What Does Dreaming about Your Teeth Falling out Mean?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 25, 2022
What Does Dreaming about Your Teeth Falling out Mean?

Although actions in our dreams don't physically happen to us, often the images they create can seem hauntingly real. One of the most visceral dream experiences we can have is when we dream of our teeth falling out. We may react in different ways or have differing levels of realism in dreams. Either way, the dream can stick with you throughout the day, making you ponder as to what it might mean. oneHOWTO takes a look at what dreaming about your teeth falling out means. By providing these different types of interpretation, you can take a look at what these dental dreams might be trying to tell us about our waking life. While having our teeth fall out can seem like a bad experience, more often than not it is simply a reminder to look after ourselves.

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Dental problems

There are a lot of interpretations out there about teeth falling out in your dream. Many of them make bold claims about issues in your psyche, making it easy to forget that there is a simple first interpretation to this dream. This is that you are concerned about your dental hygiene.

An infected tooth can lead to quite excruciating pain. This pain can be relatively traumatic and it is not uncommon to fear the possibility of it occurring again. If you have ever experienced a tooth falling out due to physical damage it can be quite a bloody and painful experience. Even if your tooth has fallen out due to neglect, it can be a very disconcerting sensation. It is no surprise that these experiences might show up in your dream state.

If you have started to feel some toothache, felt a chip in a tooth or have been told you have a cavity, then this might be preying on your waking mind. It is understandable your subconscious mind may follow suit.

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A strong mouth and good dental hygiene are signs of good overall health. We need to use them to eat and sustain ourselves as well as to communicate effectively. If we don't have strong teeth, then it can lead to many problems. If our teeth start falling out in our dream, it can mean we are concerned about something fundamental. This often manifests itself in insecurity.

If your teeth are falling out in your dream, then perhaps you are experiencing some of these insecurities. Perhaps something has happened to you which would make you feel more insecure. Maybe your partner has left you, you have not been doing well at work or school, or even you simply are someone with low self-esteem and confidence.

Have a think about what may be making you insecure. It may simply be a period where you are feeling a little low and these insecure feelings will soon fade. If your dream about teeth falling out is recurrent, then maybe it is something more intrinsic to your psyche. If so, you may need to speak to a mental health professional who can help you. As well, here are some tips on how to gain more confidence and self-esteem.

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Making bad decisions

Unfortunately, if insecurities start to pervade our thinking, then we might start to make bad decisions. This is not to say that truly confident people do not also make bad decisions. But if you are dreaming about your teeth falling out, the implication is that you are not confident about your choices. These choices or decisions can be about anything.

Maybe there is a big life change which is making you concerned. If you are about to get married, embark on a new career or even make a big investment, then dreaming of your teeth falling out may be a sign of cold feet. This does not necessarily mean we have made a bad decision. It simply means that we are worried about it. Think about any changes in your life and as yourself if you need some reassurance about them.


Financial trouble

One of the most common interpretations for tooth related dreams is money. While we have already seen there are many reasons you might dream of teeth falling out, there is good reason why wealth might be an issue. This is because, traditionally, good teeth have been a sign of wealth. If you had good teeth, then you were able to eat well, have the best medical care or even simply afford the best looking dentures.

If your teeth fall out in a dream, it could be represent fears of a financial nature. Do you have bills you are struggling to pay? Have you maybe lost a job or decided to switch careers? Perhaps you have been chasing status and fear you can't 'keep up with the Joneses'. If this is the case, you may need to address your financial situation by speaking to an accountant or simply curbing your spending. If it is a concern about chasing status, then maybe you need to reassess your priorities.

Financial problems can manifest them selves in dreams in any number of ways. Take a look at our article on dreaming about spiders to see more.

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Another common, yet understandable, dream interpretation about teeth is a worry about self-image. Celebrity magazines and posters often show perfect teeth as a symbol of desirability. Not only do they show the person to be healthy and happy (when smiling), but symmetry is commonly seen as being the ideal of beauty. If we are worried about our self-image, then we might dream of our teeth falling out.

If our teeth fall out, we can no longer show other people just how great we are through our smiles. They are one of the most obvious signs of beauty. If in our dream our teeth fall out while talking to someone we want to impress, then this is likely to be our concern.

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Fear of illness

The healthiness of our teeth are often used by doctors as a way to check for overall health concerns[1]. If we dream of our teeth falling out, it's possible we are also concerned about something else to do with our health. If you are a hypochondriac, then maybe you are aware of this issue. It is something which can arise in your dreams pretty regularly if so.

On the other hand, you may simply feel run down and are concerned it might be something else. If you have been keeping a poor diet or neglecting your exercise routine, then maybe your subconscious is trying to give you a kick up the rear to get you going again.

Of course, if you are worried about health, then you may also be worried about death. Perhaps someone close to you has died, whether illness or otherwise. Dreaming of your teeth falling out might be a way for your sleep mind to say that mortality is on your mind.


How your teeth fall out

The way in which your teeth fall out in your dream might be telling. If your teeth fall out in a violent way, it is likely that there is some traumatic element which is concerning you. Maybe you have had a sudden change or have even had some sort of accident. This can manifest itself in graphic dreams.

If your teeth fall out in a dream, but you casually ignore it or even simply deposit the falling teeth into your pocket, it possibly means that you are hiding your troubles. Maybe you have been feeling terrible for a while, but haven't been able to muster the strength to talk to anyone about it. You might be walking around with terrible guilt or pain, but no one else is able to see it. Speaking to a trusted friend or, better yet, a trusted mental health professional might help you relieve these mental strains.

You might even have your teeth fall out violently, but no one in your dream bats an eyelid. This could mean that you feel like your troubles are being ignored by those close to you. If this is so, it's possible this is how you perceive the situation, but is not how it actually is happening.


Whatever happens in a dream where your teeth fall out, you need to know that dreams are not actually visions of the future. You may be worried about what's coming round the corner, but no one, not even your subconscious, can tell you for sure what it might be. Instead, use your dreams to assess your current state (mental, physical, financial, etc.) and see if this can help ease these worries.

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Dreaming about your teeth falling out can simply mean you are grinding your teeth.
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What Does Dreaming about Your Teeth Falling out Mean?