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What are Virgos like?

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By Mary Smith. Updated: January 11, 2018
What are Virgos like?
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Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac that rules over those born between 24th August and 23rd September. This is a star sign that stands out for rationality and wisdom so they are people who tend to analyse everything and channel their energy towards what is logical. They are also sensitive, reserved, methodical, responsible and loyal in love and relationships. If you want to know more about this star sign and discover its main characteristics, read the following oneHOWTO article on what are Virgos like.

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  1. General characteristics of Virgos
  2. What are Virgos like at work?
  3. What are Virgos like in love and relationships

General characteristics of Virgos

Strong analytical skills is the main feature that sets Virgo apart from other star signs. They are usually people who are driven by logic and reason so most of their decisions are determined by common sense rather than by their passion and heart. Also, they do not feel comfortable with improvised situations, they like to plan and feel that everything is under control in order to feel secure.

Generally speaking, Virgos have a serious, reserved, disciplined, thorough but gentle and cautious personality. Sometimes they can seem like cold people, but this is only because they struggle to build close relationships and they are afraid to follow with their feelings. However, when they feel comfortable, they are friendly, fun, give good advice and are very sensible. Good judgement is one of Virgo's strengths. They possess a special ability to clarify and pass on their clear opinion to others, especially when it comes to solving problems that affect others.

Virgos are passionate about learning and studying, and they have a knack for public speaking and writing. Also, they love to keep their home in order and clean, as they feel that it will make their life healthier and well structured. They hate being betrayed, which is why dealing with an angry Virgo can sometimes seem tricky.

Here are the most important things you need to know about Virgo:

  • Virgo is an Earth element, which makes them very objective people that can see people for what they really are.
  • As they are ruled by Mercury, this zodiac sign, they are very methodical and will analyze their daily decisions. This planet that also rules over Gemini, makes Virgo highly intellectual.
  • Their best colors are grey, yellow and beige, as one of their birthstones is Citrine, a variety of quartz that is said to boost this zodiac sign's best qualities and give them a direct connection to their spirit and give Virgo an optimism boost.
  • Virgos are great animal lovers in general. They also value culture, love reading, are highly clean and love eating healthily.
  • Virgos hate people who are rude, they don't like being the center of attention or not being able to fulfill their tasks by themselves.

What are Virgos like at work?

As for the world of work, Virgos are extremely demanding, methodical and responsible. They offer quick solutions to anything that is proposed or asked of them, and are able to organize and plan any project or activity. They are perfectionists and can carry out detailed and thorough work. They do well in the fields of medicine, literature, history, and can be very good teachers, librarians, statisticians, and even mechanics or any job working with engines.

Also, in terms of money-handling, they pay attention to detail, are good at saving and are excellent administrators.

Virgos are not used to a chaotic environment, they are highly controlling and will thus need a type of job that suits their characteristics down to the ground. The best jobs for Virgo are considered the following:

  • Nutritionist: Virgos are highly interested in their health and well-being. Carefully planning personalized diets that will suit all of their client's needs, carefully examining each case, will be something that satisfies Virgo highly. They will also enjoy continuous new sources of knowledge and apply them to their job, as there are continuously new studies in the field of nutrition.
  • Researcher and documentalist: Their thirst for continuos knowledge, their patience and their capacity to want to organize everything will come in very handy in this kind of job. Submerging themselves through data and the calmness of the job will be highly satisfactory for Virgo.
  • Data analyst: Again, another job that is all about submerging themselves into information, data and numbers. It may be like finding a needle amid hay but, for Virgo this will be a challenge they will love to accept.
  • Technician: Whether a hands-on deck job or an engineer, Virgo will love technical jobs. Getting into highly skilled work that needs a mind that is capable of solving problems in the most optimal way, delivering satisfactory results and so on is something that Virgo will be great at.
  • Therapist or nurse: Virgos are great listeners, they know how to advise people and will always be cautious. This is why becoming a therapist is a great option for Virgo. Nursing will also be highly satisfactory for Virgo due to their empathy and willingness to please.

What are Virgos like in love and relationships

In love, Virgos are loving, loyal and good partners. However, they are somewhat suspicious, and are cautious and thoughtful when choosing a partner. Seducing a Virgo can be a bit tricky, they struggle to trust people but when they fall in love they are completely committed to their partner and like to please them and make them feel good. In their partner, they value security and stability above all, they don't tolerate disloyalty or infidelity.

As for personal relationships, Virgos are great friends to have, they do everything in their power to help and solve the problems of their nearest and dearest. They are very family-orientated and are very concerned about their health and that of others.

Now, let's take a look at the most compatible zodiac signs with Virgo:

  • Taurus and Virgo: The relationship between these two signs can be great due to the fact that they tend to share the same values in life and will thus understand each other pretty well. Taurus will admire Virgo's whit and dark humor, whereas Virgo will love the stability and loyalty that Taurus will give them.
  • Cancer and Virgo: The combination of these two signs will be explosive, as you will both bring out the best qualities that you have in each other. Virgo will be highly understanding of Cancer and will give them the stability they need. You will spark the passion between you and will have lots in common, so expect long and meaningful conversations.
  • Virgo and Scorpio: Scorpio will boost Virgo''s confidence and will help bring out Virgo's most emotional side. You will be passionate lovers that will love trying new experiences in the bedroom, although this relationship may be hard at the beginning due to Virgo's reserved character.
  • Virgo and Capricorn: Capricorn are conscientious and down to earth, just like Virgo. You have very much in common, you share your best traits, so this will be a relationship that can start pretty easy and naturally. Mutual admiration and the quality of the time spent with each other will be the highlights of this match. You will treat each other as equals which will make this relationship a pretty balanced and calm one.

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What are Virgos like? - What are Virgos like in love and relationships

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What are Virgos like?