How does Gemini Work - Everything about Gemini Motivation

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 9, 2018
How does Gemini Work - Everything about Gemini Motivation

A Gemini in the workplace needs constant stimulation and a diverse job that motivates them daily. People of the Gemini sign need to be motivated to work because of their peculiar dual nature. Otherwise, as with everything, they may lose interest and want to move on to something else. In this oneHOWTO article, we'll answer your question: How does Gemini work? Learn here!

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Gemini loves being on the go

Geminis need to enjoy life and their work. So to feel happy and fulfilled, the work they do needs to be active, involving changes, movement and even some stress. If there's no excitement there isn't any motivation, that's how Gemini motivation really works. And if they get bored, it's natural for them to start getting distracted and lose interest.

How does Gemini Work - Everything about Gemini Motivation - Gemini loves being on the go

The best careers for Gemini

A Gemini will look for or choose a profession that suits their nature, not the other way around. They won't wait for a job that they would enjoy after a while, it needs to conform to them from the very first moment. They seek jobs that require great skill, constant movement and having to use their public speaking skills. They are also usually decent creative writers and any type of communication studies major. Take a look at the best jobs for a Gemini person:

  • Journalist
  • PR Executive
  • Copywriting
  • Tourism guides
  • Presenters or hosts
  • Marketing specialists
  • Actors
  • Teachers
  • Novelists
  • Painters/ Graphic designers

Gemini love a challenge

Geminis are lively and very nervous and love games of intelligence and wit. They want a job or career that involves constant challenges. However, constant physical exertion or having the same monotonous work all the time is not for them. What Geminis are good at is debating and convincing. They have a special talent for negotiation, and do not like a job that has a rigid schedule and mediocre salary. Geminis have high aspirations at all levels. They love analyzing every single detail and find new paths to get to their goals. This zodiac sign may have grandiloquent ideas that may seem crazy at the beginning but, if followed by a good team that can work with him/her, you'll see how everything works out and their idea will convince and help the company reach new heights.

How does Gemini Work - Everything about Gemini Motivation - Gemini love a challenge

Gemini are team players

At work, the Gemini is valued by their peers. They are appreciated and loved by all and are very efficient and useful people. Geminis usually want to please others and be good companions. They are very nice and friendly in daily tasks, and anyone would want to have Gemini co-workers with all their great qualities. Geminis love teamwork, they value others' ideas and incorporate them to their own to create something bigger and better.

Geminis love talking, entertaining and being lively, so their ideal job will involve this type of tasks. They know how to tell a good story, they know how to choose their words. They will usually not beat around the bush and go straight to the point, which is why they will never be off the track when pitching ideas.

How does Gemini Work - Everything about Gemini Motivation - Gemini are team players

Gemini are great at working under pressure

Geminis are clever and intelligent and their analytical minds are able to solve all kinds of problems quickly. If you ask for advice from a Gemini, they will surely be helpful in solving any work and or personal problem. They know how to manage crises of all kinds very well. They are best at are being journalists, writers, diplomats, public relations officers and creative writers, among others.

If they have problems with their boss or peer at work, they will learn how to listen but will try to convince them that their point of view is the right one. They will do so through logical reasoning, as they will want to make sure the other person fully understands their point of view on the subject. However, they will never impose their ideas. Even though they may not agree, if their boss gives them a good reason they will learn to acknowledge this point of view and be accepting of it.

Gemini at work may sometimes find it difficult to hide their emotions, so if they dislike a co-worker you will surely know. On the other hand, they will never try to offend anybody and will not feel jealous of any other colleague's successes.

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How does Gemini Work - Everything about Gemini Motivation
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How does Gemini Work - Everything about Gemini Motivation

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