What Jobs Can you Get with a Communication Studies Major?

By Mary Smith. Updated: July 9, 2020
What Jobs Can you Get with a Communication Studies Major?

When you are ending your studies, it is common to ask yourself what you're going to do next. Although specialization and professionalization is the key to land the perfect job, there are different routes you can follow depending on your interests and on what your life expectations are.

So what jobs can you get with a communication studies major? Basically anything from journalism, advertising and marketing or the audio visual industry. In this fast-changing world, there are more and more opportunities and new job titles that you can choose from, so keep on reading this oneHOWTO article to find the perfect job for your communication studies major!


Want to become a successful executive producer? The path is a hard one, and not many get to the top jobs, but luckily, production is an area that has plenty of jobs you can get with a communications studies major. In production, you will help be in charge of production activities such as coordination of teams, looking over and creating calendars and schedules and solving any problems that can occur during the production of a feature film, television program, video game or advertising commercial.

Reaching the position of executive producer means that you will be in charge and have the last say in all aspects of the creative project, asses the viability of a project, supervise the project's life cycle, find feasible candidates for production and supervise finances.

Although entry level salaries may be low, once you are well into your mid-career salaries will raise quite a bit, with an average 5 years experience you could be earning around $56,000 and could double within 10 years working in the business.

If you're good at juggling different tasks at the same time, have a good intuition and are devoted to your work, you will make a great executive producer!

Social Media specialist

It is undeniable that the power of social media has grown hugely during the past years. More and more, companies, institutions and the media are boosting the possibilities of Social Media to create higher engagement with their audience. You will be working closely with the marketing team and branding managers in order to create brand loyalty and work in the same direction. Starting as a community manager, publishing and creating posts for the company's social media, you can build on this career by becoming a social media analyst, a social media strategist and eventually a social media director.

In this job you will have to develop and implement a social media strategy, carefully analyze results of projects through metrics and handle complaints of users made through these platforms.

This is a job that is forever changing and advancing, so if you want to be a good social media specialist, you will need to always be up to date with the newest strategies, social media platforms and initiatives that are occurring around you. An average pay at beginner level is around $50,000 and can escalate to $94,000 when you get to an experienced level after around 10 years in the business.

What Jobs Can you Get with a Communication Studies Major? - Social Media specialist

Public Relations specialist

This line of work is closely related to marketing, but is more focused on the external communications of a company with the media and other companies as well as internal communication within the company. As a PR specialist, you will help boost relationships with external partners, have direct contact with the media, promote a positive public image of the brand or company and create strategies to boost brand awareness.

Public relations specialists need very good communicative skills and will be good at speaking in public, they will know how to give a killer presentation and great attention to detail. Public relations specialists move on to be directors of PR and even marketing directors and even sales directors, so the spectrum of career paths you can take is still pretty broad.

Average salaries at an entry level can be as low as $17,000, but can escalate to around $108,000 for median positions.

Marketing specialist

Marketing specialists can be even more specialized in order to get a good position. We are talking about online Marketing strategists, B2B marketing strategists, or even product management specialists. They will help create market strategies, take part in market research, help in social media marketing, plan and coordinate all of the marketing strategies and communications that will be developed in the business you are working for.

You will be a good marketing specialist if you have a good analytical eye, are specialized in branding and people management as well as a great communicator.

Entry salary levels are pretty high, at around $42,000 at entry level and can escalate up to $95,000 in top positions.

Corporate communications specialist

This job is pretty similar to many public relations and marketing specialists positions, but also has elements of journalistic skills in it. This is because this position requires the worker to manage all the communication efforts that the company has. They will create and review any statements that the company will release, engage with other companies, partners and media related to the company and will oversee the overall communication strategies fo the company, including possible campaigns, advertisements and press releases.

Corporate communications specialists can often go on to become communications directors in businesses or PR directors. Their most sought for skills include good communications, good relationships with employees, good marketing knowledge and good general vision.

Salary expectations for corporate communications specialists can range to as little as $14,000 at entry level to around $121 at a senior level.

Advertising specialist

A job as an advertising producer, specialist or executive is a career that involves the creating of commercials and public announcements on television, radio and internet mostly. It is usually pursued in advertising companies, and entry levels are usually related to copy, creative writing and accounting. The job can evolve into account managing, advertising director and other high level positions.

Depending on the job position, you will be in charge of certain aspects of the process of creating advertisements campaigns. As you progress, you may be involved in the plan production progress, implementing the campaign design, and analysis of the campaign's results.

A person interested with advertising should be highly creative, spontaneous and have a high commercial view. You should be very analytical and have a global view of the products or companies you are working for.

Salaries very quite a lot when at entry level depending on the company and/or position. Salaries range between $17,000 and $79,000 in the highest positions and years of expertise.

What Jobs Can you Get with a Communication Studies Major? - Advertising specialist

Content writing & copywriting

These two jobs for a communication studies major are probably the most common positions at entry level nowadays. When it comes to copy writing, you will be coming up with creative text focused on selling a certain product or company, whereas content writing has a more journalistic than creative side, as you will be writing interesting and engaging content for users to create a better user experience in online businesses.

For these positions you will need high creative skills as well as a good SEO, SEM and marketing background. Your writing skills should be superb too. This type of job can lead to higher positions such as content managers, account managers, creative director, marketing manager or even communications director.

The lowest salaries start at $10,000 and can reach $72,000 when reaching seniority level.


This is one of the most well-known jobs, although it is not that many people that can earn a living strictly from journalism. Reporting current affairs stories, specializing in sports, cultural, economic or political journalism is one of the best bets to find a suitable role. Specializing in a certain role such as conductor, radio broadcaster or digital journalism is also a great way of landing a good job. Journalism involves collecting and interpreting facts about events, working with news editors and other reporters to create engaging and informative content as well as reviewing and editing.

If you pursue this career, you'll have a good intuition, good general knowledge on current affairs and a great capacity to react in the most unexpected situations.

Salaries for journalists range from $35,000 to $51,000 depending on seniority level.

What Jobs Can you Get with a Communication Studies Major? - Journalist


Another career path you can follow is to keep on studying and specializing in any of the above at an academic level. That is to say, get a masters degree, get a research grant and/or get a PHD to become a university lecturer or professor specialized in your area of expertise.

Research in the latest advanced in your fields, preparing study plans and curriculum and lecturing students who also want to pursue a job with a communication studies degree.

Professors in the US have an average $73,000, although entry positions may give a $48,000, as a plain lecturer. Not bad for a start!

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What Jobs Can you Get with a Communication Studies Major?
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What Jobs Can you Get with a Communication Studies Major?

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