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What are the most passionate zodiac signs?

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What are the most passionate zodiac signs?

According to both astrology and the zodiac, the horoscope sign which we belong to is crucial in defining certain aspects of our personality. And similarly in other areas of our life, the stars also influence our sexuality and suggest that some signs more than others are known for having a stronger sexual magnetism. If you want to discover who are the best lovers and the most passionate zodiac signs, don't miss out on this OneHowTo article.

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Scorpio: 24th October - 22nd November

Scorpio is perhaps the most passionate star sign because just as in other areas of their life, sexually, Scorpios are very temperamental and intense. They love adventurous relationships and are great lovers in bed as they are always willing to try new things. They don't put up routine and love having sex in unusual and exotic places. One of their most distinctive characteristics is that they have raw sexuality, great sensuality, and they expect to receive the same from their partner or lover.


Sagittarius: 23rd November - 21st December

People born under the star sign Sagittarius love adventures, making each day of your life together unique and special. This is also reflected in sex; they are passionate, love pushing the limits and surprising their partner with insatiable and very wild sex. With a Sagittarius it is impossible to get bored in bed, they do not have any qualms about trying out anything new in bed or in terms of foreplay.


Capricorn: 22nd December - 20th January

Although your first impression of a Capricorn may be that they seem a little distant and cold, when they feel confident and at ease they become one of the most passionate and fiery when intimate. There's always more intensity and excitement in sex with a Capricorn. They never cease to amaze in this field and are always willing to act out their fantasies as well as their partner's. In short, they are exceptional lovers worth discovering.


Aries: 21st March - 20th April

Another of the most passionate zodiac signs is Aries who are known as direct and highly sexual lovers. They fully enjoy physical contact, they are very energetic in bed and tend to have a somewhat dominant and controlling attitude. They don't put up with routine in relationships, they need constant change in their lives and need to have partners who also consider passion very important. They also can't be with people who avoid sexual taboos and who are not spontaneous and don't enjoy spontaneous sex.


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Plain and simple backwards. You put the same two signs on there that were the "strongest". Everyone knows Pisces is ATLEAST top five most passionate.. go back and stop riding Scorpio's and Aries tail feathers.. you probably are one of those two.

What are the most passionate zodiac signs?
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What are the most passionate zodiac signs?