Which Zodiac Sign Is The Proudest

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By Mary Smith. Updated: December 19, 2017
Which Zodiac Sign Is The Proudest

The zodiac sign we belong to, together with our governing element, often dictates some of our personality traits; according to those who follow astrology. With this view, it is possible to find that certain signs are stronger than others. Some may be more passionate, others more dishonest and also some which are prouder than the rest. While there will be prideful or modest people under every Zodiac sign, there is one particular Zodiac sign which is seen as the proudest. If you think about it, it will make a certain amount of sense. As we find out with oneHOWTO which zodiac sign is the proudest, we'll show you the other signs which are also considered to be prideful for various reasons.

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It is true that, regardless of our zodiac sign, each person has a certain amount pride. It is a characteristic of all human nature, even if some are more prideful than others. It is also a characteristic which can be very useful as well as problematic. However, this trait is more prominent in some signs. It is a condition of a person's behavior that often can not be ignored. Maybe you can think of people you know who have a lot of pride and see if they fit in with them.


This is the case of Leo, the proudest zodiac sign of the horoscope. Ruled by the sun, Leo has a large ego and always likes to keep things under control. When a situation leads to personal hurt, a Leo can become a wall of pride. This is sometimes to prove to others that everything is fine. Their pride is also one of the reasons why it is also one of the best zodiac signs for wealth. This pride is a double edged sword. They may not tolerate criticism from friends or people they don't know that well.

A group of lions is known as a pride, so it's understandable where we might see that Leo is the proudest of all the star signs. They are an animal which is known as the King of the Jungle. This makes it strong and dominant in many situations, but often pride comes before a fall. This powerful sign has other characteristics that explain this behavior, if you are curious to know more we invite you to consult our article characteristics of Leo.

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Scorpio is undoubtedly one of the strongest signs of the zodiac, with a tenacious and completely confident temperament that makes them struggle with cheating and humiliation. That is because Scorpio is among the proudest signs. If we deceive them or make them feel foolish we will witness an explosive outbreak that can turn Scorpio into a harsh executioner. Though they can accept some criticism, their attitude towards a personal negative comment will be bitter. Thus, they can hold a grudge on you for quite some time. This is why you may need some clues to learn how to deal with an angry Scorpio.

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But we can not speak of strong signs and temperament without mentioning Aries, which also stands out as a proud zodiac sign. Ruled by the element of fire, Arians are entrepreneurs, strong, bold but above all very confident, so when they feel betrayed and humiliated can become proud and inaccessible people. Their have the most proud character due to their lack of insecurity, as they will often think they are always right and stick to their guns.

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Last but not least, Cancer is also a sign that definitely won't tolerate any kind of insult or comment on their family as they are very loyal to them. Do not insult a Cancer or their rage will fall upon you. Cancer are extremely cautious and will not stir trouble, but bare in mind that they will defend the people they love until their last breath if they have to. This is certainly something to take pride in.

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  • The most proud zodiac signs can vary highly, as each person has its own pride depending on their life experiences, family customs and the events that they have lived in the past, so this is just a rough guide that you will have to interpret.
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Which Zodiac Sign Is The Proudest