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What Does Dreaming About Luggage Mean

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: June 17, 2020
What Does Dreaming About Luggage Mean

Dreaming about luggage can have significant symbolism to our waking lives. More often than not, it aludes to the emotional baggage we have been carrying around. Luggage can represent any kind of burden you are metaphorically lugging around. This may have to do with your profession, relationship, behavior towards others, family, etc. If you see luggage in your dream, the situation and circumstances are as important as any symbolism which might be attached (or should we say attaché-d) to the luggage itself. Don't just think about the symbols, but think about the context and how you react during the dream. To help you get along with this, here is oneHOWTO's guide to work out what does dreaming about luggage mean?

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  1. A packed suitcase
  2. Suitcase full of precious things
  3. Lost luggage
  4. Worried about losing your luggage
  5. Intentionally leaving your luggage somewhere
  6. An empty suitcase
  7. Luggage which is too heavy
  8. Packing luggage
  9. Inability to pack your luggage
  10. Unpacking luggage
  11. Someone else packing your luggage
  12. Lose keys to luggage
  13. Can't close your suitcase
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A packed suitcase

If you see a packed suitcase in your dream, it is likely you have an upcoming trip in your mind. This can be a long trip that you will not be able to avoid with excuses. Sometimes, a packed suitcase can also be a sign of capabilities you have. If you are skilled in certain areas, but you aren't exercising them enough you can often feel frustrated deep down. It can feel like a waste. These may be your talents that you have kept hidden for a long time, or you could have trained for something specific and instead are doing something which you feel isn't for you. A suitcase can also be the luggage of older ideas you have been carrying around in your mind. If there's something you need to exorcise, get it out there.

Suitcase full of precious things

Sometimes you will see a packed suitcase in your dream only to find precious metals or stones inside. This might indicate you want to experience some freshness in your life. You might have lately been feeling a little stale without many interesting experiences to help you get along. You may feel like nothing special has been happening in your life. Now you want to experience something a little more life affirming. Whatever this might be could be almost anything. You might want to start a new relationship, get a new career or simply find some new experiences.

Lost luggage

When you dream that you have lost your luggage, then it suggests that you did not give due attention to certain issues in your real life. You may need to address them in order to return to a peaceful life. If you are feeling absent from yourself, like you are losing something, this might be your subconscious mind giving you a little nudge. It could be that you have been ignoring some part of your well-being. It can certainly be an existential feeling as if you have lost a bit of yourself or your identity. You may need to take stock and reflect on that which is important to you. Get your priorities straight.

Also, if you dream of lost luggage, it could represent almost anything important in your life you have lost. If you have broken up with someone, lost a mentor or find some positive influence is no longer there, you may dream of lost luggage.

Worried about losing your luggage

Dreaming of being worried or fearful you will lose your luggage could mean you are holding on to something too much. Maybe you had some ideas of what you would do when younger which haven't quite panned out. Instead of adapting, you are holding on to behaviors and aspirations which don't suit you anymore. Similarly, you might be holding on to a relationship which is over, but you are still carrying the emotional baggage around.

Alternatively, you might have something important in your life which you are worried about losing. Maybe things aren't going well at work and you feel like you may get fired. You might be in a band which is doing well, but you think maybe it will all go away soon. Whatever it is, you need to know there are other options if you lose something in your life.

Intentionally leaving your luggage somewhere

If you see yourself intentionally leaving your luggage somewhere, then it is often symbolic of getting ready to let your mental burden go. It is often hard to let it go of, but it is necessary to find security and comfort in your real life. It is also important where you leave the baggage. Think what might be important about the place, like a school, workplace or graveyard. Wherever it is, it will likely have some influence on the dream interpretation.

What Does Dreaming About Luggage Mean - Intentionally leaving your luggage somewhere

An empty suitcase

An empty suitcase might be because you feel emotionally empty. Maybe you have had a very stressful time lately and it is leaving you feeling drained. It could also be a hard time has happened, like the passing of a loved one or some similar trauma. It might be leaving you feeling empty compared to the time before.

Luggage which is too heavy

Sometimes, you see that you are not able to go on your trip because you have very heavy luggage to take. This kind of dream indicates you need to look into the burden you are carrying around in your mind. This burden might be slowing you down in your personal or professional development. If you see that you are running late for your journey because you cannot carry the entire luggage you have, then it possibly means your personal experiences are preventing you from developing further. Take this dream as a hint to look into your burdens and start working on them.

Packing luggage

If you see yourself packing luggage in your dream, it suggests you are getting prepared for some major change in your waking life. It may also suggest a need of a vacation in your real life or a trip you have been looking forward to. This doesn't have to be a an actual trip, but maybe a break from certain feelings or stresses. Maybe you are working on a project which is getting a little too taxing. It doesn't mean you need to stop it altogether, rather taking a break and getting some perspective might be helpful.

Inability to pack your luggage

If you are frantically trying the pack something in your luggage but you are not able to do so, it often indicates your inability to put some of your mental or physical luggage away. Maybe you have simply been trying to deal with some issue related to depression or anxiety. You feel like it is getting on top of you and, instead of being able to address the issue, it is causing you emotional repercussions.

Unpacking luggage

If you see yourself unpacking your luggage in your dream, if symbolizes arrival at a destination, probably your home town. It may also indicate achievement of a goal or an accomplishment that you were preparing for a long time. It may also indicate a change in your life, after which you are planning to settle down.

What Does Dreaming About Luggage Mean - Unpacking luggage

Someone else packing your luggage

If you see someone else packing a bag in your dream, then you should take it as a warning and rethink about a significant relationship in your real life. This relationship can be with anyone, including your spouse, parents, boss, friends or else. This type of dream might suggest you are worried about their influence in your life. However, whether this is a positive or negative influence is up to the individual to work out.

Lose keys to luggage

Losing keys to anything in a dream can be very representative. If you lost keys to your luggage, maybe you feel like you have lost your mojo. Maybe the things which once came naturally are no longer accessible to you. For example, if you are a writer, but are now experiencing writer's block, maybe your mind is giving you a sign.

Can't close your suitcase

If you can't close your suitcase in your dream, perhaps you are worried about something you wish to keep hidden. Maybe you have a secret which you fear will cause problems once it gets out. If this is the case, then you might need to see if it is a secret worth keeping. Maybe you need to open up to someone and talk about it. Often we feel like there are secrets or regrets which we feel unable to address because we think them to be too heinous. Often, but not always, this is just in our heads. Make some serious condition whether or not you should speak to someone. Unless it is something which would truly hurt yourself or others, speaking to someone about it is always recommended.

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What Does Dreaming About Luggage Mean