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What is the 2017 Prediction for Virgo

What is the 2017 Prediction for Virgo

Virgo is one of the most colourful of the zodiac signs and despite having a virgin as their symbol they are not fragile in the slightest. This is one of the strongest and most determined horoscope signs. 2017 will be for Virgo a year in which their health will be stronger than ever and in which they will have to continue working to achieve your goals easily.

This year may be a period in which Virgo wants to spend more time alone, however, they should explain to family and friends their situation and try to break the coldness and distance. In OneHowTo we explain what is the 2017 prediction for Virgo.

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This year it will not be difficult to have lovers falling at your feet, dear Virgo, this is your personality in love. However, achieving lasting stability with a partner will be a bit more complicated and you will have to work on reducing your coldness to show your approachable and loving side.

If you have a partner, try to make this person a part of your life in a deeper and more profound way in 2017. Do not keep your distance, and do express your feelings and concerns so your partner feels like an important part of your life. Follow this advice, and take your relationship to the next level.

Work and money

2017 presents for Virgo a successful year in financial projects; the cold and calculating nature that characterises the sign make this year ideal for embarking on business projects.

If you have steady work, it is likely that 2017 will see your employment stability destabilise and some of your colleagues may be made redundant. But, you must stay calm: if you work hard as usual, your workplace will be assured.


In 2017 Virgo will enjoy good health; you will leave behind the back aches and migraines that prevented you from leading a peaceful life. This year, your health will be good as long as you continue taking care and leading a healthy lifestyle. That is right: leave your worries behind and try not to give too much thought to stressful issues. Let go of your anxiety and say goodbye to your migraines for this year.

Friendship and family

2017 is a year where Virgos will focus on themselves. While family and friends continue to be at your side throughout the year, it is likely that you will want to be more focused on yourself, and let others be your second priority.

Make sure to let your friends and family know exactly what is happening; try to avoid them worrying and ensure they understand that you are simply going through a phase in your life where you have to look after yourself. They will understand.

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  • Control your jealousy and lack of trust with the people you love.
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What is the 2017 Prediction for Virgo
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What is the 2017 Prediction for Virgo