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What Does Dreaming About Fish Mean?

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: November 10, 2019
What Does Dreaming About Fish Mean?

From star signs to Biblical allegories, fish are very common symbols. As this extends from antiquity through to current popular culture, it stands to reasons they might swim into our dreamscapes every once in a while. Some ancient cultures see visions of fish as being signs of good fortune or even bringing financial gain in the near future. However, interpreting a dream about a fish can have many different resonances in your waking life. Thinking about what a fish might represent and how this relates to your waking life will help you work out your dream meaning. That is, if it has much meaning at all. Keep reading oneHOWTO and find out what does dreaming about fish mean to you.

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  1. What Was The Fish Doing?
  2. What Were You Doing With The Fish?
  3. How Was The Fish?
  4. Did You See Any Fish Related Objects?

What Was The Fish Doing?

Before you interpret your dream, try to recall what the fish was doing in your dream. Different fish actions can have different meanings and symbolism. Some examples are:

  • Swimming fish: where the fish is swimming is important to your dream. If they are swimming on the sea bed, in the murky depths, it could be you are worried about some sort of deep secret. There may be something which you are keeping from others and feel like this secret is residing in the depths. If the fish swims up to the surface, maybe you want to get out of a funk you have been in recently.
  • Struggling fish: If the fish in your dream was struggling in some shallow water, it could indicate some setback in your professional or personal life. You may fear being unable to make any progress in near future. If you are stressed about work or currently fearing a demotion, then dreaming of a struggling fish might be a dream depiction of anxiety.
  • Small fish attacking big fish: If you see this dream, it could mean you are underestimating people around you. Maybe you feel people are vying for your job or even romantic affections. This is usually due to confidence or self-esteem issues. Equally, you might represent the bigger fish. Perhaps you are worried about the way you have been treating people lately and are concerned you are becoming a bully.
  • Fish attacking you: This dream indicates that you are likely avoiding emotional issues in your life. If you keep ignoring them, they can soon become bigger problems. Instead of suppressing your emotions, it’s the right time to express them. It could also show you are concerned about someone in your life who may be doing you harm. This could be anyone from an abusive partner to a colleague at work who wants you fired. Have a think what sort of antagonism you may be currently facing.
  • Jumping fish: Dreaming of a fish jumping in the water depends where it lands. If it is jumping in and out of the water in a care free manner, it is likely you are dreaming of adventure or at least doing something new. The water may not necessarily be somewhere bad, but maybe you need a little break from it. However, if the fish in your dream jumps out of the water and lands on the ground, it could imply you are out of your depth in some area in your life.
What Does Dreaming About Fish Mean? - What Was The Fish Doing?

What Were You Doing With The Fish?

Was there anything you were doing with the fish in your dream? Having a think about the situation of the fish in your dream will help you better understand what your subconscious mind is trying to convey:

  • Eating fish: Eating fish in your dream could mean a whole host of things. Fish swim free, so eating a fish might be a sign you are worried about losing your freedom. Whether this may be a relationship or losing benefits, freedom is important to people. Smells and food are very particular to memory, so if you have a particular fish dish memory which relates to a person you know or time in your life, perhaps it has something to do with this.
  • Cooking fish: Similar to eating fish, cooking is thought to have a spiritual element to it. Fish have long been linked to spiritual themes, so maybe you are worried about your spiritual life (if indeed you have one). Eating the fish could be a sign you need to or have already have nourished yourself spiritually, whether you need some guidance or simply mediation.
  • Cleaning fish: If you see yourself cleaning a fish in a dream it might be that you feel spiritually malign. If you gut the fish, maybe you have been focusing too much on the practical or the commercial and not enough on that which nourishes us personally.
  • Going to the fish market: Going to a fish market in your dream might represent the desire for options. Maybe you have some problems and fear there are not enough or too many options ahead of you. This might particularly be the case if you are never able to buy what you want in the dream.
  • Getting a fish as gift: Getting a fish as a gift might mean you are hoping someone is going to help you out of a depression or personal issue. You may feel like you are unable to express your anguish to someone else and the dream is a visualization of the help you require.
  • Catching fish: Catching fish is usually something to do with work and career. You need to catch fish to provide for yourself and your family. If you go fishing, but are unable to catch anything, maybe you have financial concerns or career worries you are contending with.
  • Killing fish: Killing a fish could be a sign you are moving on from previous spiritual encumberment or beliefs, or at least you seek some relief.
  • Saving a fish: If you saved a dying fish by letting it go into water, it might indicate you are wanting to care for some aspect of yourself. Maybe you have been partying too hard, working too hard or generally burn the candle at both ends. Releasing the free could symbolize a release from the heaviness this brings.
  • Riding a fish: Riding a fish could indicate health worries. Not necessarily that you have them, but that you are worried about them nonetheless.

How Was The Fish?

What was the condition of the fish that you saw in your dream? It makes a difference too. Examples:

  • Dead fish: Dreaming of a dead fish signifies loss and disappointment. The loss may be anything related to your idea, power, wealth, life, infertility, spirituality or else. A dead fish may sometimes symbolize giving away of the old and letting in new potential and growth. If you see many dead fishes in your dream, it symbolizes sadness, suffering and loneliness in near future.
  • Big fish: If it was a big fish, it might indicate something about your social circle. Big fish in a small pond is a common phrase and perhaps you are worried about discrepancy between how you see yourself and the people you hang out with.
  • Small fish: Dreaming of a small fish may mean that you are have lost something. It may be something practical or emotional, but the significance of it is not yet revealed to you.

Did You See Any Fish Related Objects?

There can be certain fish related objects that can have different meanings as well. For instance:

  • Fish bones: If you saw fish bones in your dream, it indicates old thoughts, views and beliefs. Fish bones in a dream may be a sing you are worried about something in your past. Perhaps a certain traumatic experience or a loved one you no longer have contact with.
  • Fisherman: If you see a fisherman, it usually indicates that want to catch someone or something in your real life. This dream can also be a sign of taking some rest and relaxing for some time. If the fisherman in your dream was fishing, it indicates that may you need to be patient while interacting with people around you.
  • Fish eggs: Dreaming about fish eggs might have something to do with ideas. Are you a creative person who has felt stunted recently? Do you fear you have lost some of your mojo?
  • Fish hook: Fish hooks represent attachment. Perhaps you are thinking about doing something new, but are not sure what it is. A fish hook in your dream might be the sign you need to settle down a little. Attach yourself to some stability.
  • Fish net: Fish nets may have the opposite meaning in your dream. Perhaps you fear there is something which will take you away from something you love. Fish hooks and fish nets may have interrelated interpretations in your dream.

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What Does Dreaming About Fish Mean?