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What is a Taurus Like?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 31, 2019
What is a Taurus Like?

Taurus is a sign which can seem as if it has little mystique. Like many horoscopes, many people simply take the characteristics of the sign's physical representation and use these for interpretation. For Taurus, this representation is the bull. Stubborn, quick to anger and physically imposing, the bull has a reputation. However, astrological signs are not as simple (or as determinable) as this. While these characteristics may indeed apply to some, a Taurus is just as likely to be patient, respectful and very sensual. If it is helpful, you can take a look at some of the supposes characteristics of this astrological sign to suggest what is a Taurus like? oneHOWTO helps walk you through these suggestions to see if they fit with you or someone you know.

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  1. General characteristics of a Taurus
  2. How are Tauruses at work
  3. How are Tauruses in love and relationships
  4. Honesty is a virtue

General characteristics of a Taurus

Bulls are known as strong, virile and stubborn. When you apply this to Tauruses (or Taureans as some say), then it can provide some difficulty. The stereotype is that Tauruses not only stick to their guns when it comes to belief and opinion, but that these beliefs and opinions can be quite strong in the first place. It can make them somewhat immovable and argumentative.

Tauruses, therefore, can seek stability over all and be reluctant to adapt to new circumstances. They may not always be the best at accepting change. On the flip side, this can make them decisive and have good leadership skills. Many Wall Street bankers and business people use phrases like 'grab the bull by the horns'. This is indicative of some of the characteristics people ascribe to the Taurus star sign.

However, these simple charcaterizations can be reductive. Not everyone who was born under this star sign will have the same views and behaviors. Also, this simplistic view of Tauruses is also one which appears to be stereotypically male. Like all astrological signs, those who are born under them share some characteristics, but will also differ greatly in other respects.

How are Tauruses at work

The view of Tauruses is that they are hard workers. They are not only capable of working well, but have the desire to succeed in business and enterprise. Taureans may not always be the most enterprising, but they know how to make an idea work. This might make them more likely to steal ideas and use them for their own benefit, but only if the person themselves is unscrupulous. For some, the desire for success is greater than their desire to help others (unless it is mutually beneficial), but this is not the case for all. This is particularly the case in those who value wealth and prosperity.

In contrast, many Tauruses are very scrupulous. They work under a strict moral code and can just as easily apply this to business. Taureans are thought to be great strategists and their ambition can be the difference between a project's success and failure. They can be methodical and practical. However, this can also lead to a level of perfectionism which is also difficult in looser or more creative work environments. It is not only business, however, where A Taurus person might thrive. Any sort of management is usually suitable. They can also be good in the medical and science professions. Practical ability is also considered a particular character trait of a Taurus.

What is a Taurus Like? - How are Tauruses at work

How are Tauruses in love and relationships

Again, understanding what a Taurus is like in love and relationships depends on the individual. Some may be very sensual and faithful to their partners. Their pursuit of stability and success can apply to relationships, so they take a firm view of how to relate. They may not be very bendable or willing to compromise. However, they are also thought to be very loyal and will provide a lot of care for their partners.

However, it also depends how a Taurus views success in terms of relationships. If they value sex over love, then they may be more willing to open up to more partners. This can be positive if everyone is on the same page, but could be problematic in those seeking monogamy.

In terms of sex, Tauruses might wish to be dominant. The control they wish to exert in general can extend to the bedroom. However, if the individual has a more magnanimous view of sex, they will see that successful sex is that which is enjoyed by both (or all) partners. They can be very giving and understanding. Seducing a Taurus can be a worthwhile experience, but it may involve making them seem like the center of attention.

As Taurses might also be independent and self-reliant, they usually require someone who is happy and willing to accept this independence. Someone who is a Taurus might not want to be with someone who is needy and will not let them do their own thing. However, this means they should also afford their partners the same room to breathe.

Of course when it comes to friendships with a Taurus, there is nothing like someone who is loyal and will defend you til the end. The same stubbornness which can be difficult in romantic relationships is often more admirable in platonic ones.

Honesty is a virtue

As the Taurus sign is known for being honest and loyal, they are often seen as opinionated. However, this honesty is usually a virtue. It means they will be more likely to keep their word and won't mess you around. They don't make promises they don't intend to keep and they value consistency. This doesn't mean they also don't have a sense of humor. Often Tauruses can be blunt to the point of comedy and are usually great fun to be around. Others, however, may take things quite literally which shows an overtly serious nature.

They are a realist, but this can also lead to impatience with those who do not get things done in the manner they wish. They need trust, but once they get this trust, they also might need a level of maintenance which is not ideal for everyone. While they are usually great partners, when relationships break down, they can take them hard. They also are not always the easiest people to be around when stressed.

As we said, not all Tauruses are the same. For every Taurus who is stubborn and uptight, there is an easy going counterpart who is happy to take things as they come. Hopefully this has given you some general consideration of what is a Taurus like, whether you want to understand yourself or someone close to you.

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