and communicate any anxiety you may have. If you are unable to talk to your partner or partners about your thoughts and feelings, then it is likely that spider dreams are the least of your worries.



Have you ever heard someone who is continually deceptive as someone who is creating a web of lies? As Sir Walter Scott put it in his play Marmion, "what a tangled web we weave/When we first practice to deceive". In this way, spiders are often thought to be deceptive and dreaming of spiders might mean there is some form of lying or deceit in our lives. This could show that there is someone in your life who is trying to control or influence you, but your conscious self is unaware of it. Dreaming of spiders could also mean that you are the deceiver or manipulator, even if you do not realize it. Consider the influence of people in your life and assess if they are healthy. Then consider whether or not your actions or behavior might involve taking advantage of someone.


Dreaming of spider bites

Dreaming of spider bites is usually not a good thing. Dreaming about poisonous spiders might potentially be even worse. Poison in dreams relates to poison in real life. This could be physical poison such as consuming too much alcohol, drugs, bad diet or anything else which might decrease your physical quality of life. It could also mean that people in your life are poisoning you with their thoughts or deeds. Equally, dreaming of spiders may mean you are the one who has become toxic to someone else. If you are dreaming of spiders and there is poison involved, perhaps you should consider your behavior and take a little time to assess both your physical and mental health.


Watch out for tarantulas

All positive omens take on a much darker meaning when it comes to a particular type of spider: the tarantula. Dreaming about a tarantula, in whatever scenario, can indicate that something dangerous, toxic and worrying is about to happen to you.


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