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What Does Suspended Indefinitely Mean

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: April 27, 2017
What Does Suspended Indefinitely Mean

The term 'suspended indefinitely' can be applied to many contexts. Maybe the most common is in sports, but it can also be applied to other life situations. What are the consequences of being suspended indefinitely? If you want to know the definition of this term, here at OneHowTo we explain what suspended indefinitely means.

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Indefinite suspension in football

The meaning of indefinite suspension might vary from one football league to the other. In most cases, it means that a player is suspended without wages until the authority decides when he or she can come back. Sometimes, it is just a way to keep a player on hold, until the authority decides what to do with him or her.

In college football, a player may be indefinitely suspended in case he or she is arrested, or comes up with a criminal record. The suspension does not get over until the case is resolved and the player receives a clean slate to live in the society without any charges against him or her.

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Suspended indefinitely in WWE

If a wrestler in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) is suspended indefinitely it means that this person will no longer be able to to fight in a ring until the league finds it suitable. This wrestler might be suspended indefinitely if he injures someone, has erratic behaviour or temporarily retires to take up other activities.


Indefinite suspension of driver's license.

A driver’s license can be indefinitely suspended until the driver fulfills a condition imposed on him or her. This can happen, for example, when you don't pay for a traffic violation or you don't complete the DDS. In these cases, the suspension will be on until the driver doesn't fulfill this condition, i.e. paying for the violation or completing the DDS.

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Suspended indefinitely from your job.

In most cases, it happens when the employee violates a company policy or commits gross insubordination, and the management is still thinking on what to do with him or her, and whether it was a matter serious enough to fire him or keep him suspended. In these cases, the employee is suspended until the company takes a decision.

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Being fired and suspended indefinitely are different. If you are fired from a sports league or a job, it means that you're out, and have no chance of continuing. On the other hand, suspended indefinitely means keeping you on hold until you fulfill a condition or the authorities take the next decision on you.

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I am been suspended indefinite suspension at my work place.what that's it mean
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What Does Suspended Indefinitely Mean