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What are Leos Like in Friendship

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: December 13, 2017
What are Leos Like in Friendship

We will get to know the star sign Leo better, focusing on friendships in particular. One characteristic trait in Leos is that they are incredibly social beings. They enjoy being around people, partly because they like being the center of attention, which satisfies their pronounced egotism. They also like to feel appreciated for their way of being and for their opinions. Let oneHOWTO explain what Leos are like in friendship so that you know what to expect.

  1. Leos have many friends
  2. Leos are competitive
  3. Leos as friends are loyal
  4. Leos always seek the best
  5. Leos can be jealous
  6. Friendship compatibility with Leo

Leos have many friends

People with the star sign Leo tend to have a considerable amount of friends. It is natural given that they have high self-esteem, are born leaders and, above all, they are worthy of admiration due to their charisma and sense of humor. They love to share quality time with their friends, and they are very good companions. If you need the help of a Leo, you can count on them. Sure they will give you their whole attention without expecting anything in return, they are always willing to lend a hand. They are warm and will show you their appreciation through praises in front of others.

What are Leos Like in Friendship - Leos have many friends

Leos are competitive

Although Leos in friendship are ready to help if you need it, there is also a negative that we must consider: they are somewhat competitive. If they help you, it is because they don't consider you to be capable of competing with them at all, that you are truly helpless. If you are considered some sort of threat for a Leo, they will probably avoid helping you.

Playing games with a Leo is tricky, they will not mind cheating but they will not tolerate anybody else who attempts to do so. They hate losing and will probably rub it into others' faces if they are the winners.

Leos as friends are loyal

A defining feature of all Leos as friends is that they are loyal in their feelings and ideals. They are loyal individuals, and they always stay true to their word. Hey also enjoy interacting with very different people with whom they can share and discuss opinions. They like a life of contrasts which they look for in their friendships with others. However, they are considered one of the most dishonest signs.

Leos always seek the best

Leos love to choose the best solutions for their needs. Seeking the best of everything is a goal in their life and they like to impress and amaze others with this. They are generous when inviting people and teaching others things. They like to be good hosts and often expect some appreciation for their actions.

Leo friendship is one of attention to detail. When they are hosts, they will have everything prepared for their hosts to feel at home and comfortable.

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Leos can be jealous

Have you been getting closer to another friend rather than Leo lately? This sign does not enjoy being left out of your plans and, if you have recently become reacquainted with an old friend, Leo will definitely be spiteful, as he or she will view this new friendship as one of interest and will feel bad that you don't appreciate the time he or she has dedicated to you as a friend. Yes, Leo friendship is this complicated, the lion sign can get pretty territorial with friends, so make sure you always give Leo the amount of time you're devoting to other friends if you don't want them to consider you less of a friend.

Friendship compatibility with Leo

As the rest of zodiac signs Leo friendship will be stronger with certain signs rather than others. This is why at oneHOWTO we want to show you which signs have a better friendship compatibility with Leo:

  • Leo and Gemini: Ever wanted the perfect party buddy? Need a wingman? These two zodiac signs are a perfect match for each other. Leo friendship with a Gemini will be explosive, as they are both thrill seekers. You will never know what to expect next, you just know you'll both have a whale of a time. The only mishap that may occur between these two signs is that they are both pretty stubborn, so if they happen to get into a fight or row, their pride will mean that they may be angry for longer than expected. However, time cures all wounds with a leo friend, so there will be no grudges between you. If you need some help with this issue, take a look at our article on how to deal with a proud Leo.
  • Leo and Leo: You wouldn't expect two leos to have a comfortable friendship, as it is said that there can only be one cock in a chicken coop. However, friendship with two leos is unexpectedly attractive. The competition between the two will actually be a healthy way of learning and improving themselves. Leos as friends will know how to appreciate each other and will be able to have long talks without end. They may occasionally steal each other's shine in social situations, but there won't be any hard feelings between them.
  • Leo and Sagittarius: The good humor of Sagittarius is something that Leo will learn to appreciate more than most. Leo will love meeting with Sagittarius for a good laugh, and will always value their friendship no matter what. Leo as a friend with Sagittarius will often confide in him or her and, when together, they will work on some kind os symbiosis, complementing each other's faults to grow stronger together. However, Sagittarius may occasionally get tired of Leo's excessive pride.
  • Leo and Libra: Libra's "savoir fair" is something that Leo will learn to admire and appreciate. Libra's friendship with Leo will be one of mutual admiration, as you will both learn to contemplate and cherish the small things in life. Libra's doubtfulness may sometimes drive Leo mad, but at the end of the day this friendship will always be one that will be there for one another.

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What are Leos Like in Friendship - Friendship compatibility with Leo

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What are Leos Like in Friendship