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How to Make a Toddler Like You

By Sara . Updated: October 5, 2020
How to Make a Toddler Like You

If you have a toddler then you know that mood swing and meltdown is an integral part of your daily routine. If you don’t have a toddler, then you may be slightly nervous about how to act in front of him or her, wondering what's appropriate to say or do, and even what kind of tone of voice you should use. If you want to know how to make a toddler like you all the time then keep reading this oneHOWTO article.

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  1. Act funny
  2. The magic of touch
  3. Relax and enjoy the time
  4. Fun activity
  5. Read
  6. Responding to bad behavior

Act funny

We often see that toddlers are attracted to people making funny faces and antics. They love to hear different kinds of sounds and giggle at the person making them. If you want toddlers to like you then try making funny facial expressions, funny noises or even talking with them in funny accent. Playing simple games like peek-a-boo or hide and seek or even little magic tricks can capture their attention, making them love you. Even dancing madly and foolishly with them will do the trick.

The magic of touch

Toddlers are in their learning phase but they can differentiate between loving touch and the one that is harsh. So, if you are with a toddler hug them or gently stroke them or rub their feet and hands. The magic of loving touch will connect you with them. Even rustling their hair or small loving kisses can bring you close to the little ones.

How to Make a Toddler Like You - The magic of touch

Relax and enjoy the time

Small children are extremely perceptive. They can sense when something is wrong. So, it’s best that whenever you are with any toddler, you must relax. Enjoy the moment with them. Instead of getting irritated on their foolish acts, join them and have some fun. Loosen up and enjoy the activity, however childish it may be. Taking part in their activities will create a strong bond between you and the little one.

Get a toddler to eat on its own and have your meal with them. Believe it or not, they love it when adults join in their activities, it will make them feel part of a group. This also applies to other adult tasks you may be involved in. Turn the regular activity, such as cleaning, gardening, etc. into a game for the toddler, so he or she will not only learn about responsibilities but will bond with you by joining in your activity.

Fun activity

Take out some time from your schedule and play with them. Sing songs with them. Even silly sounding songs will crack up your toddler. Dress them up in fun costume or in the costume of their favorite cartoon character. For a change you can also dress up in the costume of their favorite TV character and then repeat the same antics. This will surely crack up your little one. Take a look at these ideas for an Easter egg hunt for toddlers for example, they'll love it if you join in too!

How to Make a Toddler Like You - Fun activity


Reading stories in an animated voice with lots of hand gesture, body movement and facial expression will capture the attention of your toddler. If it’s possible, allot a certain time of a day or week when you will read to them. The animated and funny reading sessions can be an extremely lovely bonding time with your toddler.

How to Make a Toddler Like You - Read

Responding to bad behavior

When a toddler misbehaves it's very difficult to get him or her to understand they're doing something wrong without making them sad or angry. This is why you should always try to turn a 'no' into a logical and plausible explanation, trying to meet an agreement with the toddler. It may sound difficult, but you'd be surprised as to how well they understand a situation.

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How to Make a Toddler Like You