What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean

By Mary Smith. Updated: March 31, 2019
What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean

Some superstitious people claim that dreaming about getting married before you get married is bad luck. However, in some countries keeping an acorn in the window is supposed to protect you from lightening, so there you go. We think that not dreaming of getting married before your wedding is much stranger. Whatever is on your conscious mind often finds its way into your dreams somehow. Unfortunately, a lot of what your subconscious mind deals with is there too and this can be tricky to interpret. If you want to know what does dreaming you get married mean, oneHOWTO hopes to spread some light on the matter whether you're getting hitched or not.

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When determining what it means to dream of getting married, it is very important to focus on the details of the dream and what happens in your environment to determine their correct interpretation. There are many types of wedding dreams, either you are getting married or someone else is. Maye you're on the way to one or running away from another. You could also dream about getting married, but there are no weddings in sight in your dream world.

However, if you are getting married yourself, it is likely you are dreaming about your own upcoming nuptials. Contrary to the superstition, it is perfectly normal to dream about getting married. Even if the wedding in the dream goes wrong, it doesn't mean a bad omen. It probably just means you are worried about it going wrong. When you dream about a day which costs a lot of money, has to navigate your entire extended family and, oh yes, changes the rest of your life, it is understandable you might get a little nervous.

However, you might also simply be dreaming about getting married because you are looking forward to it. Many people say they when they get married that their dream is coming true. If you are dreaming about getting getting married, it might just be your dream jumping the gun.

However, if there are no weddings on your horizon or the thought of one hasn't even crossed your mind recently, it is likely to be more symbolic. Let's look into what dreaming about getting married might mean symbolically to you.

Making a big deal about weddings is common, but it might not always be helpful. It can put a large heaping of pressure onto something which should be enjoyable and celebratory. One of the reasons for this is because it is such a big change in your life. This is why dreaming about a wedding might represent some other type of change which is more important.

How you deal with this change in the dream might reveal how you actually feel about it in your waking life. If if in the dream you're happy and excited, a wedding might reveal this to be a positive change. You may have reached a particular goal which took a lot of effort and commitment to reach. Or, more simply, you have found yourself in recent good spirits.

However, if you are sad at the wedding in your dream, it is likely this change is not as positive as it could be. It could be related to a break up, financial hardship or change in career. Certain changes in our life for the worse can make us feel depressed. This, in turn, can make us feel like the negativity will never end, just as a marriage is supposedly 'til death do us part. Fortunately, many marriages break up and the people involved are much happier afterwards. The same will hopefully happen to you if you're going through a hardship.

The person whom you marry in the dream is important to understand what your subconscious mind is trying to convey. If it is someone you know, you will need to work out what their relationship is to you. It could be simply that you fancy this person and think they'd make a good partner. Equally, it could be something else about them which is telling.

Sometimes people get married in a dream to someone they don't know well at all. Maybe someone from their past. Perhaps you dream of getting married because you are worried something in the past is going to affect your future, as weddings are very much affairs about the future.

Have a think about what the person you marry in your dream represents. If they are an older person, maybe you are worried about illness. If they are a sad person, maybe you are worried that your future isn't looking too bright. You may not ever want to get married, but loneliness can affect anyone. Dreaming about marriage might be because you are looking for a connection which you don't have.

Equally, you might dream of marrying someone young and fresh. If it is a stranger whom you marry in your dream, you might be looking for some new sort of adventure in your life. Weddings are big changes, so maybe you feel like you have been a bit dull and want to do something more exciting.

If you marry your ex-partner in your dream it can be tricky to interpret. It could mean that you have regrets in your life and wish you could make up for them. Equally, it could mean that you are happy to have move on from your old life and are at peace with past troubles. Still yet, it could be that you see similarities between your past life and your current one, that you're worrying about repeating past mistakes. Having a time of self-reflection will help you to determine the answer. Some mindfulness might not go amiss either.

If you are getting married in your dream, but you don't even manage to make it to the service, this might have its own meaning. There may not even be a change in your life, but there is something which you are hoping will make a difference to you. If you never reach it in your dream, perhaps there is some goal which you want to achieve, but haven't been able to.

If in your dream you see other people getting married and are unhappy about it, it is possible you are feeling some sort of jealousy. Maybe you feel as if your peers are getting on better than you are.

There are also images and symbols from weddings and marriages which might be dwelling on your sleeping mind. If you dream of a broken wedding ring, then perhaps you are worrying about someone breaking your trust. If you are marrying someone, but they have a veil over their head or you simply can never see their face, it might be a sign you are worried about the unknown.

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i am a single gal off late i have been getting marriage related dreams practically everyday whats the significance ?
Jane Bertin (oneHOWTO editor)
If there is someone or something in your life related to weddings - invitations, pictures, someone talking about getting married - it's likely that your dreams are just reflecting that.

If not, dreaming about getting married may mean that you want a stable relationship, or simply a lasting change in your life.
When you see you and your partner signing papers to get marriage

What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean
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What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean

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