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What Does it Mean to Dream About Your Ex

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What Does it Mean to Dream About Your Ex

You must have woken up with the clear image of your ex in your head more than once. Why do we dream about our ex partners? Though it's more logical to think it's because we miss them, there are many explanations that are worth knowing. The world of dreams opens our subconscious to reveal some parts of ourselves and our lives that we are not capable of confronting when we're awake. In this article, OneHowTo discusses what it means to dream about your Ex so you understand the meaning of this dream once and for all.

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To begin with let's clear something out: to dream about your ex does not mean you still have feelings for him or her. It's perfectly possible that during the night you project the image and figure of this person that was a part of your life but without necessarily having feelings for him/her. This is why it's important to analyze how you've felt during the dream, how you felt towards this person, what happened between you and so on.

In any case, don't forget that dreams are symbolic, which is why the meaning will not be literal; that is to say, if you dreamed you were kissing your ex this does not mean you want to kiss him/her but can mean you miss kindness, romanticism or love, for example, and project the image of this person as a symbol of love.


Though it does not directly mean you feel something, it is true that dreaming about your ex can mean that you miss that person. Though you many not be in love, when a person is part of your life and leaves a mark, our mind evokes it from time to time and this is something that cannot be controlled; this is why having a dream in which your ex appears means something as simple as that you miss him or her and would like to know how things are going. It's very complicated to totally end intense relationships.


If you just started a relationship with a person and dream of your former partner, it can have several meanings. If the dream shows discussions and bad moments we had with the other person it could mean that we are afraid that our current relationship could follow that pattern


Another of the most frequent reasons why we dream about an ex is that things between you didn't end in closure and this feeling will invade you at night, when conscience fades. When relationships don't end well, when you haven't finished talking or expressing how you feel or want to say something to that person it's possible that they appear in nocturnal dreams. This simply means there are things that have been left unsaid and until you don't do so this person's image will haunt you.


It's also possible that the reason you dream about your ex is simply due to the stress of starting a new relationship and the feelings you are starting to get and the situations you are re-living make the last memory of love spring back to mind. Our body reacts to stimuli and its memory will make your insides move those memories and moments you lived with your ex now you are living similar moments.

If you are rowing, sad or anguished when you're with your ex in your dreams it means we are scared of starting a new relationship. We are afraid to think it can go wrong and we don't want it to turn out like a past relationship.


Another of the causes why you dream about your ex can be because you are not quite right with your current partner or with the live you're living (if you're single). This interpretation can be done if you dream of beautiful and sweet moments full of love and tenderness. Our psyche is actually telling us that something is lacking with our new love. Perhaps there is a lack of passion or love. Whatever it may be we must work on it so that this new relationship can be perfect.


This kind of dreams are common when we live stressful moments and we're not with our partner. You should think that each member of a relationship relies on the other so if you're going through a bad situation it's normal for your subconscious to project the image of that person you feel will help you emotionally. As you don't have this help in real life, our psyche searches in the subconscious to calm down anxiety and overcome this unstable moment.


What happens if you dream you get back together with your ex? Don't worry, this doesn't necessarily mean you want to go back with him or her, so don't take any decisions yet! This dream can simply mean that in your current relationship you're going through important changes and your mind may be reminding you how much you've grown and moved forward in your love life.

If you are not currently with anyone, this dream may also mean you miss being in a relationship, feeling loved and living love episodes. The mind is abstract, therefore it's not giving us a clear message: the image of your ex may be a symbol of love as it is the closest reference it has of this feeling.


Another of the most common dreams we have is dreaming about death, so if you wake up and realize you have just killed your ex in a dream, don't be scared: you're not a bad person. This type of dream is only a metaphor about the moment you're living in the relationship, this means that what created the bond between you "has died" in a metaphoric way for you and you're ready to start a new life and, who knows, you might even start a new relationship.

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What Does it Mean to Dream About Your Ex
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What Does it Mean to Dream About Your Ex