How to Deal with an Angry Scorpio

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 2, 2020
How to Deal with an Angry Scorpio

Along with their strong and intense characters, Scorpios are also defined as being reserved and cautious people. Do you fall under the Scorpio Zodiac, if so, you should know Scorpios have huge hearts, but can also become indignant with things that they don’t like or disapprove off.

Are you dating a Scorpio? Is your Scorpio friend angry with you? Are you wondering how to deal with a Scorpio when angry? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at oneHOWTO we will be discussing how to deal with an angry Scorpio, keep reading for more.

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  1. What are Scorpios like?
  2. Why does a Scorpio ignore you?
  3. What to do with a Scorpio's anger
  4. How to know if a Scorpio is angry with you
  5. How to deal with a Scorpio ignoring you
  6. Will a Scorpio forgive me?
  7. Saying sorry to a Scorpio
  8. Should you forgive a Scorpio?

What are Scorpios like?

Although Scorpios have strong personality traits that can at times be difficult to handle, Scorpios also hold remarkable self-control. This, however, means that it can be difficult to know exactly when a Scorpio is angry at you. If you want to find out more about Scorpio traits and characteristics, in order to better understand their behavior, take a look at our article on the characteristics of a Scorpio.

In it you will find there are many facets of a Scorpio, whether man, woman or however they identify. They are positive and negative, like anyone. Not everyone will have the exact same characteristics, but it can be a helpful way to better understand the people in our lives. Often positive Scorpio traits such as being resourceful and self-sufficient mean they can be distant with others or not need to talk for a long time.

Why does a Scorpio ignore you?

Those born under the influence of this water sign do not lose their cool easily, but they will stop talking to you or they will ignore you when they feel offended or angry. A Scorpio's silence and their capacity to ignore the person who has made them angry is a Scorpio's greatest weapon. This type of silent treatment is also part of a Scorpio’s revenge, a trait which falls under the dark side of a Scorpio.

If you want to know more about why a Scorpio is ignoring you, take a look at our article why does a Scorpio man ignore you? It is also important to know that a just because they ignore you doesn't mean they are in the right. Many people who ignore others who want to speak to them could be doing so because they can't engage with their feelings. At the same time, don't push if they are just going to push back.

How to Deal with an Angry Scorpio - Why does a Scorpio ignore you?

What to do with a Scorpio's anger

If a Scorpio is angry with you, do not expect a spontaneous reaction. In fact, it might be quite difficult for you to detect whether or not they are in fact angry with you. However, this zodiac sign is characterized by being very spiteful and vindictive, so pay attention! At any moment, if you have subconsciously hurt a Scorpio, they may seek this Scorpio revenge and act on it.

Again, this doesn't mean the Scorpio you hurt is right. If they won't tell you what's the problem, you can't be expected to read their mind. If you know you did something wrong, there is a difference.

How to know if a Scorpio is angry with you

But, how do I know if A scoprio is angry with me? Here are some tips. To know whether or not a Scorpio is angry with you, take a look at their physiognomy (how he or she changes face). If they feel offended, jealous or angry, they will emit subtle signs of anger on their face. These facial patterns in a Scorpio include: pursing lips, slightly arching eyebrows, looking away or staring at the horizon for a long time. All of these physical movements or subtle hints will often be accompanied by silence.

However, they may also be signs of some other issues. Don't necessarily assume their problem is with you. In fact, be sure that a Scorpio is actually angry with you. It is also possible they are upset about something else and your feelings may be misplaced. It is also possible their reticent demeanor means they are behaving normally and not angry at all.

How to deal with a Scorpio ignoring you

On the other hand, before letting themselves explode from rage, a Scorpio will first choose to remove themselves from the situation. A Scorpio removing themselves from a situation is a telling sign that that they are angry with you. If an angry Scorpio leaves you alone, give them time. Scorpios need to be alone to deal with the intensity of their anger, as they wait for it to subside. The reason that Scorpios often do this is because they are private. Scorpio zodiac signs are also incredibly proud people. For more, read up on which Zodiac sign is the proudest?

How to Deal with an Angry Scorpio - How to deal with a Scorpio ignoring you

Will a Scorpio forgive me?

Zodiacs are also considered to be the most strategist zodiac sign. This means that it may take him or her years to forgive and especially forget (depending on the severity of their anger). When dealing with an angry Scorpio we suggest being incredibly kind, compromising and understanding. A Scorpio when hurt will act carefully, and for this reason Scorpios can become quite skeptical, which is why they need to know your apology (if you are the reason for the anger) is genuine.

If your Scorpio boyfriend or girlfriend are angry with you, we have some tips on how to act after here how I should act after arguing with a partner. It is also important to remember that there are universal issues to do with anger, forgiveness and love in relationships. Being a Scorpio or not may not affect these issues.

Saying sorry to a Scorpio

Say sorry if you know you have done something to hurt them. If you are the reason for a Scorpio's anger, we suggest apologizing. But, Scorpio manipulation is a thing to be careful and weary of. This is why we suggest waiting until after an argument before you say sorry, once a Scorpio has calmed down. If you try to fix the situation and/or tension in the moment, it is likely only to escalate.

If they are being reticent, manipulative, giving you the cold shoulder or generally just being unkind, maybe you should be the one ignoring them. Emotional manipulation is not a positive thing, regardless of your star sign. Don't give in to petty or abusive feelings. Maybe cutting them out of your life is the best thing you can do for both parties.

How to Deal with an Angry Scorpio - Saying sorry to a Scorpio

Should you forgive a Scorpio?

Give your Scorpion partner time to think and put things into perspective. Be subtle and skillful before approaching Scorpio when angry. Try to avoid confrontation with an angry Scorpio man or woman. Remain open to compromise and coming to a consensus. Because, we can guarantee you, a Scorpio will not be the understanding one

As you should do with an angry Gemini, we recommend giving time for both people to calm down. If the discussion continues, a Scorpio can easily lose self-control and become cruel. Cruelty is another reason to cut them off.

If you are dealing specifically with an angry Scorpio man, we suggest reading our article on how to understand Scorpio men.

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This is so accurate. I'm married to a scorpio man and whenever we argue over petty things, he will ignore me for the longest time. After a few days of being ignored, I tried to get his attention by starting a new fight, about him being childish and not attending to our unfinished business. Not recommended. But it works! Now the old argument was settled through small talks during Netflix or dinner.
Sounds pretty accurate to me, I’m dating a Scorpio and she is famous for ignoring. It’s just her way of dealing with emotions, which run deep but are not easily shown. As a Pisces, I’m very emotional lol, but I get over it really quickly. Let’s not forget the importance of upbringing by family, values and morals instilled, religion, and attachment styles. They all play a part in the understanding of human psychology regardless of sign. Lastly, moon signs and rising also important, a full chart is always the way to go :)

Take care much love
My sister is a scorpio and I'm a Leo I feel like this would help me alot but not her, whenever I try to say sorry I remember she will say ok im sorry Aswell then she calls me rude names, well I am a cool Leo and have alot of friends so that's probably why she's like that or she just hates me inside like really bad. Hopefully I don't get hurt by her when I do something or even say something to her that I don't mean. I really do love her its just somtimes she is hard to put up with you know?
I don’t wanna
My sister is a Scorpio and she got very angry that I ate the rest of the chips in front of her when she wanted some. After that she started yelling and snatched the chip bag away from me and my mother came down and yelled at her. After a while she stopped yelling but she was still very annoyingly angry. She started the sitting behind me and complaining about how “mean me and my brother are”, and going “hmph” in between sentences. And now the looks depressed even though she’s not sad in the slightest but only full of rage... ŌwÒ ~what do I do now?
She’ll grow mentally, kill her w/kindness. Anything can set us off, I just did some slamming in the kitchen myself. Hate the kitchen cooking via others & the mess… along by other things that irritated 😤 me. I see me as being ridicules in these times, and it short lived b/c others are kind to me. It helps, and I make a habit of being calmer via the nice behaviors towards me & my affliction. The older we get, the milder & calmer. God helps me tremendously, just by taking the advice given. I get excellent results & is why IK it’s true & works!
Omg that's so true 😂 UvU
Ms N
We have had a long distance relationship for a year and finally are trying to put it together. He called and video chatted everyday until the 4 days I spent there. He got upset that his job constraints kept him from taking me to the airport but I tried to let him know I understood but looked forward to next time. He has not communicated since.
Scorpio here born November 15th #Social butterfly :) Scorpio sun Virgo Rising. In regards to anger I think it depends on the type of scorpio and what is in the birth chart. I know for me personally I try my best to forgive, not hold grudges, openly communicate with others, and I am slow to get angry. I am typically angry when treated poorly and distant myself to prevent being mean to others. I refuse to put time and energy into something that is going to impact me.

Live Laugh Love
This was wrong. Im a scorpio and the last thing that I want is for someone to leave me angry. I like to be chased and I will tell you that I don't and I will tell you to leave me be. Really, I want you to smother me in affection. Im pushing you away bc I felt let down and as a defense mechanism, I am going into a shell and can only be let out by attention and sincere affection or I will only hide farther and drive myself crazy wondering why you aren't chasing me from me pushing you away. make sense? Lol it does to me! You need to chase but not too much and in the right way. Body language and very slight hints that they give (you will have to figure that out) are given out and your job is to find out what they're expecting from you by not saying anything at all. You must pay close attn. Scorpio is always observing. We may say something is ok but actually really have a severe problem with it and we wont say anything. Just expect that it's common sense and you should know to change the behavior by small reactions. It's a hard life being a scorp. Even harder being a scorp and being misunderstood.
There really isn't anything more sensible than dumping those psycho types. It's only when you leave them angry that they start to think of you - prior to that it's just manipulation to get your time and focus 'in the right way' - so they can boss you around like their little slave. It's the quintessential narcissist behavior. If it was the only choice I'd tell you to let them hold you under your thumb because there's no other choice.
But there are 11 more zodiac signs, mostly not psycho. I can't work out why anyone would put up with their behaviour - expect if they feel like they are guilty somewhere else and want to spend their bad karma with a scorpio.
They now say scorpions may have other zodiac personalities. Cld be true? I also keep quiet to avoid conflicts etc. Think to much too. I’ve learned to cut it off when it goes back to what pissed me off in the past.anyway, the moron ( pissed me off lol) that sez were psychos, is no doubt one. Sounds like an angry freak that is what eh calls others. A psychopathic narcissist, the end & done!
Denise Johnson
Read Dwads... and deeply. Ruler of personal planet and rising Dwads and related points... for sure though, onlyrics a true Scorpio type would understand and pair and bond with another only of the same personality type. You don't not follow them as referenced in number 8 because they have personality flaws it's because you would not be compatible.
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How to Deal with an Angry Scorpio