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How to Make each Zodiac Sign Jealous

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. September 14, 2017
How to Make each Zodiac Sign Jealous

Making someone jealous may not be the best way to warm to certain zodiac signs but, if you want to play a little bit with them or make sure that one person catches your attetion, you should know there are certain things that drive each zodiac sign crazy and that will make them jealous in no time.

Take a look at how to make each zodiac sign jealous and start catching your chosen astrological sign's attention.

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  1. How to make an Aries jealous
  2. How to make a Taurus jealous
  3. Geminis and jealousy
  4. How to make a Cancer jealous
  5. How to make a Leo jealous
  6. How to make a Virgo jealous
  7. How to make a Libra jealous
  8. How to make a Scorpio jealous
  9. How to make Sagittarius jealous
  10. How to make a Capricorn jealous
  11. How to make an Aquarius jealous
  12. How to make Pisces jealous
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How to make an Aries jealous

Aries are one of the most powerful zodiac signs. However, they can also be highly emotional which is why making them show their temperament will not be hard. Showing interest in another person will definitely strike jealousy in Aries, as it will affect their sense of superiority. The person you choose to make an Aries jealous should be someone whom shows greater intellect, so make sure that you show interest in what the other person has to say. Letting Aries know that they are not the leader of your group will also strike jealousy.

How to make a Taurus jealous

Taurus tend to hide their jealousy, they are not an emotionally strong sign, which is why it will be difficult to know if making a Taurus jealous is actually working. Nevertheless, grab yourself a handful of patience and start making Taurus jealous by not taking much notice of this zodiac sign. Make a big effort to always look your best, show confidence in front of others, especially when he or she is with friends, but don't take any notice of your Taurean friend.

We should note that it's not the best of ideas to make Taurus too jealous, or it could have the opposite effect than you desired.

How to Make each Zodiac Sign Jealous - How to make a Taurus jealous

Geminis and jealousy

As you know the sign of the twins has two signs, although they may act cool as a cucumber, they may actually be storing all their jealousy until a boiling point in which they will explode.

So how to make a Gemini man jealous? Their immature streak will mean that you will have to play the same game, so make sure you always seem happier, look more beautiful, travel more or be more popular than Gemini in order to drive this zodiac sign crazy. Think about it as a competition in which Gemini is the rival to beat in every field of life.

How to make a Cancer jealous

When we think about how to make each zodiac sign jealous, Cancer is really tricky. You need to be absolutely sure this is the way you want to go, as Cancer does not beat around the bush and thus does not like feeling jealous. In fact, it is one of the most jealous zodiac signs.

If you still want to make Cancer jealous, you will need to wait for this zodiac sign to come up to you with some kind of date or activity, this is when you will have to reject Cancer. This zodiac sign does not handle rejection very well, so make sure you do not go over the top, as they are highly emotional.

How to make a Leo jealous

Leos tend to be very possessive and proud, which is why jealousy may be a good idea if you want to ignite interest in Leo. Other people paying more attention to you will strike jealousy in this zodiac sign, so make sure he or she knows that other people are also interested in you, this will make Leo work harder for your attention, as he/she will want to beat the rest of your possible love interests.

Showing a little more interest in other people than you do Leo, spending more time with others than with him or her will also spark jealousy in Leo.

How to Make each Zodiac Sign Jealous - How to make a Leo jealous

How to make a Virgo jealous

Virgos are not extremely jealous by nature, which is why you'll need to put some extra effort into this zodiac sign. This is why you will need to be really explicit to make this zodiac sign feel jealousy. You will need to be highly attentive with other people and not take much notice of Virgo, change your mind about plans you had at the last minute and maybe even make a bigger effort getting yourself dressed than you used to.

How to make a Libra jealous

Libra will not tend to show their jealousy very much, they will keep it to themselves, but we assure you if you do things right, they will become jealous. Although it may not sound like a good idea, pointing out their flaws or praising others' virtues is the best way to make Libra jealous. Knowing that you think they are not the best at something will definitely spark some jealousy, and they will secretly try to change your opinion of them.

How to make a Scorpio jealous

Scorpios will progressively get jealous, so you'll have to think long term with this zodiac sign. You should also be careful not to overdo it, as it can be pretty tricky to deal with an angry Scorpio. Showing off your happiness in front of a Scorpio will drive them crazy. Make sure Scorpio notices how much fun you're having without him/her. possible betrayal will also trigger a Scorpio, but just make it seem as if you've betrayed them, as if you actually do so they will possibly get really angry.

How to Make each Zodiac Sign Jealous - How to make a Scorpio jealous

How to make Sagittarius jealous

This is another of the most difficult signs to make jealous. Sagittarius tend to be pretty chill and won't make a fuss about anything. However, you can make them jealous by hiding things from him or her that you used to explain without a problem. Hiding information, not letting them know your secrets or acting as if you have one you're trying to hide from them will create jealousy.

If you're trying to make Sagittarius jealous with another person, you should make sure that they represent a real threat to him or her, or it won't create the desired effect.

How to make a Capricorn jealous

Capricorns feel jealousy pretty easily, so it won't be difficult to achieve. This is another sign that feels that competition is a threat, so make sure that Capricorn is not in control any longer of what you do or don't do with others. Making them doubt on the role they play in your life, taking others' advice instead of theirs will definitely trigger jealousy in Capricorn.

How to make an Aquarius jealous

Aquarius will detect if you're trying to make them jealous, so you'll have to be very sneaky with this zodiac sign. Don't be too exaggerated, create small day to day situations to spark Aquarius' jealousy, repetition of certain actions will tell this zodiac sign you are not bluffing. It is not recommended to make Aquarius jealous with other men or women, as this will only make then distrustful of you instead of creating jealousy.

How to Make each Zodiac Sign Jealous - How to make an Aquarius jealous

How to make Pisces jealous

To make Pisces jealous, it's best to get something they don't have. They will always feel jealous if you have purchased the latest item of desire they were waiting for, if you achieved a goal before they did, etc.

To spark jealousy in Pisces, ignoring them will also do the trick. Acting in very different ways during a short period of time will make them wonder what it is you are feeling for them, so paying attention on one day and being highly attentive the next will definitely make them jealous you are not giving them the attention they feel they deserve.

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How to Make each Zodiac Sign Jealous