What are the most passionate zodiac signs?

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 6, 2018
What are the most passionate zodiac signs?

Passion is something we all feel at one point or another. Some people feel it for another person, some feel it about their chosen career and some still about their favorite Game of Throne's character. While this will always depend on the individual, in astrology, there are some signs of the Zodiac which are considered more passionate than others. These passionate star signs might be emotionally passionate, bringing a deep feeling of bonding between two people. Equally, it might be a sexual passion which helps them be the kind of partner between the sheets you're looking for. There has been a long history of astrology influencing sexuality, so let oneHOWTO look at the most passionate Zodiac signs and see where you fit in.

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Scorpio: 24th October - 22nd November

You might think that the most passionate Zodiac signs are all fire signs, since we often equate fire with passion. However, this is not always the case. Scorpio is a water sign and it is also considered one of the most passionate in the astrological chart. They are said to be strong willed and can be very intense. When this intensity is directed towards a partner or a lover, then sparks fly and passion ensues.

Scorpio's need for perfection and desire to do well can be transferred to love matches. It means they will be attentive, eager to please and desirous. A typical Scorpio will be open to new experiences and might even be willing to be adventurous in bed. This will make them attentive and interested lovers, but their passion can also extend to other aspects of the relationship. They will want a rendezvous to go well, so they will put in the effort all round. They won't likely put up with routine and may love having sex in unusual and exotic places. One of their most distinctive characteristics is that they have raw sexuality, great sensuality and they expect to receive the same from their partner or lover.

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Sagittarius: 23rd November - 21st December

People born under the star sign Sagittarius are said to love adventures. Their passion for new experience can push them to make each day of your life together unique and special. With this rationale, they will also be no slouch in the bedroom. Sagittarians are adventurous to the point they may be too hot to handle for some. They love pushing the limits and this can result in some passionate and insatiable love making. It can also result in making some feel uncomfortable if they are not as sexually open.

Sagittarians are said to never be boring in bed, are without qualms when it comes to trying out new things and will do what they can to accommodate their partner's needs. However, it is important to remember that just because your birthday falls under the Sagittarius star sign, doesn't mean you have to share all the typical traits. If you are a Sagittarius and aren't as adventurous as all that, it doesn't mean you are deficient. It just means your passions lay somewhere else. Maybe you are just as good at being a friend as some are being lovers. Maybe you push limits elsewhere in what you enjoy. Being passionate means a whole range of things, not just being sexually confident.

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Capricorn: 22nd December - 20th January

Although your first impression of a Capricorn may be that they seem a little distant and cold, when they feel confident and at ease they become one of the most passionate and fiery when intimate. They are thought be open also, but with a different kind of openness. They might be sassy, but some will find this sassiness intimidating. Some will find it annoying. They can be great lovers, passionate and willing to try new things. However, they can also suffer from a certain amount of selfishness. They may put the effort in to make sure their needs are met, but might not do the same.

However, just because a Capricorn comes across as selfish, doesn't mean they won't respond to criticism. They might just be self-involved and not realizing their passion is only going one way. They can be proud, but they are also understanding and sweet. If you discuss with a Capricorn, they should be able to focus their passion better.

There's said to be more intensity and excitement in sex with a Capricorn. If they have a general selfishness, it is usually not anything to do with skill. In this regard, they are thought to be well placed. A Capricorn's passion is often reserved for a trusting relationship. It might take a certain amount of time to get this trust, but it is worth it once you do.

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Aries: 21st March - 20th April

Another of the most passionate zodiac signs is Aries who are known as direct and highly sexual lovers. They are likely to fully enjoy physical contact, are very energetic in bed and tend to have a somewhat dominant and controlling attitude. They tend to not put up with routine in relationships, needing constant change in their lives and to have partners who also consider passion very important.

Aries are perhaps the most passionate Zodiac sign, but it is an intensity which may be difficult to control. They don't normally care to be with people who avoid sexual taboos and who are not spontaneous. An Aries' passion is not just in terms of sex, but in other areas of romantic partnership. This includes friendship. Their passion can also be linked to a fiery temper. This is why many say two fire signs can be difficult together (although not exclusively). Their passion can lead to obstinacy and being impulsive, but this can also reap dividends. They may be more likely to sweep you off your feet and take you on an unexpected trip.

As with all Zodiac signs and horoscope readings, how applicable they are to your life depends on the individual. You may not feel like you are a passionate person, but everyone has the potential.

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Now that you know what the most passionate zodiac signs are, you should find out the most powerful zodiac signs. You can also learn about your zodiac sign's favourite sex position.

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What are the most passionate zodiac signs?
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What are the most passionate zodiac signs?

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