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How to improve my English online for free

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to improve my English online for free

How can I improve my English?” This question haunts the mind of every person whose second language is English. Even in countries whose first language is English, people face this dilemma. It is because in a world dominated by the English language just knowing English is not enough. People need to be fluent in speaking, reading, writing and understanding the grammar, phrases and every other aspects of the English language. Internet provides us with many sites through which we can improve our English. Unlike classes, these courses can be done anytime anywhere ,plus they are free. So, here is a list of sites through which we can improve our English online for free.

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  1. Learn English by British Council
  2. News In Levels
  3. Phrase Mix
  4. EnglishGrammar.org
  5. English Central
  6. English as a second language on About.com
  7. UsingEnglish.com
  8. Voice of America
  9. How do you do?
  10. English Club
  11. Lingualia
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Learn English by British Council

It is one of the most popular sites used to learn English all around the world. You can learn English here and also practice it. It consists of an active enthusiastic community and the moderators are always ready to offer help. This site offers you an array of games, exercises and new words to improve your writing and listening skills.

News In Levels

It is a wonderful site to improve your listening and pronunciation skills by listening, watching and reading the news in English. This site offers you three levels where you can read and build your vocabulary. Listening to the news in English will help you in improving your pronunciation.

How to improve my English online for free - News In Levels

Phrase Mix

Using phrases in sentence helps in conversation. It's because you don't have to search for all the English words to convey your message. Instead, you can just replace it with a phrase and people will understand you.

Phrase Mix presents you with a bank of phrases which are easy to learn as they are explained with their meaning and how they can be used in sentences. It offers both premium and free learning opportunities.


It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced learner or a beginner; this site provides you with all information you need to know about English grammar. You can find an answer for all the questions you have about English Grammar related to topics like conjunctions, punctuation, verbs, adjectives, business writings and many more. It also provides many downloadable lessons. If you have any question in grammar which you can’t find in the site then you can leave a comment or a personal message to the creator of this blog, Jennifer.

English Central

This is an extremely useful site for you if you want to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. This site contains short and easy video dialogues with exercises which improves your listening skill.

English as a second language on About.com

This website contains the largest amount of English learning materials, quizzes, tips, videos, vocabulary and grammar exercises. It consists of various topics like Beginner English, intermediate English, advanced English, pronunciation, lesson plans, vocabulary, grammar, writing skills, listening skills, reading skills, teaching English, Business English, quizzes and tests, English learning tools and many more.


This site offers you lots of printable lessons in all grammar topics. Along with practicing, you can also talk and discuss with other people who are learning English. You can ask questions to the native tutors anytime on this website.

Voice of America

This site is very useful if you want to learn American English. Here you can learn American English by watching the latest news on topics like USA, the world, education, health, business, entertainment, technology and science.

How do you do?

It is an amazing site where you can practice speaking English with non-native speakers around the world using skype. It connects us with people who also want to focus on speaking English. Here no one teaches you how to speak English. However, you will be able to connect with people from other parts of the world and practice your English speaking skills along with them.

English Club

If you like learning English by playing quizzes, then English club is the site which had been created just for you.


Lingualia is a website where you can choose the level and the time you wand to spend. So, if you want to improve your english writing easily, you can sign up at Lingualia and start to learn!

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How to improve my English online for free