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Characteristics of a Scorpio

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 17, 2018
Characteristics of a Scorpio

As one of the water signs of the Zodiac, Scorpios are believed to share certain characteristics. Water signs are said to be indicative of their namesake; they can be calm and inviting, but also treacherous in certain situations. Like water, their emotions are changeable. They have the ability to be beautiful and impressive, but can also turn nasty and use their power destructively. While is is impossible for everyone born under the same star sign to behave in the same way or have the same feelings, there may be some help in looking at how this star sign might represent you. This is just an aide to help you get to know yourself, not a check list of things you should aspire to or worry about. Keep reading oneHOWTO for info on the characteristics of a Scorpio to find out more.

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  1. General characteristics of a Scorpio
  2. What are Scorpios like at work?
  3. What are Scorpios like in love and personal relationships

General characteristics of a Scorpio

Like many star signs, Scorpios are thought to share similarities with their spirit animal - the scorpion. Scorpions are thought to be frightening, particularly due to its arachnid appearance, big pincer claws and, of course, that stingy tail which can come out of nowhere. However, this is simply from looking at this creature in the pejorative. It is actually a very resourceful and resilient creature which uses its physical characteristics to survive in very harsh conditions. It can overcome huge obstacles and is known for cunning. It isn't a vicious animal, especially when it comes to humans. It will only attack if it feels it is being threatened.

Applying these personality traits to someone with the Scorpio star sign:

  • Someone who is resourceful and diligent. They are able to work hard and deal with problems which arise. This does not mean they are naturally easily going (all, of course, some of them are), but are thought to be quite intense people. People known for their intensity can have lots of positives such as a dogged (or Scorpioed) determination to complete tasks and reach goals.
  • Scorpios can also be single minded and not always willing to listen to others or adapt appropriately to other people's views.
  • Scorpios might also be independent. This doesn't mean they aren't sociable or are loners, even if some may be. It means they are usually content with their own company and don't have the need some people have to connect all the time. This is why there are less Scorpios on social media than any other star sign (only joking, we don't have those statistics).
  • Sometimes this independence can lead to arrogance, but not always. These Scorpio personality traits don't work for everyone. Scorpios are just as likely to be shy or introverted. They might have a rich inner life which can lead to artistic capabilities. They may need to express themselves differently to others. This can be either direct or indirect, but it will depend on the individual.
Characteristics of a Scorpio - General characteristics of a Scorpio

What are Scorpios like at work?

Scorpios resourcefulness and adaptability can lead to great leaders. Having the characteristics to be a great leader means dealing with difficult situations and being goal orientated. Scorpios are often the boss, showing people the way and bring projects together. However, the flip side of this is that Scorpio personality traits can make working together difficult. They may want to lead a project and feel as if their ideas are the best, but this isn't always the case. They may not be the best at hearing others' ideas or working as a team.

  • Their self-reliance might also make it difficult to take criticism. If they think their idea is right, their stubborn single mindedness can mean they don't understand the criticism or take it badly, even when it is mean to be constructive. You should avoid making Scorpios feel hurt or insulted. The Scorpio sign is powerful in that, if they apply themselves and exert a little bit of self-control, they can achieve professional success without any problems.
  • Scorpios characteristically can also be very creative, so you might find them in fields were creativity is required. This might be in the arts, advertising or even taking a creative approach to any field of work. This creativity can be great for troubleshooting and can help overcome many obstacles.

What are Scorpios like in love and personal relationships

When it comes to love, Scorpios are thought to have an important characteristic: they are very sexual and passionate. They can be very intense in terms of intimacy, which makes them great lovers. They often have long-lasting and profound relationships, since they love very intensely and give everything they have to offer. If you want to score a Scorpio, you better use your intelligence and magnetism to get yourself noticed, because it's no easy feat to seduce this star sign. They tend to be sexually compatible with other strong and intense signs.

This can have a negative side also. If your Scorpio partner's personality is independent, then you need to be as well.

  • Scorpios may be considerate, but not overly so. They seem to have a straight forward view of relationships which can make emotional issues between you difficult as they may no fit into their general perception. While they may be independent, Scorpio men in particular can also be possessive. They might also be giving an affectionate as well as making you feel protected.
  • In their personal relationships, Scorpios can be very loyal and dedicated friends who are always willing to talk and listen. However, they may not tolerate betrayal and find it hard to give second chances. They are someone you want to have on your side, but not someone you want to fall out with. They can hold grudges and sometimes display a failure to communicate.
  • Scorpio's strong personalities can also be very fun to be around. They can be the life of the party and earn more respect because they don't even need the attention to have a good sense of self.

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Characteristics of a Scorpio