What Zodiac Signs Are the Most Dishonest

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 8, 2018
What Zodiac Signs Are the Most Dishonest

Many of us turn to astrology to understand ourselves and others; according to the Zodiac sign you were born under and which natural element it belongs to, you will have a particular set of personality traits and characteristics.

We have the most passionate, the most jealous, the most unfaithful and the most loyal... But which zodiac signs are the biggest liars? Stay with us at oneHOWTO and discover what Zodiac signs are the most dishonest.

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Before we tell you what Zodiac signs are the biggest liars, we must make something very clear: we do not mean to say that all people of the same sign are exactly the same, or that the ones born under the signs described below are pathological liars.

Western astrology simply refers to certain common character and personality patterns in people born under the same Zodiac sign, so treat this carefully. Just because your partner or friend may belong to that sign, it does not necessarily make them the most dishonest.

Besides, who here hasn't told a lie at least once, even if it was a small one?

Are Taurus liars?

People born under the sign of Taurus are usually strong and very determined, but they defend their freedom and independence above all things. Taureans do not like people snooping in their stuff, and they do not reveal anything unless they wish to do so.

This makes Taurus one of the most dishonest Zodiac signs - Taureans do not lie compulsively or out of meanness or deviousness, but always looking to protect their space and privacy.

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What Zodiac Signs Are the Most Dishonest - Are Taurus liars?

Are Leos liars?

Leo is one of the most powerful Zodiac signs. It is a fire sign; Leos have strong personalities and they tend to be independent, confident people. They are also very affectionate. Yet it is precisely that charismatic temperament that makes you believe that what a Leo says or does is always right, which can lead them to lie and get away with it, especially if to save their skins.

As they are highly competitive, Leo will say that they can do things when in fact they cannot. Leos are liars in the sense that they may want to prove you wrong and show you that they can achieve anything they want. Moreover, they despise conflict. This is why they may lie to someone just to get rid of the person who is in conflict with them, so they may hide their feelings.

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What Zodiac Signs Are the Most Dishonest - Are Leos liars?

Are Gemini liars?

We all have heard that Geminis have two sides. It is precisely the duality of the sign of Gemini that sometimes causes them to violate their principles or end up lying; on occasion Gemini themselves get confused and tangle up what they held as true in the first place. They may be one of the biggest liars of the zodiac, but there is a reason behind this.

When a Gemini person is dishonest, it is not always intentional. They usually need some time to clear their heads about what they believe in and what they want, so you'll just need to have a little patience. Gemini will often lie when they are not sure what they think about something so that somebody else does not notice their insecurity. This is why they will sometimes lie as a way to save time to find their true thoughts, opinions and reasons. Learn more about the personality of this sign in our article what are Geminis like.

What Zodiac Signs Are the Most Dishonest - Are Gemini liars?

Are Scorpios liars?

Our list of most dishonest zodiac signs concludes with Scorpio, a highly volatile zodiac sign, and is one of the zodiac sings that are the biggest liars. Many expert astrologists point out this sign as being highly manipulative, as Scorpios like to have everything under control. They are big liars who will go to great lengths to create a web of lies that nobody can find out about, and which they are in control of. They are highly analytic, so they will know each person's weak points to make sure nobody slips their tongue, although they will always be pretty secretive about their lies.

Sometimes, Scorpios are liars because they have not decided yet, just like Gemini. Their need to always be in control of every single situation may lead them to lie because they don't want other people to notice they have no idea what to do or what to say next. Scorpios commonly feel comfortable lying, which is why they won't feel much remorse if they are caught lying.

Now that you know which Zodiac signs are the biggest liars, you should know that there are Zodiac signs that are generally very honest. The most notable are:

  • Aries is too direct to lie: Aries say things openly.
  • Cancer is characterized by sentimentality, but also for honesty: Cancers find it difficult to lie.
  • Pisces is the most transparent Zodiac sign, so they do not often use deception in everyday life.

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J Morgan
I think you are way off with Scorpio being one of the biggest liars. Your article sounds like a personal issue. Most of what I've read about Scorpio's is that they are brutally honest. I don't see how the two coexist. A;so, I am a Scorpio so as an individual I choose not to lie because I don't have a hidden agenda. You also list Pisces as transparent, yet from personal experience I found some of them to be manipulative, deceitful, abusive etc., far from being on anyone's most truthful list. Also, I know a few Leo's again some are honest yet many of them are not very truthful when they get caught. I feel that it depends on the person and their character.
Paul Revere
You would think that this article was exaggerated, but I can assure you that it is true. My housekeeper is a Taurus, and she would not even tell me how many stitches she got when she cut her finger. This woman, who most people consider to be a saint, has lied to me twice now in order to protect her privacy. She is truly obsessed! She has been a friend of mine now for 25 years, but she still refuses to share anything about her own life.
Top 3 liars: Gemini Gemini Gemini
Exactly! Gemini, Gemini, Gemini. And what this author doesn't know about Taureans is ALOT. Honesty is one of their best characteristics.
tom i disagree the top lier ,s are Virgos and Pisces i speak from living with it as for Gemini
they lie but i find them better in numbers of lies then i find Virgo and Pisces who will lie all day long
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What Zodiac Signs Are the Most Dishonest