What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?

By Mary Smith. Updated: July 15, 2019
What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?

Dreams happen night after night when we close our eyes and enter our deepest subconscious. The experiences we live and the messages we receive from our mind should not be taken literally because, in most cases, they can mean things very different from those that they refer to in real life. Within the dream world, dreams are evocations of our interior and, therefore, we should not take them literally or allow them to worry us or make us rethink aspects of our life, such as our relationship.

Dreaming of your partner is something normal because that person is part of your life but we should not believe that dreams are premonitions or anything of the sort, they are simply messages based on the sensations that person produces. In this article, we will discover what it means when you dream that your partner leaves you, a very common and normal situation that can take place when you close your eyes and get ready to sleep.

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A dream can be a good omen

One of the most common interpretations of this dream is related to the fact that the message that our subconscious is sending us is positive. This occurs, above all, in relationships that are going through a crisis or a blip which means that, when you dream that your partner leaves you it may be a sign that happiness is about to come, that you will overcome this bad time and you can start afresh.

Abandonment in dreams not only suggests that the relationship ends in a definitive way, as it may mean in the real world, but it is also linked to the fact that a break is the beginning of something new, ending something that did not work well to take a new direction and be happy again. Let's say that this break up you have dreamt is a metaphorical break up in which you will only end the crisis and start again with your life in common.

What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you? - A dream can be a good omen

Related to your friendship circle

We have already said that when we dream of our partner it does not have to mean that we are dreaming about him or her, with the real person, but it can simply be a projection of the emotions that you feel for them and that can be transferred to other people around you. You have surely dreamt of a stranger but that you knew exactly who it was more than once, or vice versa, someone who had the face of a person you know but who was not him or her.

In the world of dreams this situation is very common and, therefore, it is possible that if you dream of your partner, you are not really dreaming of this person in real life. One of the mental connections that can be created is to relate your partner with friends, especially if you share the same group and friends. You may have a problem with a friend and, with this dream, your mind is sending you the message that it is time to try to solve it, to "break up" with that row or misunderstanding and start your relationship again.

Meaning of independence and distancing

To know what it means to dream that your partner leaves you, you should know that another explanation may be that you are each living your own life lately, that you have all the freedom to be happy together and also separate. This feeling of freedom and independence can be very positive for a relationship but it is true that if you dream that he or she leaves you, it may be because you feel that you are far away, that this independence is becoming too much and that you miss being with your partner for longer.

Therefore, if you are fine but you do few things together lately and you have this dream, encourage yourself to suggest a romantic getaway or make some plan for the two of you alone. Regaining romanticism and intimacy is essential for you to feel happy together and separate at the same time.

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Fears and insecurities with your partner

Dreaming that your partner leaves you can also be a reflection of your feelings about your relationship. You may believe that your love is not reciprocated or that your feelings towards him or her are not the same as you think he feels for you. Being in an unequal relationship, in which one gives more than the other and that makes you feel a little "abandoned" may be one of the reasons why you dream that they will leave.

We'd like to remind you that this dream should never be taken as a premonition, it is simply a reflection of your feelings in a metaphorical way. Therefore, if you have had this dream it is important that, you feel abandoned by your partner, you should sit down to talk, confess your feelings, your fears and doubts to be able to find a solution to this problem.

If you're still worried, at oneHOWTO we help you find out the signs that your partner wants to break up.

What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you? - Fears and insecurities with your partner

A dream related to your father or mother

Do not panic! With this we do not mean that your partner is your father or mother but it is true that, just as their image in dreams can be reflected through friends, the same can be done with your family life. Keep in mind that dreaming about your partner's image does not always have to do with something related with passionate love, but it can also be linked to other close relationships you may have, such as your family.

Therefore, if you dream that your girlfriend leaves you, it may be that your mind is sending you a message related to your mother: are you angry? Have you not known about her for a while? And the same if you dream of your boyfriend leaves you: consider your relationship with your father and go and see him to calm your mind.

Family relationships can appear in dreams reflected in your relationship because the bond of trust and intimacy that is established in a couple is very similar to the familiarity that is held within the family.

If jealousy is involved...

If you dream your partner is unfaithful and this is why you break up, the meaning of this dream can be different and varied: from when you feel insecure in your relationship, to a simple reflection of the fact that you were deceived in the past and your fears now appear reflected in your new partner.

When there is jealousy in the dream it is a clear indication that the couple is having some problems, there may be failure to communicate, misunderstandings that are not resolved, and so on. Jealousy is a sign of distrust and fear of abandonment, therefore, we recommend that you talk with your partner to calm down and lay the foundations of your future.

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What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?
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What Does it Mean when you Dream your Partner Leaves you?

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