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What Kind Of Friend Is A Virgo?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 22, 2022
What Kind Of Friend Is A Virgo?

Astrologers believe the Zodiac distributes different qualities, characteristics and personality traits among the 12 signs. This includes every aspect of the human condition: love, work, family, spirituality and everything else. In terms of friendship, it is believed that some are given different virtues. Not more or less, but different. If you think you can get away with being a bad friend because of your star sign, then you're probably not worth being a friend with in the first place. If you are a Virgo or are considering a Virgo as a friend, it might be fun to see what characteristics people may expect. However, reading this oneHOWTO article on what kind of friend is a Virgo still means it's up to you how friendly you are.

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Virgos are said to be true friends. According to astrologers, if Virgos were in a rom-com, they'd be the fun best friend rather than the neurotic lead. They value friendship, seeing the importance of friendship in their own lives as much as for other people. Because they know the importance of friendship, you can count on them for anything: cry if you want to cry, go out if you want to go out, have fun if you want to have fun, etc. In short, it will be difficult to know the difference when it comes to them and you.

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Virgo is thought to be a very devoted friend. They love their friends like family, bringing people in to the fold when they need help and celebrating with them when things go well. Stereotypically, Virgos will give you the shirt off their own back if you are their friend. They won't even ask for anything in return, simply being their good friend is good enough.

However, this devotion of a Virgo can be a two way street. They may expect you to maintain certain standards of friendship which not everyone feels like they can give. They may not pressure you into it, but they might have certain quiet expectations of what you should do as a friend. This can lead to periods without communication. Virgos are often thought to be shy and reserved also, so if you mis this with a feeling of betrayal, it can lead to some awkward situations.


Despite sometimes being shy or introverted (perhaps not as extroverted is a better description), Virgos can also be great leaders. They might be very organized and help to keep the group together. This is partly due to the belief that earth signs are the ones which unite people the most. They are the social glue that binds, caring for everyone's needs and maintaining the wellness of the group.

They may not, however, be the one with the creative ideas or even the good ideas, but Virgos will know how to facilitate them. While one on one they might find friendships intense, they can also flourish in the group dynamic. They won't be likely to push their agenda on the group either, happy to hear different points of view and take suggestions. Like a good editor, this can mean they have the ability to choose the right ideas for the right people.


Virgos are thought to be very empathetic. This means they feel when you feel, suffer when you suffer. They may not want to get involved with the problems and situations in which their friends find themselves, but they can't help helping. If someone hurts the friend of a Virgo, their loyalty means they may feel hurt also. They might not only provide emotional support, but practical support as well. Virgos are a great person to have in your corner if you yourself are in trouble or if there is a situation which needs some support. Of course, if a person is this loyal, it can often mean they bear resentment when none is necessarily due or believe their friend even if they were in the wrong.


Virgos are said to have trouble telling lies. They will tell you what you do not want to hear to your face, they will never lie to make you feel good because they would rather suffer but tell the truth. So this means a Virgo less likely to hide it if your partner has been unfaithful, if the clothes you're wearing don't look good or if you're making the wrong decision. Virgo always wants the best for their friends and not all people understand or like this quality. This may seem contradictory with the previous point (and there are a lot of contradictions when it comes to star signs), but it's not necessarily. If a Virgo chooses to believe something you tell them, it doesn't mean they don't think it's the truth. It's usually just that they give you the benefit of the doubt.


Just because Virgos may be good friends, it doesn't mean they are necessarily push-overs. They want to cultivate friendships, to have a reciprocal relationship. If they are a good friend to you, they will want to have a good one back. It's a two way street with good friendships. Virgos are said to have a good memory, so this means they are more likely to remember birthdays, personality traits and special occasions. However, people with a good memory also remember the slights and wrongdoings committed against them. This doesn't mean Virgos will necessarily hold a grudge, but it is likely that if you're not a good friend back to them, they will remember to forget you.


Virgos are often very sensitive friends which means they listen and know how to respond to feelings well. However, they also can have their own feelings hurt if you aren't too careful. It is hard to gauge how anyone's feelings will or will not be hurt. Virgos can also be idealistic. This means their idea of friendship might be loftier than others. It also means they can be hard to keep up with. However, being a sensitive, caring and devoted friend is the ideal, so many Virgos are people you want to spend time with.

While Virgos may take some things in life a little too seriously, they also take their fun seriously. This means great times to be had, whether you are feeling up or down.

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As always see if these Virgo character traits fit with your own image of yourself. However, if you feel like you don't fit into the stereotypical virgo personality that's OK. Just because you are bad at being a Virgo, doesn't mean you are bad at being a friend.

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What Kind Of Friend Is A Virgo?