What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 17, 2020
What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?

Dreams are reflections of our deepest subconscious. The experiences we live and the messages we receive from our mind should not be taken literally. In most cases, they can mean things very different from those that they refer to in real life. Within the dream world, dreams are evocations of our interior life. Therefore, we should not take them literally or allow them to worry us or make us rethink aspects of our life, such as our relationship.

Dreaming your partner has left you can be scary. We may feel like it is a premonition of something. However, it is important to realize this is a common dream in couples and it doesn't mean it will come to fruition in real life. In this article we explain what it means when you dream that your partner leaves you, so you can have better sleep.

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I dream my boyfriend left me for another woman

While there are various reasons you dream your partner is leaving or has left you, it is important to remember our interpretation doesn't have to be negative. A dissolution of a relationship is a big change, but when it is reflected in a dream, it doesn't mean it is literal. It could easily be the change is unrelated to a break up. While there are infinite interpretations, some of the most common reasons why your partner leaves you in a dream could be that:

  1. It is a good omen
  2. It is related to your friendship circle
  3. It represents independence and distancing
  4. It relays fears and insecurities with your partner
  5. It could be related to your family
  6. It could mean you are jealous

Whether you dream your boyfriend leaves you, your husband goes away, your girlfriend breaks up with you or whatever type of partner appears in your subconscious, critical thinking will help us know what it wrong. This is, of course, if anything is wrong in the first place.

It is a good omen

One of the most common interpretations of this dream is related to the fact that our subconscious often sends us positive messages in strange ways. This occurs, above all, in relationships that are going through a crisis or a blip. When you dream that your partner leaves you it may be a sign that happiness is about to come, that you will overcome this bad time and you can start afresh.

Abandonment in dreams doesn't only suggests the relationship ends in a definitive way. In your waking life, it could be linked to the fact that a break is the beginning of something new. Ending something that did not work well means a new direction and the chance to be happy again. Dreaming your partner leaves you could be a metaphorical break up. The actual change in your life could be related to any part of your life or even your state of mind.

What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you? - It is a good omen

It is related to your friendship circle

We have already said that when we dream of our partner it does not have to mean that we are dreaming about him or her. It may simply be that the emotions that you feel for them are so strong, they are transferred to other people around you.

For example, you may dream of someone you know, but when you wake, have no idea who the person is. Or the opposite could happen. In the dream world, identities and representations can be mixed up, but it doesn't mean it is how you feel about an individual.

Since a partner is a close relationship, it is possible you dream of them leaving because another close relationship is in jeopardy. Think about friends close to you and see if this applies. It may be something you can salvage, but it could also be for the best.

It represents independence and distancing

When your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner leaves you in a dream, it could be a sign you are wanting more independence. It doesn't mean you are going to break up, although it is a possibility. However, many of us become stifled in relationships, often by choice. We get lazy and depend too much on another person. Dreaming your partner leaves you might be a sign you want to start doing things for yourself again.

Another reason could be that you actually don't do enough together. Dreaming of such a change could be your subconscious saying that you either bring the romance back, or maybe it's better to call it quits.

It relays fears and insecurities with your partner

However, it is also possible your partner is domineering or controlling. In this situations, your dreaming of independence is much more than finding different hobbies. It has to do with what is best for you. This dream could be your resolve steeling itself to move on from a situation which isn't beneficial to you. Which interpretation depends on individual circumstances.

Dreaming that your partner leaves you can be one of various reflections of your feelings about the relationship. You may also be insecure about how they feel about you. It doesn't mean they don't have feelings for you, but you may be struggling to recognize them or interpret them properly.

For this reason, a dream where your partner leaves you could be a good opportunity. Whether it is a spouse, a recent boyfriend and longtime girlfriend or whoever, speak to them and tell them how you feel. If you are honest and open, it can only be good in the long-run.

If you're still worried, at oneHOWTO we help you find out the signs that your partner wants to break up.

It could be related to your family

Do not panic! With this we do not mean that you are having inappropriate feelings about your family. But since a partner leaving you represents the dissolution of a close relationship, we should consider whether this is a reflection of a different closeness. Our subconscious often gets things which are close mixed up, but it shouldn't be a source of guilt or worry.

Therefore, if you dream that your girlfriend leaves you, it may be that your mind is sending you a message related to your mother: are you angry? Have you not known about her for a while? And the same if you dream of your boyfriend leaves you: consider your relationship with your father and go and see him to calm your mind. Similarly, the problem could rest with a sibling or any close family member.

Family relationships can appear in dreams reflected in your relationship because the bond of trust and intimacy that is established in a couple is very similar to the familiarity that is held within the family.

What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you? - It could be related to your family

It could mean you are jealous

If you dream your partner is unfaithful and this is why you break up, the meaning of this dream can be different and varied. It could mean you feel insecure in your relationship, or it may be a simple reflection of the fact that you were deceived in the past. Your dreams are reflecting this in the image of your current partner, especially if you worry this will happen again.

When there is jealousy in the dream it is a likely indication that you having some problems. There may be failure to communicate, misunderstandings that are not resolved, or related issues. Jealousy is a sign of distrust and fear of abandonment. Therefore, we recommend that you talk with your partner to get reassurance and lay the foundations for your future.

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Alumanwafor Sunday Emmanuel
What should I do to keep my girlfriend? And what should I do please, she told me that she will not Marry me because she will not give me a due respect. Iove her I don't want to marry another person expect her. Or should I leave her because of what she said? Please help me.
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This sounds like a complicated situation, but there is one clear thing: you should never marry someone who doesn't respect you (and vice versa). If she doesn't respect you, it's probably best you find someone who does.
commit to her and tell her how you feel! are you moving to fast for her? talk about it with her and dont drown her with gifts..and dont leave her - stay by her side as much as you possibly can... dont force a marrige just try and talk to her carefully ..repect her and she will respect you ! also try to reasure her about everything.
What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?
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What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?

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