What is the origin of philosophy

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is the origin of philosophy

It is in our nature as humans to marvel at certain things and long to understand them better. Philosophy is the art of thinking, the love of knowledge, the desire to know more, make sense of the unknown, to get beyond the obvious, to reflect on our doubts and problems. It is humanity's quest for truth. But how did it all start? At, we explain the Origin of Philosophy.

Greece, VI century BC

It is said that it was in Miletus in Asia Minor where philosophy originated. In a time when man began to question things, to try to get to the truth of many of the things around him.

Greek philosophy was in fact the first to become popular, but it is questionable as to whether it really originated there. Many think that the first Greek philosophers like Pythagorus and Aristotle learned their knowledge from a long chain of philosophers, originating in Ancient Egypt.

The influence of new cultures

In a coastal area with large numbers of people from all over the world, ideas were exchanged and compared, and new thoughts arose for the Greeks. All this made them think about how things really are, expanding their worldview to a larger scale.

Development of reason

Eventually, new perceptions began to emerge, in which man is the protagonist and not the gods. Man creates his own destiny and the gods no longer control all. Thus, human rationality is responsible for explaining the "why" of everything: man began to think and to develop reason and gradually leave religious views behind.

World Disorder

The Greeks felt lost in this new world: different people coming and going, bringing new ways of thinking... change constantly threatened their lives. In the face of chaos, man feels the need to seek true meaning and explain the world.

Critical revision of reality

Putting one's life, customs and, ultimately one's culture in question is what happened in Greece after living so many new and inexplicable experiences.

Thales of Miletus

The first philosopher who asked physical questions what is truly the origin of our world, of the universe in general?, was faced with such chaos. And, since the current divine explanation for everything was insufficient, Tales aimed to explain and seek the truth of the to these questions.

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What is the origin of philosophy
What is the origin of philosophy

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