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How to Find Non Copyrighted Videos Online

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. August 13, 2018
How to Find Non Copyrighted Videos Online

As videos become more prevalent online, so does the need to download them. Whether you are an amateur video editor or you frequently create video presentations, no one would ever want to get caught up in any copyright issues. Whenever you use a video to add to your blog or website, publish a video on YouTube or create a film project, you should never use copyright protected videos. If you do, it may drag you into unnecessary legal trouble. Unoriginal videos and content often receive complaints and they end up being deleted on the premise of copyright issues.

Luckily, you can actually find non copyrighted videos online. You are free to download these videos and use them any way you wish, without worrying about legal issues. Here at OneHOWTO, we will tell you where and how to find non copyrighted videos online.

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  1. Pixabay Videos
  3. Coverr
  4. Vidsplay
  5. StockFootageForFree
  6. Videvo
  7. Bottled Video
  8. Pexels
  9. Distill Beta
  10. Pond5
  11. Footage Crate
  12. Motion Elements
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Pixabay Videos

Pixabay Videos is a fantastic website which started out as a copyright free photography platform, that now offers free videos as well. You can find a huge variety of non-copyright videos on the website. Just like Pixabay photographs, Pixabay videos are high in quality and have a wide range of categories. All the videos published on Pixabay Videos which are released are CC0 Creative Commons, which means that they are safe to be downloaded and used without permission from the video maker.

Even if you are using these videos for a commercial purpose, you don’t need to give any credit to the artist.

How to Find Non Copyrighted Videos Online - Pixabay Videos is a huge library of millions of free videos available to download. This platform doesn't only offer videos, it also provides you with: free books, software programs, music numbers, movies, websites and much more. Whether you working on a commercial or a non-commercial project, you can browse through the huge collection of videos at, download the one that best suits your project requirements, and use it any way you wish.


Coverr provides you with beautiful non copyrighted videos, readily available to download. Since videos on this website are supposed to be used as web media, you are allowed to download their videos in multiple formats. Whether you are using their videos for commercial or non-commercial use, you don’t need any permission from or even the creator of the video. The best thing about this site is that you can view the video as a cover on your website before downloading it. They also provide a custom video coder once you download your desired video. If you have a startup business and want free content for your website, then Coverr can be your one stop solution.


Vidsplay is an amazing online platform where you can get access to a huge variety of video footage for free. All the videos are recorded in high definition and all of them are available to be downloaded and used without specific permission, royalty or credit. The website is updated regularly, therefore there is always new content available. There are several categories of videos to choose from. You can select and download the one as per your individual requirements and preferences.


StockFootageForFree allows you to download as many non copyrighted videos as you like. You can find videos spanning all different subjects. All you need to do is to create an account at the site and log in to get access to unlimited amount of high quality videos.


Videvo offers a huge collection of non copyrighted videos and they are free for you to download. They have an impressive range of videos categorized into different types and subjects. The quality of their videos is certainly remarkable. The size of their library ensures that you will definitely find a video as per your desired subject. All the videos available on Videvo are free to download, and there is no limit as to the number of videos you can download, edit and share.

Bottled Video

Bottled Video is a large platform used for providing non copyrighted videos for a fraction of cost. The videos are in HD quality and are free to be used for commercial purposes. In order to minimize fraud, you will have to create an account on the site. Some of their videos have even won Grammy, Oscar and Emmy awards for their content.


Pexels have started providing free high-quality non copyright videos. No matter what category of video you are looking for, you will definitely find a video of your choice at Pexels. They have a growing library, which is also made up of aggregated videos from other websites. The best thing is that all the videos available on Pexels are free to download. All of them have a CC0 license, which means that you can download, edit and use their videos for commercial purpose. You don’t need any permission and you don’t need to give Pexels or the video creator any credit.

Distill Beta

Distill Beta provides their audience with a fantastic library of non copyrighted videos from a variety of categories. Although it is still in its Beta, the quality of the videos on this website are amazing. They aim to post only the best quality of free non-copyrighted videos. If you sign up for their new curated videos, you will receive 10 new videos in HD quality every 10 days.


Pond5 offers one of the biggest collections of non copyrighted videos online. With over 8 million videos on their platform, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. The videos are high in quality with amazing resolution of 4K. You will have access to video clips from award winning artists, without needing to credit them.

Footage Crate

At Footage Crate, you can find videos in a variety of categories and genres. You can download and use their videos for free without the need of any credit or registration. The site showcases thousands of professional quality video clips that you can freely use for commercial or non-commercial projects. If you create an account on Footage Crate, you are given permission to download 5 videos in a day for free. The videos can be downloaded in HD and 4K formats.

Motion Elements

Motion Elements is one of the leading online marketplaces for non copyrighted videos, in the world. Video artists from across the globe post their videos on Motion Elements, and you get access to them at a fraction of cost. In addition to videos, Motion Elements also offers music, after effects, Apple Motion and 3D models templates. The website holds royalty-free licenses to its content, due to which you can use your downloaded videos for both commercial and non-commercial projects. You can browse through a variety of video genres, and choose the one that best suits the requirements of your project.

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How to Find Non Copyrighted Videos Online