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How To Know Your Zodiac Sign

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2018
How To Know Your Zodiac Sign

To know someone's zodiac sign, you need to know his or her birth-date. According to astrology, the sun is positioned on a particular zodiac sign at all times, thus determining the personality traits of those born under it. At oneHOWTO we'd like to show you how to know your zodiac sign:

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Capricorn: People born from 22 December to 20 January. A member of the Earth signs, they are stable, confident and calm. Capricorns are known for being hard-working, responsible, ambitious, fighters and practical. Their perfect colors are both brown and black, and their favorite numbers are 4 and 8. Find out all the characteristics of this horoscope:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 1

Aquarius: To find out what zodiac you are, in the case of Aquarius it will be people born between January 21 and February 19, all people born between these dates are under this zodiac signs. They are an air sign that is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. There are two types of Aquarius: sensitive and shy or confident and lively. In general, they are very humble and have great imagination that will help them enjoy their life to the fullest. This sign is full of surprises. Learn more about Aquarius:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 2

Pisces: All people born from the 20 February to 20 March. Calm, patient and kind. They are tactful in their interactions with others and always respond with the utmost sympathy. That's why one of their strongest points is that they are great friends and people who you can trust. They are part of the water element and their ruling planet is Neptune. Learn more details about Pisces zodiac sign:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 3

Aries:From 21 March to 20 April. They are the leaders of the zodiac, bursting with energy. People born under this fire sign enjoy setting goals and being in charge, much more than obeying. They are ruled by planet Mars, which is why their color is red. Their lucky numbers are 1 and 8. They are usually quite impulsive and stubborn when debating, but they are also extremely sensitive and giving. Find out more about Aries:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 4

Taurus: Between 21 April and 21 May. Very conservative and calm, they enjoy tranquility and tradition. They are well-organised, practical, determined and strong-willed.These traits will help them accomplish anything they want in life. Their lucky colors are green and pink as their element is Earth, while they are ruled by Venus. Their greatest compatibility is with Scorpio and Cancer. Learn more about Taurus:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 5

Gemini: To know your zodiac sign, you should know that you are Gemini if you were born between 22 May and 21 June. Geminis have a split personality, which is sometimes self-contradictory. They take on challenges with great enthusiasm, but most of the time they do not follow through due to a lack of patience. Gemini is one of the air signs of the zodiac. They are ruled by Mercury and their colors are light green and yellow. Their lucky numbers are 5 and 7. Learn more about Gemini zodiac sign here:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 6

Cancer: From 22 June to 23 July. This is the most complex Zodiac sign, mixing insecurity with creativity. A Cancer's eternal calling is to master both. They cherish tradition and the warmth of home. This water sign's favorite color is white and their favorite days will be Mondays and Thursdays. Find out more about Cancer here:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 7

Leo: 24 July to 23 August. This is a dominant sign. Filled with ambition, certainty, strength and creativity, Leos achieve everything they set their minds to. They are also very good at solving problems. They are a fire sign that is ruled by the Sun. Their lucky gemstones are Ruby, Onyx and Sardonyx. Know more about Leos' personality:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 8

Virgo: 24 August to 23 September. Conventional and conservative. They are very observant and shy.To tell what zodiac sign someone is, in the case of Virgo you will notice an inicial shyness, their high intellectual capacity and their kindness. As a general rule, people born under this earth sign are very concerned about order and cleanliness is very important to them. Discover more about Virgos here:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 9

Libra: 24 September to 23 October. They are the most civilized of the zodiac signs. Gentle and delicate, they also have great taste. They like beauty and harmony and are impartial to conflict. They are great diplomats, but tend to be indecisive when making their own decisions. This air sign's colors are pink and green, and their ruling planet is Venus. Their lucky numbers will be 4 and 6. Take a look at our articles on Libra:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 10

Scorpio: 24 October to 22 November. They have great energy and magnetism with all the other signs, although they may seem quiet at first glance. This water sign is very powerful, creating many benefits and risks for others. Scorpio's ruling planets are Pluto and Mars, and their color is scarlet. They have good compatibility with both Taurus and Cancer. To know more about Scorpios' personality you can read the following:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 11

Sagittarius: 23 November to 21 December. Sagittarius love adventure and all experiences that are unknown to them. They are very versatile, optimistic, sincere and honest. Their lucky color is blue, whereas their lucky numbers are 3 and 7. This fire sign is ruled by planet Jupiter. Learn more about Sagittarius:

How To Know Your Zodiac Sign - Step 12

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How To Know Your Zodiac Sign