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How to Deal with an Angry Virgo

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: November 20, 2019
How to Deal with an Angry Virgo

Virgo is the zodiac sign which rules over those who born between the 24th of August and the 23rd September. Virgos are characterized for being rational, logical and analytical people. Virgos have many qualities, but it can be quite hard to be around them when they're angry. When a Virgo is mad, they tend to be quite stubborn and hardheaded. When a Virgo is angry it is difficult to change their mind, come to an agreement or to even indulge them.

Are you dealing with an angry Virgo man or woman? Well, this can be a difficult situation to approach, but we’re here to help you. By knowing exactly how Virgos think, one can use specific techniques to win a Virgo over. If you want to know how to deal with an angry Virgo, keep reading our tips here at oneHOWTO.

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  1. Virgo anger - Don't ask them if they're angry
  2. Virgo anger - Give them space
  3. Virgo anger - Apologize immediately
  4. Virgo anger - Don't shout at him/her
  5. Virgo anger - Don't be too harsh
  6. Virgo anger - Never ignore them
  7. How to get a Virgo man to forgive you

Virgo anger - Don't ask them if they're angry

A Virgo’s traits don’t allow them to hide the truth of how they are feeling. Virgos are somewhat easy to read and transparent. Therefore, when a Virgo is angry it’s difficult for them to hide it. A Virgo’s traits, however, also make them ‘think’ that they’re hiding these characteristics when in fact they are not.

This is why, if a Virgo man or woman is mad, we recommend never actually asking them if they’re angry. This is because Virgo’s can also be slightly sensitive. If you ask them if they’re angry they will feel shame and react negatively. This is also partially due to embarrassment and denial. You will need to be tactful and understanding of a Virgo's feelings when they are mad. Actually, you may need to be gentle at all times with Virgos.

To find out more about this sun sign and Virgo traits, take a look at our article on what are Virgo’s like?

How to Deal with an Angry Virgo - Virgo anger - Don't ask them if they're angry

Virgo anger - Give them space

Are you wondering how to treat an angry Virgo? well, the first thing we can recommend is giving this Virgo space. Virgo is an earth sign which needs space and time in order to think and analyse their own problems and situations. If Virgos are not given this space, they can feel trapped and claustrophobic. Space will allow a Virgo to minimize their anger, use their analytical skills to determine why they are angry and question whether it’s worth staying angry.

If given time and space to think and breathe a little, a Virgo will eventually come back to you with a better understanding of the situation at hand. In order not to make a Virgo angry, we suggest knowing how to make a Virgo angry, and avoiding these things.

Virgo anger - Apologize immediately

If a Virgo is angry with you and has a reason to be so, the best thing to do is to apologize immediately. Virgos are generally very open to apologies. Virgos like to feel calm and if offered the opportunity to diminish a negative situation they will take it. If you apologize to an angry Virgo, they will generally accept the apology immediately and forget about the situation entirely, allowing you both to move on.

How to Deal with an Angry Virgo - Virgo anger - Apologize immediately

Virgo anger - Don't shout at him/her

When dealing with an angry Virgo, you should know that this sign does not tolerate shouting. If you are irritated and begin to shout at a Virgo, they will immediately either react or distance themselves. Are you dating a Virgo woman? Is your Virgo man angry with you? well, if this is the case, we recommend approaching the situation calmly with an aim to resolve it. Virgos hate arguing, they want to be heard and they want to have both point of views understood.

Virgo anger - Don't be too harsh

Virgos can go from anger to sadness very quickly. Is a Virgo man ignoring you after an argument? If Virgos feel insulted, they will begin to question your character as a person. Therefore, when a Virgo is mad, we recommend approaching the situation with an open-mind. We suggest that you opt rather for caring and respectful words. If you respect a Virgo and try to understand their point of view, you can be sure that they will return the kindness.

How to Deal with an Angry Virgo - Virgo anger - Don't be too harsh

Virgo anger - Never ignore them

The worst thing you can do to deal with an angry Virgo is ignore them. Virgos like attention and they want to know that you care enough about them that the situation itself is also bothering you, not just them. If you choose to ignore an angry Virgo, be sure that tension will only worsen. But this is where it may become slightly confusing, if you can’t ask a Virgo if they are angry, what can you do? Well, there are other ways of approaching an angry Virgo. Try something like, "what can I do to improve this"; " sorry if I offended you, it was not my intention"; "I'm sorry you feel that way". If you are worried, you can make sure you know if Virgo is still interested in you after the fight!

How to Deal with an Angry Virgo - Virgo anger - Never ignore them

How to get a Virgo man to forgive you

You may be dealing with an angry Virgo man because you are the one who has made them angry. Since they can often be so sensitive, it is possible they will be hurt very easily. They may see hurt and betrayal more easily than others. This might be the case even if there was no intentional hurt caused. For this reason, getting a Virgo man to forgive you can be tricky.

On the other hand, Virgo men don't generally like conflict. For this reason, they may be willing to forgive you on the surface, but they may still hold some grudge against you. What's more complicated is that, if a Virgo cannot address their own feelings, it is possible this grudge will be subconscious. For this reason, you not only need to ensure they forgive you, but you need to know it is genuine.

For you to know if a Virgo man genuinely forgives you, you need to be genuine in your apology. Make sure they trust you when you apologize and also make sure you talk about it properly. Be open, don't allow them to hide and take their anger if it is necessary.

If a Virgo man still doesn't forgive you when you have been genuine and apologized, then it is up to them to become more emotionally mature. This can be difficult, but it will be in their best interests in the long run.

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This is really helpful. I have made too many mistakes with a virgo in the past and now he has totally ghosted me..I dont know when to reunite with him...?? He asked for space i never did, make it worse I got cross with his cousins. I never responded to his arguments and I don't know if he will ever forgive me..I didn't want to respond to his argument because all I know is we argue all the time and there is no good communication between both of us, I don't know why...??
I put it in practice and it helped
I am a scorpion girl and from last 4 year i have been fall in love with virgo man..initially he took interested on me but his activity was very confusing to me since he has started great friendship with libra woman..so i got jealous and started creating problem with both of them..infact i had done lot of fighting with both of them and tried to break their friendship but i failed...i have also seen him that he never liked a man who shares a good bond with me...it takes a 2 years and i got bored of all this so i decided to propose him...so i did it through whats app but he did not answered anything...so i imphasized that am i wrong that u did not liked me...he just answered you are right...so i told him that after this i will never ever disturb you for anything...but after some week he started talking to me through whats app everyday...it looks like he was very happy...and we talked everyday...suddenly i got prank call from somewhere in the name of him and get to know that he is already engaged...i got really angry and bursted on him that he is a liar and told him that i will never talk to you anymore...and i blocked him...after 6 month i unblocked him...since i have moved on to another boy and started new love life...thus somehow i tried to forget him...whenever we met i tried to wish him hello...he also replied but not happily...every time i noticed that whenever he see me he tried to escape and avoid me...i have not seen him with happy face whenever i saw...so please let me that what was going on the virgo man mind and after passing 4 years what he is thinking now about me...i dont know how to react in front of him...
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Nishkaa
The best thing to do, as we see it, is to be polite and civil with him. There is no need to act in any specific way. He has moved on and so have you, therefore, there is no reason it should be made more complicated. In addition, it sounds as if you have suffered enough and we believe being happy and secure in yourself is the most important thing. Sometimes two people are not meant to be together and there isn’t always a solid explanation as to why that is the case. But this too also always depends on every person as there is not set rule when it comes to relationships and love.
We hope our suggestion and advice helps.
my girlfriend is a virgo !. i am a taurus ! we recently had a fight because i betrayed her trust. i know she still loves me ,but she says that she cant be in relationship with me now because that would create more quarels and discomfort. she told me to wait for sometime and then we can make things alright!. but i don't know ,when is that sometime going to end. And after 3 months ,i wont be able to see her, because i am moving to another place. what i can do to make her forget the past without hurting her right away.? because,she is still hurt and angry with me.
It's not that easy to gain back the trust of a virgo girl. Virgo girls are mostly people who never have remorse once they decided to leave a person, but then at the same time, they are the people who stayed beside you no matter how harsh the situation is. However, once they are disappointed there's no way you will get them back. Good luck to you. Who knows if she still love you, if she does she will think about you and you just have to apologise and make things right again. It won't be easy convincing them cause they will still be mad. All you have to do is have patience and keep doing your make-things-right action. If you're really sincere she might come back. If not, you are going to lose her forever.
This is potentially very helpful and useful information! Though I have to say some of the tips seem contradictory. For example, leave them alone for a while but never ignore them? Particularly if they started it I'm inclined to stick with the former... maybe it depends on the situation?
OneHowTo Editor
This means you should give them space but should always answer when you are summoned by a virgo.
Well, that means you can leave them to have their own space but not totally ignoring them from the bottom of your heart. They need time.
nice article
the best thing to do is just leave us alone to rationalize and sort out why you've upset us in the first place. If we conclude we're the one who did wrong, we'll apologize. If we conclude it was both sides who were wrong, we'll try to talk it out to reach a common ground. We don't like to admit when we're wrong but we're not going to make you feel bad about it either. We can work it out. Most "issues" are simply trivialities or misunderstandings that can be sorted out.

However if you did something on purpose and out of malice, we forgive but we don't forget. Don't hurt our pride, don't test our patience, and definitely don't over step your boundaries. While it's true we acquiesce easily, if we feel we've been wronged and we've rationalized and concluded we've been wronged...watch out.

We don't don't fight, we don't waste energy. You're dead to us.
It would be nice to know what to expect from an angry Virgo when the anger has nothing to do with me but is brought home from a bad day at work or calls from some other outside source.
does it matter
just leave them. dont talk. they will come to you when they are less angry.
I have a boyfriend he is a Virgo I know why he is mad at me.Sometimes when his ass in the wrong and I'm mad at him he gets mad.I'm like in my head "Why the fuck you mad?" But when I explain to him how feel and tell him how he's wrong.Then I hit him with "Why you mad? I'm the one should be mad" So unless you know why he mad,he leave him be and if you don't still let him be.
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How to Deal with an Angry Virgo