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What is the personality of a gemini

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is the personality of a gemini

Gemini is the sign of the twins and, as such, their character and way of being is dual. They represent the oposition and contradiction, they're very versatile and change opinion and state of mind easily. Gemini are very active and need to be occupied all the time, they love doing several things at a time and trying new challenges. However, their passive side makes them tired easily of these activities and never to finish them. They're not constant in what they do, their curiosity and hyperactive personality makes them change. If you want to know what the personality of a Gemini is like, keep on reading and discover more characteristics of this air sign.

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  1. General characteristics of Gemini
  2. What are Gemini like at work?
  3. What are Gemini like in love and personal relationships?

General characteristics of Gemini

As an air sign, Gemini are characterized by being intellectual, curious and very active. People born under this sign love word games and complex activities that help them reflect, grow as a person and keep on moving forward. They're kind, generous and very warm. But, at the same time, they can not be trusted as they don't mind lying if they get what they want. Gemini are usually changing and whimsical.

Another of the most popular traits among Gemini is the good mood. They love having fun and a good time. Gemini is the most childish sign in the zodiac, they'll never lose the child they once were and, that's why they're dreamers and love to have fun like a child. But, as it's a sign made out of two opposed and contradictory parts, this good humor and communicative capacity disappear when they're facing a problem, as they usually feel down in the worst situations and let others deal with their problems.

What are Gemini like at work?

Their enormous intellect give Gemini people an excelent capacity of speech. Therefore, language is one of their strong spots, which makes them great writers and better speakers. Gemini can be good journalists, lawyers, writers and retailers, between others. Any profession that implies persuading the rest through speack is ideal for Gemini.

What are Gemini like in love and personal relationships?

In love, Gemini constantly show their contradictory and divided personality. They can be romantic, passionate and give themselves totally to their partners on one day, and the next completely reject romanticism and any form of affection. They will difficulty have a long lasting relationship as they're afraid of routine and they need to change so the stability of a partner may seem boring. If you want to conquer a Gemini's heart and want your relationship to last long, you should stay away from routine and constantly look for activities that awaken his/her interest.

They hate loneliness and that's why they usually have many people around them to whom they can go to if they feel lonely. Their omission of the truth can occasionally lead them not to be very reliable and, that's why they don't have many friends. In family, they need to be in contact with their more direct family but, at the same time, their changing state makes them have more independent times from them.

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What is the personality of a gemini