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How to Deal with a Proud Leo

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 31, 2019
How to Deal with a Proud Leo

According to astrologers, different signs of the Zodiac have special characteristics common to them. Those born under sign Leo are said to be proud, as well as passionate and generous. Leo is a fire sign, which means it is closely related to the sun. Fire signs are said to not only be proud, but fierce and loyal, similar to the lion which also represents Leo. Their strength and presence is also similar to the lion, as they can dominate social situations, work projects or even family dynamics. Not everyone who false under the star sign of Leo will have an excess of pride. However, if you do want to know how to deal with a proud Leo, oneHOWTO has the points you might need to consider. They will also work if you know someone who is prideful, regardless of their star sign.

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Steps to follow:


Leo is claimed to be the most powerful and dominant sign within the zodiac. If true, this means they are dominant in human relationships, strong in opinion and in their convictions. This means they often have answers when you are come to them with questions. They will take control of situations, pride themselves on being leaders and try to push projects forward when they need to.

While many people who are Leos will have a lot to be proud about, pride often comes before a fall. While many Leos might think they have all the answers and may put themselves in leadership positions, they might not actually be making the right moves. Many captains have thought they were on the right course, yet brought their boat into stormy waters. Their confidence and pride in their decision making can mean when contradicted, even with a better option, they will stick to their views or opinions, even if wrong. This is why many proud Leos are also arrogant.

Stubbornness is a virtue if it means you are tenacious, which a lot of Leos are. However, if stubbornness means not changing because you are too proud to do so, this won't benefit anyone. All of this makes dealing with a proud Leo difficult, but none of it is impossible.


There are different ways you can approach a proud Leo. If you are too forceful to someone who is proud or arrogant, however, you will be fighting fire (sign) with fire (sign). This often will blow up in your face and may have collateral damage which hurts other people involved. If you do think that a harder tactic is required, something which is only very rarely the case, then you better be able to support yourself. If you get on the wrong side of a proud Leo, they can lash out and this might not be helpful.

Not all pride leads to being stubborn or hard work, however. Leos might also have a quiet pride which means they are well respected. People come to them and seek their opinion because, at the very least, they might be confident in a resolution. People with a quiet pride are often respected because they have the confidence to make decisions. Being prideful in this way is usually only problematic if it is found in a malicious person or someone who doesn't want the best for others.

How to Deal with a Proud Leo - Step 2

The pride of a Leo can help them to be confident which is particularly important in the workplace. They may be determined to achieve whatever task they set themselves. They neither worry nor are fazed by any obstacles that arise. Their pride is usually not malicious and they can be very generous and sincere. They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so if you are wanting to know how to treat a proud Leo, hurting their feelings instead isn't recommended.

If you want to get a proud Leo on your side, appeal to their prideful nature. Reassure them that your suggestions don't distract from theirs. Incorporate their ideas and reject them only when you have good reason to. Sometimes mollifying a prideful person is the better practical option. If a Leo is very stubborn, they might end up causing more trouble if they get offended, making certain situations untenable.


As proud star sign, Leos claim to possess a strong character and have very clear opinions. If you are friends with a Leo, you should know that they appreciate frankness and sincerity. Many horoscopes will talk about this as a defining feature of leos. Trying to skirt around issues with someone who is proud or unlikely to back down might only give them more reason not to listen to you. Being direct and honest will go away with a proud Leo.

With proud people, patience is one of the greatest virtues. Be a good listener and make sure they understand you are here to help them as much as anything. Don't invalidate their feelings or it is possible this Leo will get on the defensive rather than being compliant. Express your ideas with clarity and a proud Leo should appreciate your frankness.


If in dealing with a proud Leo they get frustrated, it might be best to let them vent this frustration. Trying to combat someone who is stubborn and unwilling to back down won't be helped if you get frustrated yourself. If someone gets their pride hurt, then they can lash out. If they are a responsible person they should find this release is enough to calm them down and return to normality. Don't rub it in when a proud Leo is in the wrong, it will only build resentment.

If you are patient and reasonable with a Leo, they should respond accordingly. However, if they are so prideful and stubborn then your last resort is to call them out on their behavior. Regardless of how proud someone is, whatever their star sign, if they behave badly, bully others or simply get in the way of moving forward, then it won't stand. Hurting a Leo's pride may be the lesser of two evils in some circumstances, but it should only be done when all other options are exhausted.


If you are in a relationship with a Leo, you may find it difficult if they have too much pride. You may find they are argumentative and won't often stand down from their position. Of course, being argumentative is not the same as being abusive. If you are in a relationship who is mentally or verbally abusive, then no star sign can excuse this behavior. If anyone behaves badly (or even criminally) and then blames it on 'being a Leo', they are clearly wrong.

If, however, a Leo's anger is a more general anger which does not threaten anyone, then you're probably best just to let them get it out. If you have wronged them and their pride is hurt, then you can give them as much leeway as you feel comfortable with. Don't let it excuse bad behavior, but also understand it can be hard for proud people to forgive. If they are too proud, whether a Leo or not, then they may need to be left alone to be taught a lesson. Understanding personality traits which are common to certain star signs is no excuse to act like an idiot or worse.

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How to Deal with a Proud Leo