Which Zodiac Sign Is the Strongest Emotionally, the Answer

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: September 14, 2017
Which Zodiac Sign Is the Strongest Emotionally, the Answer

Being emotional is not bad, but it can actually intensify any situation you are caught in at present. Every human being, and even animals, has emotions, but most people know how to keep them hidden. An emotional person will open up his or her emotions in front of others, without feeling embarrassed. Whether you are an emotional person or not depends on your individual personality traits, but your zodiac sign has a strong role to play as well. Some zodiac signs are found to be more emotional than others. Here at oneHOWTO, we are going to find out which zodiac sign is the strongest emotionally, and which one is the weakest.

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Most emotional zodiac signs

How do we classify the strongest sign emotionally? In this list, we'll find zodiac signs that know how to manage their feelings, express them in a correct way and learn how to manage them, which is highly important in order to live a balanced and serene life. These are some of the most emotional zodiac signs that need to be mentioned:


The zodiac sign that is strongest emotionally is Aries, as they love their life, and develop strong relationships with others because they know the value of being surrounded with like-minded people. They openly share their passions with others, and become over-excited during conversations about them. On the contrary, they become fiery when they are not happy. They will never sit back and allow others to hurt them. They may get aggressive if things do not go their way. An Aries person can openly take their anger out on others around them.


Virgo people are introspective, and often want to keep things to themselves. But because they put so much effort in their relationships, they may get angry if you hurt them or if things do not go their way. The more you talk to them, the more emotional and hurtful they become. So, when they are feeling down, it is better to leave them alone and introspect. Within a couple of hours, they will come out as good as new.


Cancer individuals know how to use their emotions for their advantage. They are very sensitive, and take pride in sympathizing with friends and relatives. These people can better understand the feelings of others, and say exactly the thing that can make others feel better. Their moodiness often comes in their relationships, and they may become over-sensitive when they feel hurt. When they are in a difficult situation, they expect others to support them just the way they do. Just talking to them and listening to them can give them a positive feeling that you care.


Scorpions are extremely passionate and expressive. They never hold back anything, and will openly exhibit what they are feeling. Just by looking at their face, one would easily come to know whether they are feeling happy or sad, no matter how hard they try to hide their feelings. Scorpions can get violent when they feel emotional, and this is one of the angriest signs in the zodiac. So, when they are feeling emotional, it is better to leave them alone and let them cool off. They will approach you when they gather their mind and come in a mood to converse.


Pisces are extremely intuitive, and often know what others want to hear and when. Due to this trait, they develop very strong relationships with others. They put all their effort to maintain their relationships, and expect the same from others as well. Try trust others very easily, because of which they get hurt very often. They never keep their feelings to themselves, and will make sure that others know that they are sad or hurt. When you hurt them, talk to them about your situation, and they will definitely understand and trust you again.

Which Zodiac Sign Is the Strongest Emotionally, the Answer - Most emotional zodiac signs

The weakest sign emotionally

Gemini is the weakest sign emotionally. They don’t know how to express their feelings, and never show their emotions in front of the public. They have the capability to keep their emotions hidden even from their spouse and best friends. Because they don’t open up with anyone, they seldom have strong relationships with anyone in their life. They don’t trust anyone, and always use their mind to handle situations.

On the other hand, Taurus also has difficulty expressing feelings, which is why they tend to have a higher risk of depression and loneliness. However, it is still considered one of the most powerful zodiac signs due to their endurance and thick skin.

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Which Zodiac Sign Is the Strongest Emotionally, the Answer