The Best Gemstones for Aquarius

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 4, 2018
The Best Gemstones for Aquarius

Your zodiac sign also influences the type of gemstone you choose and it can also bring you luck as a personal talisman. Each zodiac sign has different stones assigned to them that strengthen or weaken a person's qualities, so knowing which stone belongs to your sign will help you to enhance who you are. In oneHOWTO we explain which are the best gemstones for Aquarius so you can benefit from all of its virtues.

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  1. Cat's eye for aquarius
  2. Opal for Aquarius
  3. Lapis lazuli for Aquarius
  4. Quartz for Aquarius
  5. Amethyst for Aquarius
  6. Agate for Aquarius

Gemstones can become lucky charms full of good energy. Each sign is positively influenced by certain stones and precious metals. Aquarius is a zodiac constellation that is located in the equatorial area of the sky. It is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac and the second air sign. Its ruling planets are Uranus and Saturn.

The best gemstones for Aquarius that will help you to tune into your astral energy are: cat's eye, lapis lazuli, iridescent opal, crystal quartz, amethyst and agate. With the help of some of these stones, it will be easier to find the path to happiness and personal satisfaction.

As you know, Aquarius always seeks self-improvement, as they are definitely non-conformists. This air sign is highly independent, honest and idealistic, which is why these gemstones will boost these great qualities in them. Aquarians are a bundle of energy, which is why gemstones will also help control some of these bursts when necessary and will also help all the negative characteristics of this zodiac sign stay well away from the surface.

Cat's eye for aquarius

Cat's eye is one of the most beneficial gemstones for Aquarius, as it helps achieve emotional balance. Moreover, if Aquarius wants to earn good money, making it one of the zodiac sign's most lucky gemstones. It is said that cat's eyes will unblock almost instant wealth.Those who like playing and gambling will find a lucky charm in cat's eye.Moreover, this gemstone is good to protect Aquarius from heart issues too.

Opal for Aquarius

On the other hand, opal is considered a true birthstone for Aquarius. This gemstone can help you to achieve happiness and live a life full of optimism. Closely associated to air signs, this gemstone is associated to love and passion, and is a great addition for those Aquarius seeking a perfect match. Wearing this gemstone will bring faithfulness and loyalty to the wearer.

Lapis lazuli for Aquarius

Lapis lazuli, which is a stunning deep blue color, has purifying properties and protects against problems with vision. It has great powers for cleansing the soul of negative emotions and frees you from tension and worries. Especially for Aquarius women, Lapis lazuli will be a great addition, as it will stimulate their wisdom and creativity. Closely related to Saturn, this is the perfect gemstone to wear when it is this planet's turn to rule.

The Best Gemstones for Aquarius - Lapis lazuli for Aquarius

Quartz for Aquarius

The power of crystal quartz is extraordinary as it helps to release all the energy that has been stored in the body for a long time and helps you to connect with your hidden and deep inner self. It is also good for activating energy in your body and helps your body to be more conscious of actions, thoughts and feelings. Rose quartz is especially useful for Aquarius in order to boost their energy and sense of awareness, in order to flow more easily, which is why it's a great gemstone to wear if you're having problems fitting in to a new environment.

Amethyst for Aquarius

Amethyst is a purple quartz filled with magical powers. This stone banishes nightmares and insomnia, producing very pleasant dreams full of good vibes and which may even be prophetic. It is a very spiritual stone associated with peace that will help you to feel calm again and free yourself from all your worries. It is a gem that will help to calm any fears and encourages positive thoughts. Moreover, did you know that Amethyst was the stone of Saint Valentine? This is one of the main reasons why it is related to Aquarius and February.

The Best Gemstones for Aquarius - Amethyst for Aquarius

Agate for Aquarius

Agate is another of the best gemstones for Aquarius which is very beneficial for healing all kinds of psychosomatic illnesses. It is a stone associated with strength and fertility of animals and plants. This gem is used to enhance fertility and helps to relieve discomfort during pregnancy. It is also superb for attracting change that provides connection, balance and satisfaction.

In general, if you are an Aquarius, we recommend that you carry agate as it will help you to experience pleasant feelings of emotional peace.

Garnet for Aquarius

When Aquarius is suffering from melancholy and cannot cut with the past, this gemstone will help protect Aquarius to balance any influence that is bringing these feelings to get you back on track. This fire stone will e best worn close to your heart and will bring you truth and balance.

Aquamarine for Aquarius

As the name of this gemstone indicates, this water-colored stone that will especially be useful for male Aquarius. If you are looking for new opportunities and horizons, Aquamarine will give you the courage and good luck to start afresh. For females, it will help feel fulfilled, protected and nurtured. Associated to the throat chakra, it will help when having to communicate difficult decisions or in moments when you feel lost for words.

Now you know more about the best gemstones for Aquarius, you can also learn about the gemstones that suit other zodiac signs best, such as Gemini, Pisces and Scorpio.

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The Best Gemstones for Aquarius