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What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean

What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean

For many dreaming of a wedding is a bad omen, a symbol that something negative is about to occur. However, dreaming that you are getting married is one of the images with as many interpretations that we can find. Its meaning depends on our sensation during sleep, what the groom is like and the colors in this vision, serving mostly to point out that new changes are coming. Want to know in detail what does dreaming you get married mean? At we will explain.

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Steps to follow:

When determining what it means to dream of getting married, it is very important to focus on the details of the dream and what happens in your environment to determine their correct interpretation.

If you are planning your own wedding, if someone close is getting married or if you've spoken about it frequently in recent weeks, it is likely that this dream does not represent anything in particular beyond an association between a real and recent experience. But if this is not the case, then it's time to find the meaning.


To dream that you are getting married mainly symbolizes change. The arrival of new events or people will push you to make changes in your routine. If if in the dream you're happy and excited, a wedding announces a positive change. You will reach any goal that you have attempted or something positive is about to occur for you.

If instead you are sad, this reflects that there is a situation that must be dealt with because you are generating frustration or anger. It is also a warning about someone in your environment that you might be hypocritical.


If you are getting married to your partner in the dream, this can also provide an interpretation. When the groom is a stranger, it is a sign that it is the time to make changes in your life. Go and meeting new people, be more outgoing and live new adventures.

if the groom is an older person this can be a sign of illness or a negative event to come. It can also be interpreted as a fear of aging without a partner or loneliness. If he is young, it represents renewal and positive changes in your life.


The guests also influence the meaning. If in the dream you see that the guests are dressed in black and the ceremony is rather dark, it is an omen of bad news. If instead the clothing is colorful and festive, joy and positive change portends.


Other interpretations of dreaming that you are getting married are:

  • Positive changes in your life, the arrival of new things.
  • If you dream you are marring your ex, it means you've got to process your previous relationship and learn from it.
  • When you dream of getting married but you're single without a partner, it can represent your desire for a stable relationship.
  • Dreaming of getting married really means it is time to make changes and renew your relationship, it may be a sign that you want to escape reality.

While dreaming of a wedding is quite common, this is not the only experience of its kind. Here at we invite you to the interpretation of some common dreams:

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i am a single gal off late i have been getting marriage related dreams practically everyday whats the significance ?
Jane Bertin (OneHowto editor)
If there is someone or something in your life related to weddings - invitations, pictures, someone talking about getting married - it's likely that your dreams are just reflecting that.

If not, dreaming about getting married may mean that you want a stable relationship, or simply a lasting change in your life.
When you see you and your partner signing papers to get marriage

What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean
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What Does Dreaming You Get Married Mean